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The Complete Poems : Penguin Classics - Walt Whitman

The Complete Poems

Penguin Classics

Paperback Published: 25th October 2004
ISBN: 9780140424515
Number Of Pages: 912
For Ages: 18+ years old

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In 1855 Walt Whitman published Leaves of Grass, the work which defined him as one of America's most influential voices, and which he added to throughout his life. A collection of astonishing originality and intensity, it spoke of politics, sexual emancipation and what it meant to be an American. From the joyful 'Song of Myself' and 'I Sing the Body Electric' to the elegiac 'When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd', Whitman's art fuses oratory, journalism and song in a vivid celebration of humanity.

This edition reprints the final, or 'death-bed', edition of Leaves of Grass (1891-2). Earlier versions of many poems are also given, including the 1855 'Song of Myself'. Whitman's early poems appear in an appendix, so that, apart from manuscript fragments found after his death, the present edition contains all Whitman's known work.

About The Author

Walt Whitman (1819-1892) was born on Long Island and educated in Brooklyn, New York. He served as a printer's devil, journeyman compositor, itinerant schoolteacher, editor, and unofficial nurse to Northern and Southern soldiers.

Acknowledgementsp. xx
Table of Datesp. xxi
Introductionp. xxvi
Further Readingp. xliii
A Note on the Textp. xlvi
Leaves of Grassp. 35
One's-Self I Singp. 37
As I Ponder'd in Silencep. 37
In Cabin'd Ships at Seap. 38
To Foreign Landsp. 39
To a Historianp. 39
To Thee Old Causep. 39
Eidolonsp. 40
For Him I Singp. 43
When I Read the Bookp. 43
Beginning My Studiesp. 44
Beginnersp. 44
To the Statesp. 44
On Journeys through the Statesp. 45
To a Certain Cantatricep. 45
Me Imperturbep. 46
Savantismp. 46
The Ship Startingp. 46
I Hear America Singingp. 47
What Place is Besieged?p. 47
Still though the One I Singp. 48
Shut not Your Doorsp. 48
Poets to Comep. 48
To Youp. 49
Thou Readerp. 49
Starting from Paumanokp. 50
Song of Myselfp. 63
Children Of Adam
To the Garden the Worldp. 125
From Pent-up Aching Riversp. 125
I Sing the Body Electricp. 127
A Woman Waits for Mep. 136
Spontaneous Mep. 138
One Hour to Madness and Joyp. 140
Out of the Rolling Ocean the Crowdp. 141
Ages and Ages Returning at Intervalsp. 142
We Two, How Long We Were Fool'dp. 142
O Hymen! O Hymenee!p. 143
I Am He that Aches with Lovep. 143
Native Momentsp. 143
Once I Pass'd through a Populous Cityp. 144
I Heard You Solemn-Sweet Pipes of the Organp. 144
Facing West from California's Shoresp. 145
As Adam Early in the Morningp. 145
In Paths Untroddenp. 146
Scented Herbage of My Breastp. 146
Whoever You are Holding Me Now in Handp. 148
For You O Democracyp. 150
These I Singing in Springp. 151
Not Heaving from my Ribb'd Breast Onlyp. 152
Of the Terrible Doubt of Appearancesp. 153
The Base of All Metaphysicsp. 154
Recorders Ages Hencep. 154
When I Heard at the Close of the Dayp. 155
Are You the New Person Drawn toward Me?p. 156
Roots and Leaves Themselves Alonep. 156
