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The Children's Bible in 365 Stories : A Story for Every Day of the Year - Mary Batchelor

The Children's Bible in 365 Stories

A Story for Every Day of the Year

By: Mary Batchelor, John Haysom (Illustrator)

Hardcover Published: 1st April 1995
ISBN: 9780745930688
Number Of Pages: 416
For Ages: 7 - 8 years old

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With more than a million copies sold, this classic Scripture provides an ageless Bible story for every day of the year. It's a perfect addition to any Sunday school room or children's church program.

"An imaginative arrangement, preserving the on-going interest of a serial . . . The illustrations are excellent . . . and will hold the listener's eye if the book is being read aloud . . . This selection provides a built-in continuity which other collections lack."—Church Times

"Written in a lively, easily understood style which still retains the dignity of the original . . . The luminous artwork is realistic, expressive and well-researched in detail."—School Library Journal

"Many children's books retell Bible stories. This is one of the best for its factual, sensitive and imaginative approach. The stories are allowed to speak for themselves in a panorama of scripture from Genesis to Revelation, and each is beautifully and imaginatively illustrated. [Here is] storytelling par excellence, clear, uncomplicated, concise, superlative."—Churchman

"The selections are just the right length . . . After using this book for several months, I can enthusiastically recommend it for families with young children."—Christian Home and School

Industry Reviews

This best-selling book contains all the stories of the Bible from the Creation account to Revelation. There is a story for every day, making this book a constant companion all year round. What better way to introduce children to some of the best stories ever written, this is a very special book to treasure. * Book Club Mag : Family Interest * A lively, easily understood style which retains the dignity of the original. -- * School Library Journal * An imaginative arrangement, preserving the on-going interest of a serial.... The illustrations are excellent... and will hold the listener's eye if the book is being read aloud.... This selection provides a built in continuity which other collections lack. * The Church Times *

