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The Collected Works of Ann Hawkshaw : Anthem Nineteenth-Century Series - Debbie Bark

The Collected Works of Ann Hawkshaw

Anthem Nineteenth-Century Series

By: Ann Hawkshaw, Debbie Bark (Editor)


Published: 1st April 2014
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‘The Collected Works of Ann Hawkshaw’ brings together Hawkshaw’s four volumes of poetry and republishes them for the first time. Debbie Bark’s biography, introduction and notes highlight Hawkshaw’s most significant poems and propose connections with more canonical works alongside which her writing can be productively viewed. Hawkshaw’s writings have been largely neglected since the early twentieth century, but this new volume reaffirms their ability to offer an exceptional insight into the changing political and religious landscape of the Victorian period.

'A reflective, witty and erudite writer, Ann Hawkshaw merits recognition for her wide-ranging and philosophical poetry and children's verse. After more than a century of unmerited neglect, Bark's comprehensive biographical and critical introduction and notes make Hawkshaw's life and works fully accessible for modern readers.' -Professor Florence Boos, University of Iowa 'This superb edition brings Hawkshaw's unique gifts into visibility. Exhaustive annotation illuminates her remarkable poems, and detailed archival work reveals for the first time Hawkshaw's life of upward mobility in a vigorous dissenting culture.' -Professor Isobel Armstrong, Birkbeck, University of London

