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The Dopamine Brain : Your Science-Backed Guide to Balancing Pleasure and Purpose - Anastasia Hronis

The Dopamine Brain

Your Science-Backed Guide to Balancing Pleasure and Purpose

By: Anastasia Hronis

Paperback | 3 September 2024 | Edition Number 1

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In an age of technology, resources and abundance, why are we not happier? The answer lies in dopamine, which drives much of our behaviour. Clinical psychologist and founder of the Australian Institute of Human Wellness Dr Anastasia Hronis lifts the lid on dopamine to help us live by intention, not impulse.

Have you ever felt like you're lacking control over certain habits?

Are you curious about the neuroscience behind addictive behaviours?

What if you could understand how the brain works, and use that knowledge to regain control over your habits and lead a more fulfilling life?

Sex, shopping, eating, social media, drugs and gambling are just some of the things that can trigger a release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain that is involved in the brain's reward system. The overindulgence of certain pursuits can disrupt the level of dopamine in our brain, which can steer us towards habits that do not align with our core values.

Fortunately, The Dopamine Brain by clinical psychologist and founder of the Australian Institute of Human Wellness, Dr Anastasia Hronis, offers a clear and practical way to help people find balance and harmony in their lives.

The book is divided into three parts, each made up of chapters that explore a specific topic in a clear, understandable way, weaving in the latest research in neuroscience and psychology, case studies and reflective questions.

Part 1- Understanding the science of dopamine
This part delves into neuroscience and the inner workings of the brain, helping you understand how dopamine works and identify activities that dopamine might have you hooked on.

Part 2- Balancing pleasure and purpose
This part encourages you to think about all the meaningful and purpose driven pursuits you could be doing instead of spending time and money shopping online, scrolling TikTok or constantly chasing that next high. This is where you explore and reflect on your core values and building a life that is meaningful, enduring and satisfying.

Part 3- Building behavioural control
In this part you will make the change with the help of sound psychological techniques. While committing to a short period of avoiding your chosen dopamine-driven behaviour, you learn about skills which help you manage urges, sit with discomfort and replace dopamine-driven pursuits with values-aligned behaviours. These strategies are all designed to help you live life in a way that will lead to contentment and overall satisfaction.

By the end of this guide, Dr Hronis will help you feel empowered to make both pleasurable and purposeful choices, leading to a full, rich and meaningful life.

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