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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cigars : Buying and Smoking Tips to Know Before You Light Up - Tad Gage

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cigars

Buying and Smoking Tips to Know Before You Light Up

By: Tad Gage


Published: 2nd January 2007
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Approximately 10 million Americans smoke cigars today, while cigar bars are popping everywhere. This book features a run-down of cigar terms, sizes and shapes and teaches readers how to clip, light, and smoke a cigar and even how to deal with an uneven burning cigar how to care for cigars, judge a good cigar, use tobacconists to help in their selections, and match drinks and meals with cigars. It also offers concise guidelines on how cigars are rated today, a run-down of the popular brands, and an overview of the new labels appearing on the market. Chapters cover the history of cigar tobacco, and famous real life and fictional smokers. Also includes a special section on cigars and the opposite sex. Tad Gage was a pioneer in the efforts that initiated today's consumer love affair with cigars. He served as editor and publisher of The Compleat Smoker, this country's first four-color quarterly magazine on cigars, pipes, tobacco, and spirits that debuted in 1990. He has authored numerous articles on cigars and serves on the executive committee for Chicagoland Pipe Collector's Club, which annually hosts the largest pipe, cigar, and tobacco convention in the U.S. Mr. Gage lives in Chicago.

Lighting Up, Kicking Backp. 1
If You Know Just a Little, Start Herep. 3
Fire Away!p. 5
A Basic Samplingp. 6
Lighting Up: It's a Gasp. 8
Luck of "The Draw"p. 9
Where Can You Smoke?p. 10
Anatomy of a Cigarp. 11
Grab Your Wallet: What You'll Payp. 13
What's in a Name?p. 14
Where There's Smoke, There's Firep. 19
Desperately Seeking Cigarsp. 20
Tobacconist or "Seegar Seller"?p. 21
Spirited Sales-Liquor Stores and Cigar Barsp. 23
Pasta or Cuban Corona?-Cigars at Restaurantsp. 24
Cigars: In the Mail, on the Netp. 25
Lead Me to Your Humidorp. 26
When to Walk Awayp. 28
Bite a Hot Dog, but Clip Your Cigarp. 31
The Cutting Edgep. 32
The "V"-Cutp. 32
The "Pinhole" Cutp. 34
The "Puncture" Cutp. 35
The Straight or Guillotine Cutp. 37
Two Blades: Better Than One?p. 39
The Scissors Decisionp. 40
The Price of a Good Cutp. 41
Antique Cuttersp. 41
C'mon Baby, Light My Firep. 42
Paper's No Match for Cigarsp. 42
Lighter Fluid: Cigar Arson?p. 43
Wood Is Goodp. 44
It's a Gasp. 44
Ashtrays: Give Your Cigar a Breakp. 45
Ya Gotta Speak Da Languagep. 47
Basic Cigar Speak-Talking the Talkp. 48
The Box Scorep. 49
Is It a Premium Smoke?p. 50
Branded a "Winner"p. 50
Is Wood Always Good?p. 51
Boxed In: Feeling the Pressurep. 51
Don't Let a Machine Make Your Cigarp. 53
Shorted Out-Turn On to Long Fillerp. 55
Where Was Your Cigar Born?p. 56
What You See Is What You Getp. 59
Brown Is the Color of My True Love's Cigarp. 60
Double Claro, Candela, Jade, or American Market Selection (AMS) Wrappersp. 61
Natural or Claro Wrappersp. 62
Colorado Claro or English Market Selection (EMS)p. 62
Colorado, Corojo, and Habana2000 Wrappersp. 63
Maduro Wrappersp. 64
Double Maduro, Oscuro, or Maduro Maduro Wrappersp. 65
Size Does Matterp. 66
The Size That's Right for Youp. 68
Eenie, Meenie: Popular Lengths and Shapesp. 69
Gigante, Presidente, Immensap. 72
Double Coronap. 72
Churchillp. 72
Panatelap. 72