Not Heat Flames up and Consumesp. 157
Trickle Dropsp. 157
City of Orgiesp. 158
Behold This Swarthy Facep. 158
I Saw in Louisiana a Live-Oak Growingp. 159
To a Strangerp. 159
This Moment Yearning and Thoughtfulp. 160
I Hear It was Charged against Mep. 160
The Prairie-grass Dividingp. 161
When I Peruse the Conquer'd Famep. 161
We Two Boys together Clingingp. 162
A Promise to Californiap. 162
Here the Frailest Leaves of Mep. 163
No Labor-Saving Machinep. 163
A Glimpsep. 163
A Leaf for Hand in Handp. 164
Earth, My Likenessp. 164
I Dream'd in a Dreamp. 164
What Think You I Take My Pen in Hand?p. 165
To the East and to the Westp. 165
Sometimes with One I Lovep. 165
To a Western Boyp. 166
Fast-Anchor'd Eternal O Love!p. 166
Among the Multitudep. 166
O You whom I Often and Silently Comep. 167
That Shadow My Likenessp. 167
Full of Life Nowp. 167
Salut au Monde!p. 168
Song of the Open Roadp. 178
Crossing Brooklyn Ferryp. 189
Song of the Answererp. 196
Our Old Feuillagep. 201
A Song of Joysp. 206
Song of the Broad-Axep. 214
Song of the Expositionp. 225
Song of the Redwood-Treep. 235
A Song for Occupationsp. 240
A Song of the Rolling Earthp. 248
Youth, Day, Old Age and Nightp. 254
Birds Of Passage
Song of the Universalp. 255
Pioneers! O Pioneers!p. 257
To Youp. 261
France, The 18th Year of These Statesp. 264
Myself and Minep. 265
Year of Meteors (1859-60)p. 267
With Antecedentsp. 268
A Broadway Pageantp. 271
Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rockingp. 275
As I Ebb'd with the Ocean of Lifep. 281
Tearsp. 284
To the Man-of-War Birdp. 285
Aboard at a Ship's Helmp. 286
On the Beach at Nightp. 286
The World Below the Brinep. 287
On the Beach at Night Alonep. 288
Song for All Seas, All Shipsp. 289
Patroling Barnegatp. 290
After the Sea-Shipp. 291
By The Roadside
A Boston Ballad (1854)p. 292
Europe, The 72d and 73d Years of These Statesp. 294
A Hand-Mirrorp. 296
Godsp. 296
Germsp. 297
Thoughtsp. 297
When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomerp. 298
Perfectionsp. 298
O Me! O Life!p. 298
To a Presidentp. 299
I Sit and Look Outp. 299
To Rich Giversp. 300
The Dalliance of the Eaglesp. 300
Roaming in Thoughtp. 301
A Farm Picturep. 301
A Child's Amazep. 301
The Runnerp. 301
Beautiful Womenp. 302
Mother and Babep. 302
Thoughtp. 302
Visor'dp. 302
Thoughtp. 302
Gliding o'er Allp. 303
Hast Never Come to Thee an Hourp. 303
Thoughtp. 303
To Old Agep. 303
Locations and Timesp. 303
Offeringsp. 304
To the States, To Identify the 16th, 17th or 18th Presidentiadp. 304
First O Songs for a Preludep. 305
Eighteen Sixty-Onep. 307
Beat! Beat! Drums!p. 308
From Paumanok Starting I Fly Like a Birdp. 309
Song of the Banner at Daybreakp. 310
Rise O Days from Your Fathomless Deepsp. 316
Virginia - the Westp. 319
City of Shipsp. 319
The Centenarian's Storyp. 320
Cavalry Crossing a Fordp. 325
Bivouac on a Mountain Sidep. 325
An Army Corps on the Marchp. 326
By the Bivouac's Fitful Flamep. 326
Come up from the Fields Fatherp. 327
Vigil Strange I Kept on the Field One Nightp. 328
A March in the Ranks Hard-Prest, and the Road Unknownp. 330
A Sight in Camp in the Daybreak Gray and Dimp. 331