The Old Testament
The Story of Creation
God Makes the Worldp. 10
God Makes Peoplep. 12
Creation Spoiled
The Tempting Fruitp. 13
Paradise Lostp. 14
Cain and Abel
The Two Brothersp. 15
The First Murderp. 16
The Story of Noah
Noah Starts Buildingp. 7
Rain, Rain, Rain!p. 19
A New Beginningp. 20
Rainbow in the Skyp. 20
The Tower of Babel
The Sky's the Limit!p. 22
The Story of Abraham
God Calls Abrahamp. 23
Lot has First Choicep. 24
God's Promisep. 25
Hagar Runs Awayp. 26
The Special Visitorsp. 26
On the Way to Sodomp. 28
Lot's Rescuep. 29
The Story of Isaac
Isaac is Bornp. 30
Sent Packingp. 30
Put to the Testp. 32
A Wife for Isaacp. 33
Rebekah is Foundp. 34
The Story of the Birthright
Jacob's Bargainp. 36
Jacob's Trickp. 36
Esau's Returnp. 37
The Story of Jacob
Jacob's Dreamp. 39
The Trickster Trickedp. 40
The Strange Wrestling-matchp. 40
Jacob Meets Esau Againp. 42
Joseph the Boy
Trouble at Homep. 43
Dreams! 44p. 75
Into the Pit!p. 44
On the Road to Egyptp. 46
Joseph the Slave
Slave in Chargep. 47
Thrown into Prison!p. 48
The Meaning of Dreamsp. 49
The Prisoner and the Kingp. 50
Joseph the Ruler
The New Prime Ministerp. 52
Food in Egyptp. 53
Benjamin's Journeyp. 54
The Missing Cupp. 55
Family Reunionp. 56
Trouble in Egyptp. 56
The Story of Moses
The Baby who Survivedp. 58
Prince of Egyptp. 60
Moses Helps the Shepherd Girlsp. 61
God Calls Mosesp. 62
Moses and the King of Egypt
The King Says 'No'p. 63
Frogs, Flies and Hailp. 64
The Last Punishmentp. 65
The Passoverp. 66
Escape from Egypt
Goodbye!p. 67
God Leads the Wayp. 68
'Slaves, Come Back!'p. 69
Crossing the Red Seap. 70
Food in the Desertp. 72
Water in the Desertp. 72
'Hands Up, Moses!'p. 74
Sharing Out the Workp. 75
God's Laws
God's Mountainp. 76
The Ten Commandments--Loving Godp. 77
The Ten Commandments--Loving Othersp. 78
God Caresp. 80
God and his People
The Agreementp. 81
God's Special Tentp. 82
The Calf Made of Goldp. 83
Putting Things Rightp. 84
On the Borders of Canaan
The Promised Land in Sightp. 85
'We Can't Do it!'p. 86
Moses Loses his Temperp. 87
The Bronze Snakep. 88
Balaam and his Donkeyp. 88
Moses Says Goodbyep. 90
The Story of Joshua
The New Leaderp. 91
Secret Missionp. 92
The Red Cordp. 92
Across the River Jordanp. 94
The Promised Land
Strange Ordersp. 95
The Walls Fall Downp. 97
Stale Breadp. 98
'Sun, Stand Still!'p. 99
Sharing Out the Landp. 100
In the Time of the Judges
Troublep. 101
Ehud, the Left-Handedp. 102
Deborah and Barakp. 103
Hammer and Tent Pegp. 104
The Story of Gideon
The Unwilling Herop. 105
Gideon Makes Surep. 106
Secret Missionp. 107
Gideon Chooses his Armyp. 108
A Whisper in the Nightp. 109
Trumpets and Lampsp. 110
The Story of Jephthah
Jephthah's Promisep. 112
'Say Shibboleth!'p. 113
Samson the Strong
A Special Babyp. 114
A Wedding is Arrangedp. 115
Answer my Riddlep. 116
Samson and Delilahp. 116
Defeat of the Championp. 118
Strong in Deathp. 119
The Story of Ruth
Unhappy Timesp. 122
Ruth Finds Workp. 123
Happy Endingsp. 124
The Story of Samuel
A Baby for Hannahp. 125
Small Boy Leaves Homep. 127
'I'm Listening, Lord'p. 128
Disasterp. 129
Strange Happeningsp. 130
'We Want a King'p. 131
Israel's First King
The Lost Donkeysp. 132
The Astonishing Secretp. 132
Saul, the Reluctant Kingp. 134
A Good Startp. 134
Jonathan's Daring Deedp. 136
Saul Disobeysp. 137
The Young David
Choosing a New Kingp. 138
The Giant's Challengep. 139
David the Giant Killerp. 141
Jealous King Saulp. 142
Friends for Lifep. 143
David in Hiding
Escape by Nightp. 144
Danger Signalp. 144
Food and a Swordp. 146
The Tell-talep. 147
Hide and Seekp. 148
Water from Bethlehem's Wellp. 149
Dabid the Outlaw
Nabal the Foolp. 150
'Tomorrow You Will Die!'p. 151
David Joins the Enemyp. 152
Everything Lost!p. 153
To the Rescuep. 154
Together in Deathp. 155
David the King