Lonsdalep. 73
Corona Grandesp. 73
Corona Extra, Corona Royalep. 73
Coronap. 73
Petite Coronap. 74
Robusto, Rothschild, Torop. 74
Belvedere, Ascot, Demitassep. 74
Daring to Be Differentp. 74
Belicoso, Petite Belicosop. 75
Culebrap. 75
Pyramidp. 75
Torpedop. 76
Perfectop. 76
In Search of Perfectionp. 79
What's Inside Your Cigar?p. 81
How Your Cigar Is Orchestratedp. 82
From Mild to Wild: Work Your Way Upp. 83
"Pumping Up" to a Full-Bodied Smokep. 84
Is This a Strong Cigar?p. 85
Finding a Heavenly Bodyp. 86
Hondurasp. 87
Mexicop. 88
Dominican Republicp. 89
Strength Is Relativep. 89
Havana Cigarsp. 93
We Don't Blend No Stinkin' Cigars!p. 94
Full Body: In the Spanish Stylep. 96
How Cuban Seed Traveled Around the Worldp. 97
Are Cuban Cigars the Best?p. 99
Can a Government Make a Good Cigar?p. 100
Habanos SA: The Second Cuban Revolution?p. 101
The Name Gamep. 102
Faking You Out: Know Your Cubansp. 105
Was My Cuban Cigar Made by Hand?p. 107
The Myth and Magic of Havana Cigarsp. 109
Cuban Cigar: Still Championp. 110
So You Want to Be a Smuggler?p. 111
My Cigar Just Explodedp. 112
In Search of Consistencyp. 113
Pricey Stuffp. 115
Have-a-Havanap. 115
How the Cigar Becomes a Starp. 117
Don't Try This at Home: Creating a Cigarp. 118
Awaking the "Sleeping" Leafp. 119
Giving a Cigar "The Look"p. 121
The Art of Cigar Rollingp. 124
The Roller at Center Stagep. 125
Cigar Rolling: A Silky Touch with Steel Musclesp. 126
The Art of Filler Bunchingp. 127
Bonding with Bindersp. 129
Cigar Molds: Full-Court Pressurep. 129
Wrapping It All Upp. 132
"Capping" Off the Cigarp. 133
Filler Up, Bind It, Wrap It Up!p. 137
Fillers: Bulking Upp. 138
Cuba: The One and Onlyp. 138
Smooth Dominicanp. 139
Honduras: Packing a Punchp. 140
Nicaragua: Revolution, Recovery, and Rebirthp. 142
Costa Rica and Panamap. 143
Doing the Samba in Brazilp. 143
Oh, Mexico, the Sun's So Hotp. 144
"Hey Mon, Come to Jamaica"p. 145
Dutch Treat from Indonesia, Java, and Sumatrap. 146
Binders: Keeping It All Togetherp. 146
Ecuador, Java, and Sumatra: Bound by Binderp. 147
Stay Outta My Tobacco Patch: Cubap. 147
Honduras and Nicaragua Spice It Upp. 148
Mexico: Bound to Be Bestp. 148
Wrappers: Pretty as a Picturep. 148
Snuggled Under a Blanketp. 149
The Wrapper King of Connecticutp. 150
Cameroon: The African Connectionp. 151
Wrappers from the Eastp. 152
The Mojo of Mexico and Madurop. 153
Happily Ever Afterp. 155
Why New Cigars Get Marriedp. 156
The Three-Month Wedding Nightp. 159
Gotta Crush That Bug Right Outta My 'Gar!p. 161
Farewell to the Tropicsp. 162
Totally Tubular Cigarsp. 162
The Cellophane Debatep. 163
Boxed and Ready to Travelp. 164
Where Cigars Grow Upp. 167
I Was Born in a Log Cabin...p. 169
Native Smokes: Close, but No Cigarp. 171
"This Is Better Than Gold!"p. 173
Aging: It Worked for Winep. 175
What Tobacco Learned from Winep. 176
Tobacco Farming: Getting Your Hands Dirtyp. 177
From Green Bay to Bombayp. 181
You'd Be Amazed Where This Stuff Growsp. 182
Tobacco in Europe's Backyardp. 183
The World's Most Sensitive Cropsp. 185
Why Cigar Leaf Is Differentp. 186
Change the Conditions, Change the Tastep. 186
"Growing" a Good Cigarp. 189
The Care and Feeding of Baby Tobaccop. 190
Infants in the Nurseryp. 190
Taking It to the Fieldp. 191
Pinch Me, I'm Buddingp. 192
Mold and Pestilence at Play in the Fields of Tobaccop. 193
The Beetles: Live on Stagep. 194
Mold: Good in Blue Cheese, Bad on Tobaccop. 195
Pick a Winning Leafp. 196
Fermentation: Sweating the Small Stuffp. 201
