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The EROS Equation : A

The EROS Equation

A "Soul-Ution" for Relationships

By: Eve Eschner Hogan, Jack Canfield (Foreword by)

Paperback Published: 11th February 2014
ISBN: 9780897936736
Number Of Pages: 240

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The Eros Equation outlines a unique approach to creating happy and long-lasting relationships. Rather than focusing on the other person or situations over which the reader has no control, this book offers readers a tool to discover new and creative responses to the situation. This is challenging but also empowering. The rewards are a greater ability to resolve issues, deeper self-knowledge, and more intimacy and harmony in the relationship.

Author Eve Hogan is a relationship adviser who has worked directly with clients and written relationship columns for newspapers, magazines and websites for over 15 years. During this time she successfully used the EROS equation in her own marriage and further developed it to help others.

She explains in the Introduction, ?? working on my primary relationship, consulting with colleagues, helping clients, I began to see that we often become unhappy when events in our lives do not create the outcomes we want and we get stuck. I realized that, in fact, it is not the situation but our response to an event that creates a particular outcome. If we change the way we respond, we can create the space to find new solutions, ones that can make us happy. I tested this way of looking at a problem with friends, clients and colleagues and it worked every time. I named this problem-solving approach the EROS Equation because it can be written as: Event + Response = Outcome & Solution (E + R = O & S). A beautiful mnemonic shorthand, I love this name because, in Greek mythology, Eros was the god of love, and this simple, creative solution directly serves the cause of love."

As Hogan explains, the EROS equation makes clear that the key to solving a problem is the Response: if we change a habitual but unhelpful response to an Event - a problem, an uncomfortable situation, a behavior we don't like - we make room to change the Outcome to one that is Solution-oriented.

Based on this guiding principle, The Eros Equation provides direction for those looking for solutions to problems in their romantic and other relationships. Writing in accessible, short chapters, Hogan uses real-life examples to look at typical relationship problems and conflicts that range from day-to-day annoyances to extramarital affairs. She highlights behaviors and responses that haven't worked, and then uses the Eros Equation to show how the reader's own wisdom, intuition and creativity can reveal solutions that repair and rebuild.

In each case, the Eros Equation is used to separate the real conflict or misunderstanding from a habitual or unhelpful response that masquerades as a solution but actually blocks it. Hogan shows how alternatives suggested by the formula can lead to responses that will achieve a positive outcome. These may include developing a deeper level of self-awareness, identifying what their emotions reveal about a partner, or how new understanding can be used to better align words, thoughts and actions with desired goals.

The book includes guidelines for being compassionate, as well as strategies for negotiating for change. With increased self-awareness and understanding may come the realization that the relationship serves neither person, and the book provides support and advice for working through the idea of leaving.

The Eros Equation is a profound tool, an effective formula that has helped many to create and sustain loving, healthy relationships. In the hands of readers, the EROS Equation can truly serve the god of love.