As Toilsome I Wander'd Virginia's Woodsp. 332
Not the Pilotp. 333
Year that Trembled and Reel'd beneath Mep. 333
The Wound-Dresserp. 333
Long, too Long Americap. 336
Give Me the Splendid Silent Sunp. 337
Dirge for Two Veteransp. 339
Over the Carnage Rose Prophetic a Voicep. 340
I Saw Old General at Bayp. 341
The Artilleryman's Visionp. 341
Ethiopia Saluting the Colorsp. 343
Not Youth Pertains to Mep. 343
Race of Veteransp. 344
World Take Good Noticep. 344
O Tan-Faced Prairie-Boyp. 344
Look Down Fair Moonp. 344
Reconciliationp. 345
How Solemn as One by Onep. 345
As I Lay with My Head in Your Lap Cameradop. 346
Delicate Clusterp. 346
To a Certain Civilianp. 347
Lo, Victress on the Peaksp. 347
Spirit Whose Work is Donep. 348
Adieu to a Soldierp. 349
Turn O Libertadp. 349
To the Leaven'd Soil They Trodp. 350
Memories Of President Lincoln
When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'dp. 351
O Captain! My Captain!p. 359
Hush'd Be the Camps To-dayp. 360
This Dust Was Once the Manp. 361
By Blue Ontario's Shorep. 362
Reversalsp. 378
Autumn Rivulets
As Consequent, Etc.p. 379
The Return of the Heroesp. 380
There Was a Child Went Forthp. 386
Old Irelandp. 388
The City Dead-Housep. 389
This Compostp. 390
To a Foil'd European Revolutionairep. 392
Unnamed Landsp. 393
Song of Prudencep. 395
The Singer in the Prisonp. 398
Warble for Lilac-Timep. 400
Outlines for a Tombp. 401
Out from Behind This Maskp. 403
Vocalismp. 404
To Him That was Crucifiedp. 405
You Felons on Trial in Courtsp. 406
Laws for Creationsp. 407
To a Common Prostitutep. 408
I Was Looking a Long Whilep. 408
Thoughtp. 409
Miraclesp. 409
Sparkles from the Wheelp. 410
To a Pupilp. 411
Unfolded Out of the Foldsp. 411
What am I After Allp. 412
Kosmosp. 413
Others May Praise What They Likep. 413
Who Learns My Lesson Complete?p. 414
Testsp. 415
The Torchp. 415
O Star of France (1870-71)p. 416
The Ox-Tamerp. 417
An Old Man's Thought of Schoolp. 418
Wandering at Mornp. 419
Italian Music in Dakotap. 420
With All Thy Giftsp. 420
My Picture-Galleryp. 421
The Prairie Statesp. 421
Proud Music of the Stormp. 422
Passage to Indiap. 428
Prayer of Columbusp. 437
The Sleepersp. 440
Transpositionsp. 449
To Think of Timep. 449
Whispers Of Heavenly Death
Darest Thou Now O Soulp. 456
Whispers of Heavenly Deathp. 456
Chanting the Square Deificp. 457
Of Him I Love Day and Nightp. 459
Yet, Yet, Ye Downcast Hoursp. 460
As if a Phantom Caress'd Mep. 461
Assurancesp. 461
Quicksand Yearsp. 462
That Music Always Round Mep. 462
What Ship Puzzled at Seap. 463
A Noiseless Patient Spiderp. 463
O Living Always, Always Dyingp. 464
To One Shortly to Diep. 464
Night on the Prairiesp. 465
Thoughtp. 466
The Last Invocationp. 466
As I Watch'd the Ploughman Ploughingp. 467
Pensive and Falteringp. 467
Thou Mother with Thy Equal Broodp. 468
A Paumanok Picturep. 473
From Noon To Starry Night
Thou Orb Aloft Full-Dazzlingp. 474
Facesp. 475
The Mystic Trumpeterp. 479
To a Locomotive in Winterp. 482
O Magnet-Southp. 483
Mannahattap. 485
All is Truthp. 486
A Riddle Songp. 487
Excelsiorp. 488
Ah Poverties, Wincings, and Sulky Retreatsp. 489
Thoughtsp. 490
Mediumsp. 490
Weave in, My Hardy Lifep. 491
