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The Cosmic Dynamo : Proceedings of the 157th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Potsdam, Germany, September 7-11, 1992 - F. Krause

The Cosmic Dynamo

Proceedings of the 157th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Potsdam, Germany, September 7-11, 1992

Paperback Published: 31st October 1993
ISBN: 9780792325475
Number Of Pages: 499

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This IAU-symposium was the first which was entirely dedicated to dynamo processes, which are fundamental on all cosmical scales. Dynamo theory concerns one of the few truly key questions of recent cosmic physics. There is increasing evidence for the magnetic character of most short-term activity phenomena in astrophysics. Obviously, the tria. ngle "gravil;y, nuclea. r power, magnetism" dictates cosmic evolution over a very broad scale of magnitudes. A complicated interplay of rotation, magnetism and turbulence, that is hard to resolve, determines stellar and galactic activity for almost all the short and medium time- scales. Behind these multiform phenomena, the cosmic dynamo works in various guise. . "I, all involving inductive and dissipative equilibria in rotating turbulent cosmic plasmas. The Sun, representing the cosmic dynamo par excellence, stands from the be- ginning at the centre of interest for those who followed the dynamo idea. Even the first models were able to present an explanation of the typical structural appear- ance of the solar magnetic field, i. e. a 22 year cycle, activit. y belts and their zonal migration, antisymmetry of t. he magnetic polarity. However, the solar dynamo still provides topics of further discussions, since confrontation with recent observational data raised and stoill raises new questions, nOll of whicll have yet found a plausible answer. These questions represent a challenge for the development of the basic the- ories: Understanding of turbulence, especially Ilsing methods of modern nonlinear physics. Numerical simulations arc promising in the ncar future.