Airing It Outp. 202
Can a Leaf Make the Grade?p. 204
Sorting Leaves by Sizep. 205
Sorting Leaves by Texturep. 205
Sorting Leaves by Appearancep. 206
Bring on the Heatp. 206
A Tobacco-Leaf Stripteasep. 211
Baling Out: Putting Tobacco to Restp. 211
The Long Sleepp. 214
Making a Home for Your Cigarsp. 217
Gettin' Around the Tropicsp. 218
Blending in and Around the Caribbeanp. 219
Location Is Everythingp. 219
Making a Home for Your Cigarsp. 220
Too Dryp. 221
Too Moistp. 221
Too Hotp. 221
Too Coldp. 222
Just Right: The 70/70 Rulep. 222
Adding to Your Enjoymentp. 225
Keeping Your Stogies Freshp. 227
Top Reasons for Stashing Stogiesp. 228
Humidors: From Palaces to Plastic Bagsp. 229
Cigar-Shop, Restaurant, and Cigar-Club Lockersp. 230
Zip-Seal Bags and Vacuum Sealersp. 232
Plastic Boxesp. 233
Tabletop Humidorsp. 234
Free-Standing "Vaults"p. 237
Built-In Humidorsp. 238
How Do I Keep These Things Moist?p. 241
Help! My Cigar Dried Outp. 244
Better with Age: Aging Your Cigarsp. 245
You Can Take It with Youp. 246
Cigar Casesp. 246
Travel Humidorsp. 247
Alternative Smokesp. 251
Shorties: The Quickie Smoke That Satisfiesp. 252
Big Cigar Taste, Small Packagep. 252
Petite but Powerfulp. 254
Cigarillos: A Cigar of Sortsp. 255
A "Tin" Packp. 257
What's Dry-Curing?p. 258
Sweet Smokesp. 259
A Rainbow of Fruity Flavorp. 259
A Cigar and a Drink All in Onep. 260
X-Smokes: Herbs, Berries, 'n' Rootsp. 261
Baubles, Bangles, and Bands: Cigar Stuffp. 263
Bands, Boxes, and Labelsp. 264
The Cigar Box as an Advertisementp. 265
Humidors: The Fancy Stuffp. 267
Collectible Cigar Curiositiesp. 267
Modern Smoking Collectiblesp. 271
Rating Your Smokesp. 273
Going by the Numbersp. 274
Scoring Your Cigarsp. 274
When to Forget a Ratingp. 275
A Funky, Earthy Taste with a Hint of Berries? Not!p. 276
What You Do Tastep. 277
How to "Taste" Your Cigar's Aromap. 277
How to Describe a Cigarp. 278
Prime Factorsp. 279
Appearancep. 280
Lighting and Burningp. 280
Constructionp. 280
Tastep. 280
"Dear Diary..."p. 281
Appearance and Presentationp. 282
Lighting and Burning Propertiesp. 284
Constructionp. 285
Tastep. 285
Comments and Final Scoringp. 281
Eat, Drink, Smoke, and Be Merryp. 291
Where, When, and How to Smokep. 293
You Can't Tell the Brand Without a Bandp. 294
Burning Upp. 295
A Study in Shrunken Ashtraysp. 295
The Attack of Old Cigar Buttp. 296
Treatment for the Unfinished Cigarp. 296
The Case of the Smoldering Stogiep. 297
The Lopsided Patientp. 297
The Split-Wrapper Syndromep. 299
"Put Out That Smelly Cigar!"p. 299
Smoking on the Home Frontp. 302
The Smoking Denp. 303
Banished to the Dungeonp. 303
Clearing the Airp. 303
When Kids Are Involvedp. 304
On the Road With Smokesp. 304
A Loaf of Bread, a Jug of Wine, and Cigarsp. 307
After-Meal Smokesp. 307
The Cigar as a Dinner Companionp. 309
The Classic Mealp. 310
A Lighter Touchp. 311
A Little Spicep. 311
The Cigar as Dessertp. 311
A Drink with Your Cigarp. 312
A Jug of Winep. 313
Beer: A Clear Choicep. 314
Fortified Wine Has Musclep. 315
Very, Very Sherryp. 315
Any Port in a Stormp. 316
High Spiritsp. 316
Brandy and Cognacp. 317
Scotch Whiskies and Bourbon Whiskiesp. 317
Distilled Spirits, Liqueurs, and Mixed Drinksp. 319
Nonalcoholic Drinksp. 320
A Cigar "Party"p. 321
Poker Party!p. 321
Dinner at a Dinerp. 321
'Gars and Golf Galap. 322
A Roll in the Leavesp. 322
Your Place in Historyp. 323
Cigar Speak Glossaryp. 325
Indexp. 333
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