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The Breakfast Club for 40-Somethings : A Novel Approach to Unlearning Money and Reinventing Your Life - Vanessa Stoykov

The Breakfast Club for 40-Somethings

A Novel Approach to Unlearning Money and Reinventing Your Life

Paperback Published: 1st May 2018
ISBN: 9780730348634
Number Of Pages: 176

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A new way of seeing life and money

High school's over. We're no longer the nerd, the athlete, the princess or the bad boy. Instead, we are the parent, worker, wife, husband, daughter or son. But we all have things in common - and one of them is money.

  People have always sought financial freedom, but our influences, from our parents to our community, have made our grounding in money anything but helpful. In fact, that grounding might be the thing that is holding us back. The Breakfast Club for 40-Somethings draws upon the five major lessons you need to unlearn about the way you see your life and money to give you the best chance of getting the future you want.

Written in the form of a novel from the perspective of six unique characters, the book explores how the different financial decisions and behaviours of each character have led to their current situations. Through this entertaining story, this guide presents the invaluable financial and life lessons you need to understand, to build a solid foundation for your life, no matter your situation.

If you don't like traditional self-help or finance books, this is for you. The Breakfast Club for 40-Somethings offers a new and entertaining way to change your long-term financial behaviours for the better.

A thinker.


You need to keep an open mind with this book, It's not a hard lessons book but an entertainment first story. The lessons however are real.



Excellent read!


Like nothing I have read in finance. More like a modern day alchemist than a money book. Would recommend a read



Life Changing!


I loved it! It made me laugh and made me think. Very, very clever!





This book completely missed the mark for me and I really wanted to like it. To me, it read like a formulaic project from someones first creative writing course. Character development was immature and pop culture references thrown in 'at the right places' to appeal to the targeted demographic. Occasional prepositions were missing, and a couple of spelling mistakes, problems that should be picked up in editing and proofing. Inane gender stereotypes throughout, adolescent sex scenes ('he grabbed her breast and gave it a squeeze'...really?), a married man finally announcing that he would share the load of his own family and is celebrated for it (the bar is still so low for men), enforcing standards for women with one of them still embarrassed by her 'chunky white thighs', and then the only 'successful' woman moves overseas to run the mans philanthropic arm of HIS company! The unlearning pillars were discussed in one chapter but never really delved far enough into to really make this a read that inspires. The statistics about the pension are good to know but this book didn't light a fire in me. There are better books about gaining control of you finances and future that I still use as reference books. However, if you don't usually read, have zero idea about planning for the future, this could work for you. If you're a seasoned reader...give this one a miss.



A Great Book for All 20-Somethings and Beyond


This is a book that many parents wish their adult children should read. It contains great advice in a very readable format.

Lawson, NSW, Australia


breakfast club for 40 somethings


i have not read this book myself as yet. it was the radio interview with the authoress that made me very interested she writes about finance and management of but also some humour in it.so it is just not another stuffy boring book on finance. she keeps the reader from getting disinterested.my daughter found it very interesting,even though light hearted, a lot of good advice.

brisbane australia


this is a great book Vanessa is so tallented


I think this is a great book for 40s and above. this really helped me see why not to trust the pension and why it is good to put in to your super. this is a really incredible book and it deserves to be reconsigned. first thing is i like the characters especially Jasper. My favourite bit is a weird one you could say because it showing people how some people might react to the pension situation and how it wont survive. it was when ben said to the parents that the pension wont be reliable and you have to save up yourself. I strongly suggest to red this book and for Vanessa to write another book



Easy to digest & contemplate


Highly recommend...get your friends & partner to read....discuss....action

Sydney, NSW


A Game Changer!


What a fun novel approach to getting readers to think about their own behaviours with money! The characters are as relatable as the story is engaging. This book is a gift - it both entertained me AND taught me to think about my relationship with money and how I want my future to look and that if I can make the right choices now (I'm 46!) I can reinvent my life. I recommend this highly to any 40- (or even 30- or 50-!) something out there who wants a brighter financial future!

Sydney Australia


Keystone to planning financial success and security


This book is a lighthearted, fun tool to communicate core concepts of financial security and success. We're told very early on what the financial positions of the characters are and how their lifestyle reflects those positions. I found myself often comparing the position, beliefs or thoughts of the characters to my own. Effective! Saw some friends and family members in the characters I was reading about too. This was a chance to reevaluate of my current financial picture. This book is a keystone to planning financial success and security. Success is achieved by moving from the right mindset and this book is a tool towards a mindset of success.




4.6 12


ISBN: 9780730348634
ISBN-10: 0730348636
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 176
Published: 1st May 2018
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd
Country of Publication: AU
Dimensions (cm): 21.5 x 14.0  x 1.5
Weight (kg): 0.22
Edition Number: 1