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The Aura Healing Handbook - Walter Lubeck

The Aura Healing Handbook

Paperback Published: 15th April 2000
ISBN: 9780914955610
Number Of Pages: 224

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Walter Lubeck's Aura Healing Handbook is a step-by-step instruction manual. By increasing your sensitivity for subtle vibrations, it will ultimately lead you into the fascinating world of seeing auras. The author explains how to develop your psychic powers. He describes the different ways in which you can use these powers and the areas to which you can apply them. As a result, you can see subtle energies and they will reveal their secrets to you.

Acknowledgementsp. 9
Forewordp. 9
Introductionp. 11
Why Should I Learn to Read Auras?p. 19
About Responsibilityp. 24
Returning into Full Resonancep. 29
Everything Has Vibrationsp. 29
Radiesthesia and Vibrationsp. 30
The Body as a Pendulump. 30
The Resonance Exercisesp. 34
p. 35
p. 37
p. 37
p. 39
p. 41
p. 43
p. 43
p. 43
Possible Effects on Resonance Exercisesp. 45
Living Holistically--Moving Holisticallyp. 45
Sense and Nonsense about So-Called Bad Posturep. 46
Activating the Hara to Set Energetic Limitsp. 49
Practical Applications of Strengthening the Harap. 49
The Heart Chakra and Subtle Perceptionsp. 51
The Positive Effects of Heart Vibrationsp. 53
Practice: The First Steps to Reading the Aurap. 55
Directing Your Attention to the Subtle Sensesp. 55
Basic Exercises for Learning to See the Aurap. 57
p. 58
p. 60
p. 63
p. 66
p. 66
Summaryp. 67
Learning to Interpret the Aurap. 69
A Survey of the Human Energy Systemp. 69
The Seven Armor Segments according to Wilhelm Reichp. 70
The First Armor Ring (Eyes-Ears)p. 73
The Second Armor Ring (Chin-Mouth-Throat-Upper-Neck-Nose)p. 73
The Third Armor Ring (Neck Musculature-Tongue-Esophagus)p. 74
The Fourth Armor Ring (Shoulder-Chest-Shoulder Blades)p. 74
The Fifth Armor Ring (Pit of the Stomach-Lower Ribs-Diaphragm-Stomach-Solar Plexus)p. 75
The Sixth Armor Ring (Large Abdominal Muscle-Side Abdominal Muscle-Abdomen)p. 75
The Seventh Armor Ring (Entire Pelvic Area-Buttocks-Genital Organs)p. 75
The Correlation Between the Armor Ringsp. 76
The Level of the Organsp. 79
The Function of the Five Main Energetic Organsp. 81
Heartp. 81
Kidneysp. 82
Liverp. 86
Lungsp. 88
Spleenp. 90
The Fourteen Main Meridiansp. 93
The Liver Meridianp. 93
The Heart Meridianp. 94
The Spleen-Pancreas Meridianp. 98
The Lung Meridianp. 98
The Kidney Meridianp. 99
The Circulation-Sex Meridianp. 100
The Gallbladder Meridianp. 100
The Small Intestine Meridianp. 100
The Stomach Meridianp. 101
The Large Intestine Meridianp. 101
The Bladder Meridianp. 102
The Triple Warmer Meridianp. 102
The Conception Vesselp. 102
The Governor's Vesselp. 104
The Twelve Most Important Secondary Chakrasp. 105
The Yin and the Yang Chakrap. 105
The Nutrition/Responsibility Secondary Chakrasp. 106
The Elbow Chakrasp. 107
The Palm Chakrasp. 107
The Knee Chakrasp. 108
The Sole Chakrasp. 108
The Seven Main Chakrasp. 110
The Root Chakrap. 112
The Sexual Chakrap. 113
The Solar Plexus Chakrap. 114
The Heart Chakrap. 115
The Throat Chakrap. 116
The Forehead Chakrap. 117
The Crown Chakrap. 118
The Various Functional Levels of the Main Chakrasp. 119
Time-Oriented Functional Levelsp. 119
Subtle/Energetic Functional Levelp. 121
Level of Body Feedback (CL 14)p. 122
Individual Karma Level (CL 15)p. 122
Social Karma Level (CL 16)p. 122
Race Karma Level (CL 17)p. 122
The Main Energy Channels Sushumna, Ida, and Pingalap. 123
The Aura and the Four Subtle Bodiesp. 123
The Structure of the Aura's Energy Bodiesp. 126
The Etheric Bodyp. 126
The Emotional Bodyp. 127
The Mental Bodyp. 129
The Spiritual Bodyp. 130
The Relationship Between the Individual Life Levelsp. 131
Overview and Summaryp. 134
Fine Tuning--Learning to Switch Between the Individual Levels of the Energy Systemp. 137
The Chakra Oracle--Reading and Interpreting Energy Fieldswith the I Chingp. 143
A Journey to Your Inner Childp. 145
The Interpretation of the Individual Hexagramm Linesp. 146
Interpretation Examples of Six Hexagram Lines within the Contextp. 148
Interpretation Examples of Six Hexagram Lines in Relation to the Chakrasp. 150
An Overview of Yin and Yang Qualitiesp. 162
Simple Meditations with the I Chingp. 162
Exercises for Color Perception of Subtle Energiesp. 165
p. 165
p. 165
p. 166
p. 166
p. 167
The Meaning of the Colors in Subtle Perceptionp. 169
The Rainbow Colors, Black and Whitep. 169
Keyword for Black: Give Me Energy!p. 171
The Six Main Colorsp. 172
The Three Primary Colors Red--Yellow--Blue (the Yang Energies)p. 173
The Meaning of the Color Redp. 173
The Meaning of the Color Yellowp. 174
The Meaning of the Color Bluep. 176
The Three Primary Mixed Colors Orange--Green--Violet (the Yin Energies)p. 177
The Meaning of the Color Orangep. 177
The Meaning of the Color Greenp. 177
The Meaning of the Color Violetp. 178
Aura Reading in Practical Termsp. 179
Appropriate Conditions for an Aura Readingp. 179
The Time Framep. 179
The Roomp. 180
The Structure of the Readingp. 181
The Course of the Initial Readingp. 181
The Course of a Follow-Up Readingp. 184
What You Should Absolutely Avoid During a Readingp. 185
About Healingp. 187
Aromatherapyp. 187
Biochemical Homeopathic Remediesp. 187
Bach Flowersp. 188
Gemstone Therapyp. 188
Meditationsp. 188
Reikip. 189
What Is Healing and How Does It Work?p. 189
Epilogp. 193
The Direct Perception of Earth Rays and the Energetic Perception of Power Placesp. 197
Perception of Earth Raysp. 197
The Perception of Emanations from Power Placesp. 198
Instructions for the Pendulum Tablesp. 199
Cause of the Disorderp. 200
Error Tablep. 201
Aura Fieldsp. 202
Main Chakrasp. 203
Secondary Chakrasp. 204
The Bioenergetic Armor Ringsp. 205
Main Meridiansp. 206
Main Energy Organsp. 207
Colorsp. 208
Percentile Share of an Energy/Organ (in a disorder)p. 209
Some Frequent Causes of Blocks Ip. 210
Some Frequent Causes of Blocks IIp. 211
Support of Reading Byp. 212
Simple Self-Help Measuresp. 213
For Your Own Entriesp. 214
Eneagram Recordp. 215
Reommented Readingp. 217
About the Author--Walter Lubeckp. 221
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ISBN: 9780914955610
ISBN-10: 0914955616
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 224
Published: 15th April 2000
Publisher: Lotus Press
Country of Publication: US
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