Long Live King David!p. 156
David's City--the City of Godp. 157
Plans for God's Housep. 158
David Keeps his Promisep. 159
David's Failures
Beautiful Bathshebap. 160
One Sin Leads to Anotherp. 161
The Little Pet Lambp. 162
Family Troublesp. 163
Absalom's Rebellion
'Come Home, Absalom!'p. 164
The Plot Thickensp. 164
King David Leaves Jerusalemp. 166
Schemes and Spiesp. 166
Death in the Woodsp. 168
David Returns in Triumphp. 169
The Golden Age of Solomon
The New Kingp. 170
Solomon's Dreamp. 171
Wise Decisionsp. 172
Solomon's Gloryp. 172
Building God's Templep. 175
The Visit of the Queen of Shebap. 176
The Kingdom is Divided
Solomon's Sinsp. 178
Astonishing News for Jeroboamp. 178
A Difficult Choicep. 180
The Divided Landp. 181
Troubles in Israel
Jeroboam's Failurep. 182
Ahab and his Wicked Queenp. 183
The Long Droughtp. 184
The Food that Never Ran Outp. 185
Elijah Challenges Baal
A Contest on the Mountainp. 186
God Sends Firep. 187
The Clouds Gatherp. 189
Elijah, God's Messenger
Danger!p. 190
The Still, Small Voicep. 191
Ahab's Kitchen Gardenp. 192
The King Gets his Wayp. 193
Elijah's Last Journeyp. 194
The Fiery Chariotp. 196
Israel and Judah
The Truthful Prophetp. 197
The Death of Ahabp. 198
Singing for Victoryp. 199
Stories of Elisha
One Problem Solvedp. 200
A Room of his Ownp. 201
One Dreadful Dayp. 202
Alive Againp. 203
The Girl Prisonerp. 204
Cure for Naamanp. 205
Eyes to Seep. 206
Hunger in the Cityp. 208
Good News!p. 209
Troubles in Judah and Israel
Secret Missionp. 210
The Crazy Driverp. 210
King in Hidingp. 212
Swindlers and Robbers!p. 212
'Please Come Back!'p. 214
Isaiah's Visionp. 215
Keep Calm!p. 216
Critical Times in Judah
The Emperor States his Pricep. 217
Enemy at the Gatep. 219
The King's Illnessp. 220
The Great Findp. 220
Josiah Lights a Bonfirep. 222
The Last Days of Judah
'Don't Send Me!'p. 223
Jeremiah at the Potteryp. 224
The King's Penknifep. 225
Babylon's Yokep. 226
The Basket of Figsp. 227
Rescue Partyp. 229
The Last Days in Jerusalemp. 229
Daniel and his Friends
Special Training at the Palacep. 232
The Forgotten Dreamp. 232
The God who can Explainp. 234
The Meaning of the Dreamp. 235
The Giant Statuep. 236
Four Men in the Firep. 237
Nebuchadnezzar's Madnessp. 238
The Mysterious Handp. 240
Weighed in the Scalesp. 241
Plot Against Danielp. 242
Daniel Keeps Prayingp. 243
The Morning Afterp. 244
Ezekiel's Message
Wheels and Wingsp. 246
Silent Sermonsp. 247
Dry Bones Come Alive!p. 248
God's People Go Home
The Long Trek Backp. 249
Building Beginsp. 250
The New Templep. 251
The King's Wine Stewardp. 252
Rebuilding the Wallsp. 253
Learning God's Lawp. 254
The Story of Esther
A New Queen is Chosenp. 256
Plot Against the Jewsp. 256
The Queen's Requestp. 258
A Day to be Rememberedp. 258
The Story of Job
Troubles for Jobp. 260
Cheering Job Up?p. 261
God Talks to Jobp. 262
The Hymnbook of Israel
Praising Godp. 263
Songs to Comfort and Helpp. 264
Wise Wordsp. 265
Jonah's Story
Running Away from Godp. 266
Storm at Seap. 267
The Lesson of the Big Fishp. 268
The Lesson of the Little Wormp. 270
'My Messenger is Coming!'p. 271
The New Testament
The Promised King
Hoping and Prayingp. 274
The Promise of a Babyp. 275
Journey to the Hillsp. 276
'Call him John!'p. 276
Josephp. 278
God's Promise Comes True
Jesus is Bornp. 279
The Shepherds' Storyp. 280
'Where is the Prince?'p. 282
Presents Fit for a Kingp. 283
Escape to Egyptp. 284
Jesus Growing Up
The Boy in the Templep. 285
John the Baptist
Show You Are Sorry!p. 286
Jesus is Baptizedp. 287
A New Leaderp. 288
Preparing to Start
Temptationp. 288
'Follow Me!'p. 290
Doctor for the Sickp. 290
Jesus' Mission Begins
Wine for the Weddingp. 292
Screams in the Synagoguep. 294
Jesus Makes People Wellp. 295
It's Only Joseph's Son!p. 296
John in Prisonp. 297
Reward for the Dancing Girlp. 298
