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The End of the World According to Jesus of Nazareth - Jeff Kinley

The End of the World According to Jesus of Nazareth

Author: Jeff Kinley

Read by: Brian Telestai

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Available: 9th July 2024

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Available: 9th July 2024

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What Jesus' Own Teachings Reveal About the Last Days

Why talk about end-times doomsday subjects? Because Jesus Christ talked about them, and in great detail. For that reason alone, we should pay attention. And as we rapidly approach the last days, his message is more relevant to us than ever.

The End of the World According to Jesus of Nazareth takes you to the definitive authority on the future—Christ himself—for a clear understanding of what will take place, when it will happen, and how God desires for us to be prepared. Centering on the Olivet Discourse in Matthew's Gospel, bestselling author Jeff Kinley examines Jesus' words in their original context, providing clear and engaging overviews of the tribulation, the antichrist, the second coming, the judgments, and Jesus' invitations to believers and unbelievers.

In this inspiring and approachable guide, Jeff provides you with clear, biblical answers about what is to come. Jesus revealed the future not only for his followers, but for all of humanity—that we may turn to him for salvation, live in hope, and be ready for his glorious return.


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