Spain, 1873-74p. 491
By Broad Potomac's Shorep. 492
From Far Dakota's Canons (June 25, 1876)p. 493
Old War-Dreamsp. 494
Thick-Sprinkled Buntingp. 494
What Best I See in Theep. 495
Spirit That Form'd This Scenep. 495
As I Walk These Broad Majestic Daysp. 496
A Clear Midnightp. 497
Songs Of Parting
As the Time Draws Nighp. 498
Years of the Modernp. 498
Ashes of Soldiersp. 500
Thoughtsp. 501
Song at Sunsetp. 503
As at Thy Portals Also Deathp. 506
My Legacyp. 506
Pensive on Her Dead Gazingp. 507
Camps of Greenp. 508
The Sobbing of the Bellsp. 509
As They Draw to a Closep. 509
Joy, Shipmate, Joy!p. 510
The Untold Wantp. 510
Portalsp. 510
These Carolsp. 510
Now Finale to the Shorep. 511
So Long!p. 511
Sands At Seventy
Mannahattap. 517
Paumanokp. 517
From Montauk Pointp. 517
To Those Who've Fail'dp. 517
A Carol Closing Sixty-Ninep. 518
The Bravest Soldiersp. 518
A Font of Typep. 519
As I Sit Writing Herep. 519
My Canary Birdp. 519
Queries to My Seventieth Yearp. 520
The Wallabout Martyrsp. 520
The First Dandelionp. 520
Americap. 521
Memoriesp. 521
To-day and Theep. 521
After the Dazzle of Dayp. 521
Abraham Lincoln, Born Feb. 12, 1809p. 522
Out of May's Shows Selectedp. 522
Halcyon Daysp. 522
Fancies at Navesinkp. 523
The Pilot in the Mistp. 523
Had I the Choicep. 523
You Tides with Ceaseless Swellp. 523
Last of Ebb, and Daylight Waningp. 524
And Yet Not You Alonep. 525
Proudly the Flood Comes Inp. 525
By That Long Scan of Wavesp. 525
Then Last of Allp. 526
Election Day, November, 1884p. 526
With Husky-Haughty Lips, O Sea!p. 527
Death of General Grantp. 528
Red Jacket (from Aloft)p. 528
Washington's Monument, February, 1885p. 529
Of That Blithe Throat of Thinep. 530
Broadwayp. 530
To Get the Final Lilt of Songsp. 531
Old Salt Kossabonep. 531
The Dead Tenorp. 532
Continuitiesp. 533
Yonnondiop. 533
Lifep. 534
'Going Somewhere'p. 534
Small the Theme of My Chantp. 535
True Conquerorsp. 535
The United States to Old World Criticsp. 536
The Calming Thought of Allp. 536
Thanks in Old Agep. 536
Life and Deathp. 537
The Voice of the Rainp. 537
Soon Shall the Winter's Foil Be Herep. 538
While Not the Past Forgettingp. 538
The Dying Veteranp. 539
Stronger Lessonsp. 540
A Prairie Sunsetp. 540
Twenty Yearsp. 540
Orange Buds by Mail from Floridap. 541
Twilightp. 541
You Lingering Sparse Leaves of Mep. 542
Not Meagre, Latent Boughs Alonep. 542
The Dead Emperorp. 542
As the Greek's Signal Flamep. 543
The Dismantled Shipp. 543
Now Precedent Songs, Farewellp. 543
An Evening Lullp. 544
Old Age's Lambent Peaksp. 544
After the Supper and Talkp. 545
Good-Bye My Fancy
Preface Note to Second Annexp. 549
Sail Out for Good, Eidolon Yacht!p. 551
Lingering Last Dropsp. 551
Good-Bye My Fancyp. 551
On, on the Same, Ye Jocund Twain!p. 552
My 71st Yearp. 553
Apparitionsp. 553
The Pallid Wreathp. 553
An Ended Dayp. 554
Old Age's Ship and Crafty Death'sp. 554
To the Pending Yearp. 555
Shakspere-Bacon's Cipherp. 555
Long, Long Hencep. 556
Bravo, Paris Exposition!p. 556
Interpolation Soundsp. 556
To the Sun-set Breezep. 557
Old Chantsp. 558
A Christmas Greetingp. 559
Sounds of the Winterp. 560
A Twilight Songp. 560
When the Full-Grown Poet Camep. 561
