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The Curiosity Machine : The Billionaire Series : Book 6 - Richard Newsome

The Curiosity Machine

The Billionaire Series : Book 6

By: Richard Newsome

Paperback | 1 August 2016

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The sixth and final instalment in the thrilling, award-winning series for 10-13 year olds, in which Gerald the Australian schoolboy billionaire and his friends Ruby and Sam battle the evil Sir Mason Green.

With the strange plans for an even stranger machine in his possession, along with a coded message from a long-dead castaway that could be the key to unlocking its secrets, Gerald finds himself at the centre of a web of mystery and danger.

Masked gunmen have taken over his luxury yacht. His parents have been kidnapped. And one of his closest friends has betrayed him. His old enemy Sir Mason Green seems to be pulling all the strings. Or is he?

Gerald, Ruby, Sam and Felicity take off on their final exciting adventure, from glaciers to jungles and the depths of the Pacific Ocean to an island teeming with the most bizarre creatures on earth.
Industry Reviews
'What do you get when you mix Tintin, James Bond, and The Famous Five together? You get Richard Newsome's Billionaire series....The Crystal Code is Richard Newsome at his best!' * Christchurch Kids Blog *
`Filled with secret passageways and deadly booby traps, you'll be on the edge of your seat!' * K-Zone *
'Weird dreams, kidnapping, attacks by bandits, hectic chases and eerie explorations in archaeological sites...slapstick humour, verbal wit and a pervasive spirit of youthful exuberance.' * Magpies *
`A rollicking good yarn.' * Weekend Herald *
'I loved this book. I really did. Ever since I got the first book in this series, I was on the lookout for more! The characters - Gerald getting tangled up in relationships - and the plots were just fantastic.' -- YAAR-A reviews Corinna, age 13, Canberra, Australia
`An irresistibly fun-tastic tale that's virtually guaranteed to keep youngsters reading, chuckling and desperately waiting for the next book in the series.' * Independent Weekly *
'Plenty of plot twists to keep readers guessing and eager for Gerald's next adventure.' * Magpies *
`Move over, Tomb Raider, and stand back Indiana Jones. Gerald and his friends are hot on the action and exotic adventure in this pacey final instalment of the Billionaire series.' * Reading Time *
`Ridiculously entertaining fun...A fast-paced, tongue-in-cheek romp.' * Magpies *

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The Curiosity Machine : The Billionaire Series : Book 6 - Richard Newsome
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