Lessons out of Doors
The Sermon on the Mountp. 299
'Lord, Teach us to Pray!'p. 300
The Two Prayersp. 301
The Friend at Midnightp. 302
Building the Right Wayp. 302
Jesus' Enemies
Four Friends Find a Wayp. 303
Who Can Forgive Sins?p. 305
Not on the Sabbath!p. 306
'He's Mad!'p. 307
Stories About God's Kingdom
Sowing Seedp. 308
Making Breadp. 309
Finding Treasurep. 310
The Big Dinner Partyp. 311
Jesus, Friend in Need
The Storm on the Lakep. 312
Madman Among the Tombsp. 313
Two Very Important Peoplep. 314
Awake from Deathp. 316
'Don't Cry!'p. 317
Jesus and his Disciples
Two by Twop. 318
Who is the Most Important?p. 318
Salt and Lightp. 320
Jesus in Control
The Enormous Picnicp. 321
Walking on Waterp. 322
Questions and Answers
The Man who Came at Nightp. 324
The Woman who Came for Waterp. 325
Stories About God's Love
The Lost Sheepp. 326
The Lost Coinp. 327
The Lost Sonsp. 328
Workers and their Wagesp. 330
Jesus Teaches About Money
The Man with a Lot of Moneyp. 331
The Biggest Gift of Allp. 332
The Poor Rich Farmerp. 333
Jesus Teaches About Himself
'You are God's Messiah!'p. 334
The Road Aheadp. 334
The Transfiguration
A Glimpse of Gloryp. 336
Jesus the Healer
The Frantic Fatherp. 337
The Soldier's Servantp. 338
'Open Up!'p. 339
Trees that Walkp. 340
Jesus Teaches About Obedience
The Two Sonsp. 341
Stories About Loving Others
The Man who Wouldn't Forgivep. 342
The Good Friendp. 343
Sheep or Goatsp. 345
Jesus Welcomes Everyone
The Loving Welcomep. 346
Familiesp. 346
The Man who Came Backp. 348
Jesus Says 'I Am...'
The Good Shepherdp. 349
The Real Vinep. 350
Stories About Using Opportunities
The Fig-Tree Without Any Figsp. 351
The Wise and Foolish Girlsp. 352
The Three Servantsp. 353
The Watcher from the Treep. 355
Beggar by the Roadsidep. 356
Friends of Jesus
What Matters Mostp. 357
'Your Friend is Ill'p. 358
Alive Again!p. 359
A Present for Jesusp. 360
Palm Sunday
The Big Processionp. 361
Jesus' Enemies Grow Stronger
Jesus in the Templep. 362
Enemies Outsidep. 364
The Wicked Tenantsp. 365
Enemies Insidep. 366
The Last Supper
Preparing the Passover Mealp. 367
Looking After Othersp. 368
The Passover Mealp. 369
Preparing the Disciplesp. 370
Jesus' Arrest and Trial
Arrest in the Gardenp. 371
'I Don't Know the Man!'p. 373
Judas' Storyp. 374
Jesus Stands Trialp. 374
Jesus' Crucifixion
The Road to Golgothap. 376
Jesus on the Crossp. 377
Jesus' Resurrection
He is Alive!p. 378
Walk to Emmausp. 380
Thomas' Storyp. 381
'Do You Love Me?'p. 382
Jesus' Ascension
Home to Heavenp. 383
The Coming of the Holy Spirit
God's Spirit Comesp. 384
Jesus is Lord!p. 384
The Young Church
A Healing--and Troublep. 386
The Couple who Told Lies to Godp. 387
Stephen the Fearlessp. 388
The African Officialp. 389
Paul's Conversion
Journey to Damascusp. 390
A Changed Manp. 391
Peter the Leader
Tears for Tabithap. 392
A Sheet Full of Animalsp. 393
The Roman Soldierp. 394
Prison Gates Openp. 394
Paul the Preacher
'The Gods Have Come to Earth'p. 396
Mission Europep. 397
Singing in Prisonp. 398
Riot at Ephesusp. 399
The Long Sermonp. 400
Paul the Prisoner
Arrested!p. 401
The Secret Plotp. 402
Shipwreck!p. 403
Safe Ashore!p. 405
Rome at Lastp. 406
The Letter Writers
Letters from Paulp. 407
The Runaway Slavep. 408
Letter to Jewish Christiansp. 409
Letter from Jamesp. 410
Letters from Peterp. 411
New Heaven--New Earth
A Glimpse into Heavenp. 412
Indexp. 414
Table of Contents provided by Syndetics. All Rights Reserved.

ISBN: 9780745930688
ISBN-10: 0745930689
Audience: Children
For Ages: 7 - 8 years old
For Grades: 2 - 3
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 416
Published: 1st April 1995
Country of Publication: GB
Dimensions (cm): 24.77 x 17.78  x 3.81
Weight (kg): 1.05
Edition Number: 2

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