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The Best 90 Days Ever : How 10-minute marketing can transform your business one day at a time - Hannah Isted

The Best 90 Days Ever

How 10-minute marketing can transform your business one day at a time

By: Hannah Isted

Paperback | 26 March 2024

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Let's face it: promoting your business often falls to the bottom of your to-do list.

The Best 90 Days Ever shows you how to promote your business in a series of 10-minute daily tasks that fit in around the rest of your work and life to get your business in front of the people that need to see it.

Stop wasting time wondering what to do, what to say and how to say it. From email marketing and engagement to video content and batch creation, week by week you'll grow your profile and visibility. After 3 months you will have done 90 small actions that your business will thank you for.

Industry Reviews

Hannah has a fantastic and encouraging way of simplifying the cornerstone of any business to make marketing fun, engaging and ultimately a consistent task that drives results. - Amazon 5*

This book is packed full of amazing tips and really manageable tasks to market your business. I find the concept of just doing a small bit every day to move you forward so helpful - Amazon 5*

A fantastic read and some incredibly insightful tips for any small business owner - would highly recommend -Amazon 5*

An incredibly informative and useful book that gives you actionable tasks to help get your marketing on track. It makes it so much easier viewing marketing tasks as small 10 minute tasks rather than the usual overwhelming pile of to-do lists, and the book is designed in a way that makes it easy to follow through on each task. It also takes a lot of the guesswork away by giving clear tasks essential to each stage of marketing. - NetGalley

As someone who has a blog, reading this book has been insightful in guiding me on how to identify, plan and execute content. The format of this book also allows for one to follow the steps on a daily basis, so you build upon what you have done to make it better, be it attracting attention, or readers, or potential clients and being visible. It is key for anyone in the digital space...I would recommend this to anyone looking to improve on their marketing. - NetGalley

This book was great on the content process...a great refresher for me on identifying, planning, and executing content through social media. - NetGalley

If you're like me, juggling a dozen things at once, finding time to market your business can feel like trying to catch a unicorn - elusive and downright impossible. But then I stumbled upon Hannah Isted's The Best 90 Days Ever, and let me tell you, it's been a game-changer. - Goodreads 5*

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