The Coronavirus Pandemic II : Further Anthroposophical Perspectives - Judith von Halle

The Coronavirus Pandemic II

Further Anthroposophical Perspectives

By: Judith von Halle, Frank Thomas Smith (Translator), James Stewart (Editor)

Paperback | 1 June 2022

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In this book, the main focus is not on the distressing social developments that have arisen as consequence of the coronavirus pandemic - and for good reason: Although there are already (thankfully) many quality descriptions and articles about this complex of problems and questions, at the same time on the other hand a dangerous knowledge-vacuum has arisen. Therefore in this book Judith von Halle will refrain from elaborating on the problems already made widely visible in favor of this knowledge-vacuum, which will be outlined as an addition to what has already been described in Volume I. A spiritual-scientific look into this condition.

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