List of Participants
List of Contributors
The Solar Dynamop. 1
Turbulent Transport of Magnetic Fields and the Solar Dynamop. 13
Existence and Energy Balance of the Solar Dynamop. 19
Complete Alpha-Tensor for Solar Dynamop. 25
Flux Tubes and Dynamosp. 27
Storage of Magnetic Flux in the Overshoot Regionp. 41
On the Stability of Magnetic Flux Tubes in the Equator of a Starp. 45
Non-Linear Diamagnetic Transport of the Large-Scale Magnetic Field in the Solar Convection Zonep. 49
MHD Turbulence in the Solar Wind and Interplanetary Dynamo Effectsp. 51
Solar Coronal Magnetic Fieldsp. 59
Nonlinear Coupling Between the 110-year Periodic Modulations of Solar Differential Rotation and Solar Cyclep. 63
Can Mean Helicity Fluctuations Explain the Variability of the Solar Cycle?p. 71
Magnetic Field and Differential Rotation of the Sunp. 77
Chaos in Nonlinear Dynamo Modelsp. 83
On the Dimension of the Solar Activity Attractorp. 91
Dipole Field, Sunspot Cycle and Solar Dynamop. 97
On the Fluctuations of the Total Solar Irradiancep. 107
Solar and Auroral Activities During the 17th Centuryp. 109
Simulating the Solar Dynamop. 111
Reynolds Stresses Derived from Simulationsp. 123
A Numerical Approach to Dynamically Consistent Spherical Dynamo Modelsp. 129
Asymptotic Model for Large-Scale Quasiheliostrophic Flowp. 135
Rossby Number or Rotation Period?p. 141
Alpha-Quenched Alpha-Lambda Dynamos and the Excitation of Nonaxisymmetric Magnetic Fieldsp. 147
Magnetic Braking of Late-Type Starsp. 153
Long-Term Spot Photometry and Differential Rotation of the Spotted Flare Stars EV Lac and BY Drap. 157
Emission Regions on the Flare Star EV Lac IN 1989p. 161
The HeI [lambda]10830 A Observations of Two RS CVu Systems [zeta] and [lambda] Andp. 167
Dynamo and Fossil Magnetic Field in Young Starsp. 171
Enhancement of Magnetic Fields in High-Gravity Stars due to an Intrinsic Dynamo Effectp. 177
Bipolar Flows During Early and Late Phases of Star Evolutionp. 183
Dynamo-Action in Accretion Disksp. 185
Magnetic Fields in Thin Accretion Disks Around Black Holesp. 193
Generation of Magnetic Fields in Accreting Systems as a Basis of Nonthermal Mode of Energy Releasep. 197
Kinematic Dynamo in Turbulent Circumstellar Disksp. 203
Dynamo Action in Accretion Disksp. 209
The Internal Wave Driven Dynamo in Accretion Disksp. 211
Accretion Disks Flares in Energetic Radiation Fieldsp. 217
Bifurcations and Symmetry-Breaking in Simple Models of Nonlinear Dynamosp. 219
The Magnetic Field Structures of a Class of Fast Dynamosp. 231
Stationary Turbulent Dynamo as Spontaneous Symmetry Breakingp. 237
On the Gyrotropic Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulencep. 243
The Non-linear Equations for the Green Function and Calculation of the Magnetic Field Turbulent Diffusivities and [alpha]-Effectp. 245
Dynamo Driven by Weak Plasma Turbulencep. 249
An Improved Reynolds Technique for Approximate Solution of Linear Stochastic Differential Equationsp. 251
Calculation of the Electrical Conductivity of Plasmas with Fluctuations of the Electromagnetic Fieldp. 253
Inverse Energy Cascade in Advanced MHD Turbulence (the RNG Method)p. 255
Non-Axisymmetric Magnetic Structure Generation in Planets Sun and Galaxiesp. 263
A Torsion-Induced Coupling Between Electric and Magnetic Fields in the Solar Convection Zonep. 269
Radio Astronomy Techniques of Observing Magnetic Fields: The Galaxyp. 271
The Local Magnetic Field in our Galaxyp. 279
Galactic Dynamos - a Challenge for Observersp. 283
The Intrinsic Magnetic Field Orientation in NGC 4631: Dynamo or Outflow?p. 299
High Resolution Observations of the Magnetic Field in IC 342p. 305
Magnetic Fields in the Spiral Galaxy NGC 6946p. 311
The Magnetic Field of M 51p. 313
The Magnetic Field of M 83p. 315
Magnetic Fields in the Irregular Galaxy LMCp. 317
The Galactic Dynamo: Modes and Modelsp. 321
Galactic Dynamos and Dynamicsp. 333
Towards the Magnetic Field of M 81p. 339
Numerical Models of 3-D Galactic Dynamosp. 345
Nonlinear Dynamo in a Disk Galaxyp. 349
Boundary Layer in Nonlinear Dynamop. 355
Magnetic Field Generation by Galactic Windsp. 357
Hydromagnetic Dynamo in Astrophysical Jetsp. 367
Nonlinear Interaction between Magnetic Fields and Spiral Armsp. 373
Basic Properties of Swing-Excitation Mechanismp. 375
On the Parametric Resonance in Thin Disk Galactic Dynamop. 381
The Full "Alpha-Tensor" due to Supernovae and Superbubbles in the Galactic Diskp. 383
The Alpha-Effect by Supernova Explosionsp. 389
Galactic Dynamics and Magnetic Field Amplificationp. 395
Parker Instability and the Galactic Dynamop. 403
3D-Numerical Simulations of Magnetic Field Evolution in the Turbulent Interstellar Gasp. 405
Observational Properties of Helical Magnetic Fieldsp. 411
On the Predictive Power of the Minimum Energy Conditionp. 413
Dynamical Galactic Halosp. 415
Generation of the Seed Magnetic Fieldp. 421
Statistical Method for Astrophysical Turbulence Investigationp. 427
Magnetic Field Generation within Molecular Cloudsp. 429
The Geodynamop. 431
A New Numerical Scheme in the Solution of the Geodynamo Z-Modelp. 441
Time Evolution of the Solution in Model Zp. 447
Ekman-Hartmann Boundary Layers and the Length of Day Variationsp. 453
Mean Electromotive Force due to Magnetoconvection in Rotating Horizontal Layer in Dependence on Boundary Conditionsp. 457
The Solar Dynamo and Planetary Dynamop. 463
Nonlinear Dynamo of Magnetic Fluctuations and Flux Tubes Formation in the Ionosphere of Venusp. 481
The Cosmic Dynamo: From t = -[infinity] to Cowling's Theorem. A Review on Historyp. 487
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ISBN: 9780792325475
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Series: International Astronomical Union Symposia
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Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 499
Published: 31st October 1993
Publisher: Springer
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