Osceolap. 561
A Voice from Deathp. 562
A Persian Lessonp. 564
The Commonplacep. 564
'The Rounded Catalogue Divine Complete'p. 565
Miragesp. 565
L. of G.'s Purportp. 566
The Unexpress'dp. 567
Grand is the Seenp. 567
Unseen Budsp. 568
Good-Bye My Fancy!p. 568
A Backward Glance O'er Travel'd Roadsp. 569
Old Age Echoes
An Executor's Diary Note, 1891p. 587
To Soar in Freedom and in Fullness of Powerp. 588
Then Shall Perceivep. 588
The Few Drops Knownp. 588
One Thought Ever at the Forep. 588
While Behind All, Firm and Erectp. 589
A Kiss to the Bridep. 589
Nay, Tell Me Not To-day the Publish'd Shamep. 589
Supplement Hoursp. 590
Of Many a Smutch'd Deed Reminiscentp. 591
To Be at Allp. 591
Death's Valleyp. 592
On the Same Picturep. 593
A Thought of Columbusp. 593
Poems Excluded from Leaves of Grass
Great Are the Mythsp. 597
Poem of Remembrances for a Girl or a Boy of These Statesp. 601
Think of the Soulp. 602
Respondez!p. 603
[In the New Garden]p. 607
[Who is Now Reading This?]p. 607
[I Thought That Knowledge Alone Would Suffice]p. 608
[Hours Continuing Long]p. 609
[So Far, and So Far, and On Toward the End]p. 610
Thoughts - 1: Visagesp. 610
Leafletsp. 611
Thoughts - 6: 'Of What I Write'p. 611
Saysp. 611
Apostrophp. 613
O Sun of Real Peacep. 615
To Youp. 616
Now Lift Me Closep. 616
To the Reader at Partingp. 616
Debrisp. 617
[States!]p. 620
Bathed in War's Perfumep. 622
Solid, Ironical, Rolling Orbp. 622
Not My Enemies Ever Invade Mep. 623
This Day, O Soulp. 623
Ashes of Soldiers: Epigraphp. 623
One Song, America, Before I Gop. 623
Souvenirs of Democracyp. 624
From My Last Yearsp. 625
In Former Songsp. 625
The Beauty of the Shipp. 625
After an Intervalp. 626
Two Rivuletsp. 626
Or, from That Sea of Timep. 627
As in a Swoonp. 628
Lessonsp. 628
[Last Droplets]p. 628
Ship Ahoy!p. 628
For Queen Victoria's Birthdayp. 629
L of Gp. 629
After the Argumentp. 630
For Us Two, Reader Dearp. 630
Early Poems
Our Future Lotp. 633
Young Grimesp. 634
Fame's Vanityp. 635
My Departurep. 637
The Death of the Nature-Loverp. 638
The Inca's Daughterp. 639
The Love That Is Hereafterp. 640
We All Shall Rest at Lastp. 642
The Spanish Ladyp. 643
The End of Allp. 644
The Columbian's Songp. 646
The Punishment of Pridep. 648
Ambitionp. 650
The Death and Burial of McDonald Clarkep. 652
Time to Comep. 653
The Play-Groundp. 654
Odep. 655
New Year's Day, 1848p. 656
The House of Friendsp. 657
Resurgemusp. 658
The Mississippi at Midnightp. 660
Song for Certain Congressmenp. 661
Blood-Moneyp. 663
Picturesp. 665
Song of Myself: The Text from the First Edition of Leaves of Grass (1855)p. 675
Leaves of Grass, 1855p. 741
Leaves of Grass, 1856p. 762
As a Strong Bird on Pinions Free, 1872p. 773
Preface, 1876p. 778
A Sketchp. 791
Notesp. 793
Index of Titlesp. 869
Index of First Linesp. 885
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ISBN: 9780140424515
ISBN-10: 0140424512
Series: Penguin Classics
Audience: General
For Ages: 18+ years old
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 912
Published: 25th October 2004
Country of Publication: GB
Dimensions (cm): 19.8 x 12.9  x 3.8
Weight (kg): 0.62
Edition Number: 1