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The Center of the Galaxy : International Astronomical Union Symposium - Mark Morris

The Center of the Galaxy

International Astronomical Union Symposium

By: Mark Morris (Editor)

Hardcover Published: 1989
ISBN: 9780792302216
Number Of Pages: 664

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Proceedings of the 136th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, held in Los Angeles, USA, July 25-29, 1988

Perspectives.- The Galactic Center: Outstanding Puzzles and Challenges (Introductory Review).- Galactic Centers - Ours and Other Galaxies'(Review).- The Distance to the Galactic Center: R0 (Review).- Proper Motions of H2O Masers in W49(N) and the Distance to the Galactic Center.- OH-IR Sources and the Galactic Centre Distance.- The Galactic Bulge.- Characteristics and Space Distribution of Stars in the Bulge of the Milky Way (Review).- Evidence against Formation of the Stellar Bulge by Mergers Taking Place over a Hubble Time.- The Nature of The Carbon Stars in The Galactic Bulge.- The Distribution of Stars Within 2 of The Galactic Centre Revealed by 1 to 2 ?m Images.- The Large-Scale Interstellar Medium.- Non-Circular Gas Motions in the Inner Galaxy (Review).- Gas and Dust in the Inner Few Degrees of the Galaxy(Review).- Abundances in the Galactic Center.- IRAS Observations of the Galactic Center.- Molecular Line Observations of the Galactic Center Region.- Molecular Clouds in the Central 100-pc of the Galactic Center.- OH in the Galactic Centre.- Observation of Diffuse CII Emission in the Galactic Center Region.- 158 ?m [CII] Mapping of the Galactic Center Molecular Clouds.- Wide-Line Molecular Clouds and the Gamma-Ray Deficit Toward the Galactic Center.- A Survey of Radio Recombination Line Emission From the Galactic Center Region.- On The Evolution of Accretion Disks in Galactic Centers.- On Heating, Ionization, and Star Formation in the Galactic Center Region.- Observations of Discrete Sources.- Detection of the 20?3-1 Transition of 13CH3OH.- Distribution of the H2O Masers in the Sagittarius B2 Core.- A Possible Molecular Counterpart to the G359.54+0.18 Non-Thermal Filaments.- Bright Near-Infrared Sources Within 1 of the Galactic Center.- G359.3-0.82: An Unusual Radio Source.- VLA Observations of Far-IR Sources Toward the Galactic Center.- Ejection Structures.- Large Scale Ejection Structures in the Galactic Center (Review).- Galactic Center Jet of 4-kpc Length.- Symmetrical Structures in the Galactic Centre Region.- The Arc.- Filamentary Structures Near the Galactic Center.- Observations of Linear Polarization at 32 GHz of the Galactic Center Arc.- VLA Polarization Observation of the Radio Arc at 15 GHz.- Unusually Wide, High-Velocity Radio Recombination Lines from GO.15-0.05 in the Radio Arc.- An IR Quintuplet Near the Galactic Center.- Mid-Infrared Observations of the Galactic Center Arc and the Sgr A East HII Region.- HI Absorption Measurements over the Galactic Centre Radio Arc and Arches Regions.- Magnetic Phenomena.- MHD Aspects of Galactic Center Physics (Review).- MHD Mechanisms for the Formation of Galactic Center Lobes.- On The Galactic Dynamo.- Electrodynamics at Galactic Center.- The Strong Magnetic Field Galactic Center-AGN-Quasar Model.- Gas Dynamics in the Galactic Centre: Gravity vs. Magnetism.- The Environment of the Sgr A Comple.- The Nature, Location and Environment of Sgr A East (Review).- Continuum Observations of Sgr A at mm/submm Wavelengths.- A Large Near-Infrared Image of the Galactic Center.- HI Absorption Against the 40 km s-1 Cloud and the Circumnuclear Disk in Sgr A.- NH3 Observations of the Sgr A Complex Region with the Nobeyama Millimeter Array.- Gas Feeding Toward the Central Neutral Ring in the Galactic Center.- Shocked Molecular Gas Near the Galactic Center.- H76? Emission from the Sgr A 15 km s-1 Cloud.- Sagittarius A West and the Circumnuclear Disk.- The Circumnuclear Disk (Review).- Hat Creek HCO+ and HCN Observations of Sgr A.- Fabry-Perot Images of Ionized and Molecular Hydrogen in Sgr A.- CS Multitransition Observations of the Circumnuclear Disk.- OH in the Environment of Sgr A.- The Luminosity of the Central Parsec of the Galaxy (Review).- The Kinematics of the Ionized Filaments in Sgr A West (Review).- Multi-Array ?2 and 6cm Radio Continuum Observations of Sgr A West.- High Quality VLA Imaging of Sgr A West at 6 cm.- Magnetized Structures in Sgr A West (Review).- High Resolution 11.6 ?m Images of the Central 1 Parsec of the Galactic Center With a New 58 x 62 Si:Ga Array Camera..- CO Along the Line of Sight to Galactic Center Infrared Sources.- Comment on the Standard of Rest Associated With the Neutral Ring at the Centre of the Galaxy.- Stars and the Central Mass Distribution.- The Stellar Cluster (Review).- A Search for Variable Stars at the Galactic Center.- The Mass Distribution in the Central Few Parsecs of the Galaxy (Review).- The Mass Distribution in the Galactic Center.- The Mass Distribution in the Galactic Centre Estimated from OH/IR Stars.- The Compact Central Objects.- High Resolution Near-Infrared Imaging and Computer Simulations of a Lunar Occultation of the Galactic Center.- The Stars That Power the Galactic Centre.- Velocity-Resolved Spectra of Br-? and Br-? on IRS16 SW and NE.- Observations of HI Br- ?, [Ne II], and [Ar III] from the Central Parsec of the Galaxy.- High Velocity Ionized Gas near 1RS 16.- The Compact Nonthermal Radio Source at the Galactic Center: an Update (Review).- Long-Term Variations of the Compact Radio Source Sgr A* at the Galactic Center.- Considerations of a Massive Black Hole.- Manifestations of a Massive Black Hole in the Galactic Center.- Constraints on and Alternatives to a Massive Black Hole at the Galactic Center (Review).- The High-Energy View.- X-Ray Observations of the Galactic Centre (Review).- Gamma-Ray Imaging of the Galactic Center Region.- Annihilation Radiation and Gamma-Ray Continuum from the Galactic Center Region (Review).- A Search for Radio Recombination Lines of Positronium Near the Galactic Center.- MeV Gamma Ray Observational Constraints on the Galactic Center Region.- Low Energy Galactic Center Gamma Rays from Low Mass X-Ray Binaries.- Mapping the Galactic Center Region with GRASP.- Study of the Galactic Center with a High Resolution Gamma Ray Telescope.- Conference Summaries.- Observational Perspective.- Theoretical Perspective.- Author Index.- Source Index.

ISBN: 9780792302216
ISBN-10: 0792302214
Series: International Astronomical Union Symposium
Audience: Professional
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 664
Published: 1989
Publisher: Springer
Country of Publication: NL
Dimensions (cm): 23.5 x 15.5  x 4.32
Weight (kg): 1.3

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