The Bigger Picture : How Psychedelics Can Help Us Make Sense of the World - Alexander Beiner

The Bigger Picture

How Psychedelics Can Help Us Make Sense of the World

By: Alexander Beiner

Paperback | 13 June 2023

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Do psychedelic drugs hold the answer to a better world? Can they heal the cultural, spiritual, and emotional wounds we face?

Alexander Beiner, a leading voice in the psychedelic renaissance, believes that psychedelic research is the key to navigating the fractured, weird, and chaotic times we live in.

The Bigger Picture
is an accessible, entertaining, and nuanced trip into the world of psychedelics. It explores the effects of the powerful psychedelic dimethyltryptamine (DMT), what we're learning about metaphysics and neuroscience, and how these findings could significantly change the trajectory of culture. Alexander combines interviews with psychedelic leaders, philosophers, scientists, and celebrities with his own diary entries as a participant in the world-first clinical trial at Imperial College, London investigating DMT. This dimension-shifting book examines: 

  • scientific and philosophical insights revealed by psychedelics
  • bigger questions about social media, cultural polarization, our current scientific paradigms, and approaches to climate change
  • original sociological research
  • the mystery behind DMT, also called "The Spirit Molecule"
  • what it takes to elicit personal and cultural transformation in the 2020s through psychedelics  

Embark on a journey into The Bigger Picture-a new era of science and spirituality with the potential to radically transform society…

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