"The EROS Equation, Eve Hogan's best work to date, holds the secret for transforming relationships and lives from drama-driven to spirit-driven, from ego-based to wisdom-based. All this happens in one simple choice to honor our authentic selves--no matter what. Eve is a master at showing us how and has wowed me for years." --Lisa Nichols, author of No Matter What, expert in The Secret "Creativity is seldom recognized as a critical ingredient for healthy relationships. In The EROS Equation, Eve Hogan shares how to tap into our creative spirit to solve problems from higher levels of creative consciousness. A powerful perspective." --Barnet Bain, producer of What Dreams May Come and The Celestine Prophecy, co-host of Cutting Edge Consciousness Radio "Simple, eloquent and captivating. I recommend this book. Highly." --Greg S. Reid, best-selling author/filmmaker "What I love most about The EROS Equation is Eve's ability to meet people where they are. Then she elegantly offers subtle egoless 'Invitations' that allow the reader to reflect upon what emotional state best serves their well being." --Lisa Lockwood, author of Reinventing You: The 10 Best Ways to Launch Your Dream Career "If A.R.T. is an acronym, The EROS Equation is a work of ART. In it, Eve offers a deep Awareness of whole truth, a continuous commitment to Refining the soul and helping others do the same, and a unique process of Transformation that can take anyone from where we are to where we want to be. Eve is truly an artist of being fully alive and shows us how to make our relationships our masterpieces." --Dan Clark, CSP, CPAE Hall of Fame speaker, New York Times best-selling author, founder/CEO of The Art of Significance Leadership Development Corporation "The EROS Equation is amazing! Serious seekers of a passionate, purposeful life must read Eve Hogan's masterful collection of REAL wisdom. This book connects the dots. I'm blown away ... and you will be too." --David M. Corbin, author of Illluminate: Harnessing The Positive Power of Negative Thinking "Eve is a special soul and her work has had a profound effect on my personal journey. Now The EROS Equation can have a profound impact on you! This book contains what everyone wants to know--how to make relationships work. This book should be required reading for everyone." --David Stanley, writer/producer and author of Conversations with the King: Journals of Apprentice "Like the gentle voice and outstretched hand of a loving friend, your greatest success is Eve's only concern. Your heart, your home and your happiness depend on you. Your journey to the best in life and love begins and ends with you. The EROS principles are here to guide you. Start now!" --Lauren Solomon, award-winning image and style expert, best-selling author, speaker, and president of LS Image Associates, Inc. "If you read, listen and act on the wisdom of this remarkable, well-written, funny, engaging book, you will have transformation. You will have happier relationships, and you will smile more. I sincerely believe that if this book was required reading the world and even the readers of Spirituality and Health Magazine would get the transformation that they are asking for." --Paul Sutherland, publisher of Spirituality and Health Magazine, author of Virtues of Wealth "This illuminating book is filled with uncommon sense. Eve Hogan offers a penetrating understanding of what makes relationships great. Anyone who absorbs these rich principles and puts them into action will grow and advance immeasurably in the most important relationships." --Alan Cohen, author of Don't Get Lucky, Get Smart "The EROS Equation puts love back where it belongs; on the top of everyone's priority list! The perfect combination of head and heart that adds up to accessing your own genius at love. Hogan's a bonafide relationship connoisseur bent on helping every last one of us find and enjoy true love!" --Maryanne Comaroto, talk show host and author "Eve Hogan has mastered the base line of behavioral psychology and the classic ERO model and by actually living it has evolved it into the EROS Model--WOW! Seldom do you actually get to read powerful words from someone who actually lives them, here Eve takes you from where you are to where you must be to actualize life's greatest present--LOVE! This book and Eve's Six Simple Principles make application and accelerated life growth attainable. Get it, read it, live it!" --Dr. Jeffrey Magee, PDM, CSP, CMC, publisher and best-selling author "The EROS Equation is the ultimate book on relationships and personal growth. Eve leads relationship education and teaches beside such notables as Lisa Nichols, Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, T. Harv Ecker, Bob Circosta of Home Shopping Network, and Sharon Lechter, along with 'me.' This book is a game changer for all of us." --Berny Dohrmann, Chairman CEO SPACE, author of Redemption: The Cooperation Revolution

Introduction EROS--The God of Love Why Love Is Not Enough Common Sense, Uncommon Knowledge A Blueprint of the Human Being Life Strategies that Don't Work on Love Powerful Relationship Principles Just Because You Believe It, Doesn't Mean It Is True What Are Your Love Beliefs? Believing Isn't Attractive, Choices Are Reawakening to Who You Are The Golden Buddha Self-Esteem, an Over-Used Phrase for an Under-Experienced Quality Finding Your Power A Prescription for Self-Strengthening Resilience Training Values--Guideposts to the Goal Uncommon Knowledge Learning to Appreciate the Ego Commitment--The Ego Trigger Being an Ego Magnet Clearing the Blocks to Being Loved Clearing the Blocks to Being Loving Developing a Self-Talk Interpreter Victim No More The Beauty of Fear What Do You Treasure? The EROS Equation What Is Your Target Everyone Else and Everything External Response--Ability Outcome Solutions When the Grass Is Greener Four Response Options Negotiate Resist What Is Get Out Acknowledge and Accept What Is Step Into Creativity, Step Into Love Five Essential Life and Love Skills Remember Who You Are and What You Want Self-Observe Transcend the Ego Needs Reconnect, Re-calibrate Choose Aligned Actions Creating a No Drama Zone Stop Playing the Blame Game Integrity Choices Transforming Anger Into Love and Understanding The Flag on the Mountain Top of Emotions Letting Go of Resistance Applying EROS to Dating Applying EROS to Getting Married Applying EROS to Chores Applying EROS to Preferences Applying EROS to Money Applying EROS to Health Applying EROS to Monogamy Applying EROS to Sex When the Equation Doesn't Add Up Managing Mental Health and Substance Abuse in Relationships A Practice Makes You Stronger The Power of the Moment A Breath Away

ISBN: 9780897936736
ISBN-10: 0897936736
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 240
Published: 11th February 2014
Publisher: Hunter House Inc.,U.S.
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 16.76 x 13.46  x 1.78
Weight (kg): 0.23

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