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The Encyclopedia of Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology : ENCYCLOPEDIA OF EARTH SCIENCES - Donald Bowes

The Encyclopedia of Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology


By: Donald Bowes (Editor)

Hardcover Published: 28th February 1990
ISBN: 9780442206239
Number Of Pages: 666

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Featuring over 250 contributions from more than 100 earth scientists from 18 countries, The Encyclopedia of Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology deals with the nature and genesis of igneous rocks that have crystallized from molten magma, and of metamorphic rocks that are the products of re-crystallization associated with increases in temperature and pressure, mainly at considerable depths in the Earth's crust. Entries range from alkaline rocks to zeolite facies - providing information on the mineralogical, chemical and textural characters of rock types, the development of concepts and the present state of knowledge across the spectrum of igneous and metamorphic petrology, together with extensive lists of both commonly used and little used terms and bibliographies.

Industry Reviews

`In my experience, superlative accords given to reference books or encyclopedias are very rare. This is one exception - it is a gem. The work transcends a mere encyclopedia; it is a very useful reference book for teachers, students and all others ... The book is a fundamental addition to the basic geological library.' Economic Geology

Abbreviations. Acid(ic) igneous rocks. Alkaline rocks-undersaturated. Alkaline rocks-undersaturated: other petrological terms. Alpine mafic magma stem. Alteration, replacement. Amphibolite. Amphibolite facies. Analcimite. Anatexis. Andesite and dacite. Andesite line. Anorthosite. Aplite. Appinite. Archaean volcanism. Ariegite. Assimilation. Astrobleme. Atoll garnet. Augitite. Aureole. Banding in igneous rocks. Basalt. Basic igneous rocks. Batholith. Breccia pipe. British Tertiary Volcanic Province. Brownstone facies. Buchite. Burial metamorphism. Bushveld Complex. Calc-alkaline rocks. Calderas and volcano-tectonic depressions. Carbonatite. Cataclastic rocks. Charnockite. Charnockite suite. Circum-Pacific plutonic and volcanic activity. Columnar jointing. Cone sheets. Contact (thermal) metamorphism. Contact metasomatism. Core. Cryptovolcanic structure. Cumulate textures. Depth zones. Deserpentinization. Diabase. Diapirism. Diatreme. Differentiation index. Diorite and tonalite. Dolerite. Double-diffusive convection. Durbachite. Dyke (dike). Eclogite. Eclogite facies. Element partitioning in petrogenesis. Emplacement-modes. Enclave. Endogenous dome. Epidote amphibolite facies. Eutectic melting. Experimental petrology. Explosive volcanic eruptions-classification. Facies of thermal metamorphism. Feldspathoidal rocks-genesis. Fenite. Flood basalt. Fluidization. Fumarole. Gabbro and norite. Geochemical modeling in petrogenesis. Geosynclinal volcanism. Geyser. Glaucophane schist facies. Gneiss. Granite. Granites and mineralization. Granites and volcanism. Granodiorite. Granophyre. Granulite. Granulite facies. Greenschist facies. Greenstone. Greisen. Harzburgite. Hauynitite. Hornfels. Hornfelsic textures. Hot ground. Hot spring. Hybridization. Hydrothermal processes. Hypabyssal rocks. Igneous intrusions-structural behavior. Igneous petrology. Igneous petrology - terms. Igneous rocks - classification and nomenclature. Igneous rocks - other terms. Igneous rocks - tectonic setting. Injection complex. Intermediate igneous rocks. Intrusion. Intrusion-layered. Intrusive igneous structures. Island arcs-petrology. Khondalite. Kimberlite. Laccolith. Lamproite. Lamprophyre. Latite. Lava and lava eruptions. Lawsonite-albite-chlorite facies. Leucitite. Lherzolite. Limburgite. Liquid immiscibility. Lopolith. Lunar petrology. Mafic and ultramafic inclusions in igneous rocks. Magma. Magmatic crystallization and paragenesis. Magmatic crystallization in metamorphic environments. Magmatic crystallization in open systems. Magmatic currents and flow. Magmatic differentiation. Magmatic-tectonic cycle. Marble. Mediterranean suite. Melilitite. Metamorphic convergence. Metamorphic facies. Metamorphic facies series. Metamorphic grade, metamorphic zone. Metamorphic mineral growth. Metamorphic petrology-use of thermodynamics. Metamorphic reactions. Metamorphic rock composition-graphical representation. Metamorphic rocks-other terms. Metamorphism. Metamorphism - controls. Metamorphism - processes. Metamorphism - types. Metasomatism. Meteorites - petrology. Mid-ocean ridge and ocean-floor petrology. Migmatite. Migmatite-origin of neosome. Migmatite-structural relationships. Mnemonics, acronyms. Mohorovicic discontinuity (Moho). Monzonite (syenodiorite). Nephelinite. Neutrality-pH and temperature variation. Noseanite. Nucleation of metamorphic minerals. Nucleation of minerals in magmas. Nuee ardente. Ocean-floor metamorphism. Ocean-island igneous rocks. Oceanic crust. Ophiolite. Orbicular rocks. Pacific and Atlantic suites. Paired metamorphic belts. Palaeovolcanology. Palagonite. Pegmatite. Pegmatitic ore deposits. Peralkaline igneous rocks. Peridotite. Petrochemical calculations. Petrographic methods. Petrographic microscope. Petrographic province. Petrological terms. Petrology-branches. Petrology-history. Phacolith. Phase rule. Phase transformation. Phenocryst. Phonolite. Phyllite. Picrite. Plutonic rocks. Plutonic rocks - classification and nomenclature. Pneumatolysis. Polymetamorphism. Polyphase metamorphic mineral growth. Porphyroblast. Porphyroclast. Porphyry. Prefixes, suffixes. Prehnite-pumpellyite facies. Ptygmatic vein. Pumpellyite-actinolite schist facies. Pyroclastic eruptions. Pyroclastic flows. Pyrolite. Pyrometamorphism. Pyrometasomatism. Pyroxenite. Rapakivi texture. Reaction principle and reaction series. Reaction rates in metamorphism. Reaction rim. Regional metamorphism. Retrograde metamorphism. Rheomorphism. Rhyolite. Rift valley volcanism. Ring dyke. Schist. Serpentinite. Serpentinization. Shock metamorphism. Silicate melting. Sill. Skaergaard intrusion. Skarn. Slate. Snowball garnet. Sodalitite. Solfatara. Sovite. Spilite. Spinifex texture. Statistics in petrology. Steinmann Trinity. Syenite. Tektite. Tephra. Tephrite, basanite. Textures of igneous rocks. Textures of metamorphic rocks. Thermal activity. Trachyandesite, trachybasalt. Trachyte. Trend surface analysis in petrology. Tuffisite. Ultrabasic igneous rocks. Ultramafic belts. Ultramafic lavas. Ultramafic rocks. Units and conversion factors. Upper mantle-experimental petrology. Volatiles. Volcanic breccia. Volcanic glass. Volcanic neck. Volcanic rocks. Volcanoes and volcanism. Water in rock melts. Xenolith. Zeolite facies.

ISBN: 9780442206239
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Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 666
Published: 28th February 1990
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers Group
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