Preface; Introduction; 1842: 'Dionysius the Areopagite' with other poems; Introductory Stanzas; Dionysius the Areopagite-Part I-Part II-Part III; The Past; The Future; Wild Flowers; The Welsh Bard's Last Song; Spring to Flowers; Sonnet-To America; Palestine; Land of my Fathers; To Fountain's Abbey; To a Bereaved Father; The Exile Song; The Mother to her Starving Child; To-on the Death of Three of her Children; To-after the Death of her Daughter; Lines on a Friend lost at Sea; The Prophet's Lament; Song; The Greek Girl's Song; The Captive King; Why am I a Slave?; Sonnet to-; 1843: Life's Dull Reality; 1847: Poems for My Children; Spring is Coming; Mary's Wish; The Festival of the Last of October-Scene in the Time of the Druids; Common Things; The Little Wanderers-Part I. The Resolve-Part II. The Avalanche-Part III. The Cave and the Mountains; The Wind; Scene in the Time of the Romans; The City Child's Complaint; The First Spring Flowers; To Editha; Editha; The Oak Tree; I do not love the Night; Thinking and Dreaming; King Alfred and His Mother-a Scene in the Time of the Saxons; The Angel Friend; The Stream; The Poor Fly-for My Little Harry; The Land of My Dreams; The History of a Coral Islet; The Hermit, the Chieftain, and the Child-a Tale about Happiness; God is Love; The Monk of Chester-a Scene in the Time of the Normans; A Talk in Furness Abbey.-to J.C.H; A Little Girl's Wish; Sir Oswald's Return-a Scene in the Time of the Crusades.-Part I-Part II; Ada; 1854: Sonnets on Anglo-Saxon History; Introductory; I. The beginning; II. Progress; III. The Druids; IV. The Romans; V. Christianity; VI. Christianity in Britain; VII. Change; VIII. The Saxons.-I; IX. The Saxons.-II; X. Saxon Mythology; XI. Christianity received by the Saxons.-I; XII. Christianity received by the Saxons.-II; XIII. Merlin; XIV. Ethelbert examining the Christian Doctrines; XV. Ethelbert embraces Christianity; XVI. The great Edwin of Northumbria.-I; XVII. Edwin of Northumbria.-II; XVIII. The Thane Lilla saving Edwin.-III; XIX. Caedmon the Anglo-Saxon Poet; XX. The Chronicler; XXI. The Venerable Bede.-I; XXII. The Venerable Bede.-II; XXIII. The death of Bede.-III; XXIV. The Northmen; XXV. Destruction of the Abbey of Peterborough by the Northmen; XXVI. Under-Currents; XXVII. The Serf; XXVIII. The Serf Freed; XXIX Ina resigning his Crown; XXX. The Pilgrim.-I; XXXI. The Pilgrim.-II; XXXII. The Pilgrim.-III; XXXIII. Alfred of Northumbria.-I. Retirement; XXXIV. Alfred of Northumbria.-II. Self-Reliance; XXXV. The Monastery; XXXVI. Ethelberga; XXXVII. The benighted Ceorl; XXXVIII. The Witena meeting at Easter; XXXIX. The Markman's Cottage.-I; XL. The Markman's Cottage.-II; XLI. True Workers; XLII. The Mother of Egbert; XLIII. Egbert; XLIV. Ethelwulph leaving the Cloister.-I; XLV. Ethelwulph.-II; XLVI. The Tomb of Ethelberga; XLVII. Anglo-Saxon Patriots; XLVIII. Alfred the Great.-I. The Child; XLIX. Alfred the Great.-II. Remembrances; L. Alfred the Great.-III. Adversity; LI. Alfred the Great.-IV. Releasing the Wife and Children of Hastings the Northman; LII. Alfred the Great.-V. Romney Marsh, Kent; LIII. Denulf; LIV. Woman.-I. Ethelfleda, the daughter of Alfred; LV. Woman.-II. Ethelfleda; LVI. Woman.-III. Ethelgiva the Nun; LVII. The three Pilgrims; LVIII. The Hero-King; LIX. The Thane's Fireside; LX. The remorse of Athelstan.-I; LXI. Athelstan.-II; LXII. Edwy and Elfgiva; LXIII. The Town; LXIV. Disunion; LXV. Dunstan.-I. The Boy; LXVI. Dunstan.-II. The Dream; LXVII. Dunstan.-III. The Youth's aspirings; LXVIII. Dunstan.-IV. The Trial; LXIX. Dunstan.-V. Love; LXX. Dunstan.-VI. The Fall; LXXI. Dunstan.-.VII. Nature's Revenge; LXXII. Dunstan.-VIII. Refusing to crown Ethelred; LXXIII. Ethelred the Unready; LXXIV. Massacre of the Danes; LXXV. The Poet; LXXVI. Edmund Ironside; LXXVII. Canute the Great; LXXVIII. The Forest; LXXIX. Godwin.-I. Childhood; LXXX. Godwin.-II. The Meeting with Ulfr; LXXXI. Godwin.-III. The Flight; LXXXII. Godwin.-IV. The Earl; LXXXIII. Godwin.-V. The Death-Feast; LXXXIV. Sweyne, the Outlawed; LXXXV. The Visit; LXXXVI. Editha in the Monastery at Wherwell; LXXXVII. Death Shadowings.-I. Edward the Etheling; LXXXVIII. Death Shadowings.-II. Leofric; LXXXIX. Death Shadowings.-III. Leofric. XC. Edward the Confessor.-I; XCI. Edward the Confessor.-II; XCII. The Eventide.-I; XCIII. The Eventide.-II; XCIV Harold.-I; XCV. Harold.-II; XCVI. The Mother of Harold; XCVII. Night after Battle; XCVIII. The Anglo-Saxons; Conclusion; 1871: Cecil's Own Book; The Wonderful Adventures of Hassan the Younger, the Son of Hassan-el-Alfi the Camel Driver; The Selfish Toad; The Discontented Stream; Little Prince Bepettedbyall; The Noontide Dream; The Squirrel that Forgot that it would be Winter; The Ambitious Water-lily; The Fairy Gift; or, The Iron Bracelet; Change-not Death; Earth's Waters; The Birds of Passage; Homes of the Flowers; In Memoriam; Appendix A; Appendix B Bibliography; Index of Titles; Index of First Lines; Keyword Index

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Series: Anthem Nineteenth-Century Series
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Published: 1st April 2014
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