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The Age of Battles : The Quest for Decisive Warfare from Breitenfeld to Waterloo - Russell F. Weigley

The Age of Battles

The Quest for Decisive Warfare from Breitenfeld to Waterloo

Paperback Published: 28th April 2004
ISBN: 9780253217073
Number Of Pages: 579

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A Main Selection of the History Book Club

"One of the most interesting, important, and ambitious books about the conduct, and perhaps the ultimate futility, of war." -- Gunther E. Rothenberg

" A] highly scholarly and wonderfully absorbing study." -- John Bayley, The London Review of Books

"What Russell F. Weigley writes, the rest of us read. The Age of Battles is a persuasive reminder that even in the age of 'rational' warfare, one can honestly wonder why war seemed an unavoidable policy choice." -- Allan R. Millett, The Journal of American History

Industry Reviews

"What Russell F. Weigley writes, the rest of us read. The Age of Battles is a persuasive reminder that even in the age of 'rational' warfare, one can honestly wonder why war seemed an unavoidable policy choice."

Introductionp. xi
Battles and Decisiveness in Warp. xi
The Elusiveness of Decisionp. xii
Further Themes of This Bookp. xiii
An Overviewp. xvii
Note on Datesp. xix
The Profession of Officership and the Birth of Modern War
The Return of the Legions: Gustavus Adolphus and Breitenfeldp. 3
The Army of Gustavus Adolphus and the Rise of the Military Professionp. 5
The Dutch Republic and the Birth of Military Professionalismp. 9
The Weapons of Gustavus Adolphusp. 14
A Strategy Seeking Battlep. 18
Breitenfeldp. 19
The Limits of the New Legions: Lutzen and Afterp. 24
A Strategy of Erosion versus a Strategy of Annihilationp. 25
Logistics and Christian Warfarep. 27
Maneuver Leads toward Another Battlep. 29
Lutzenp. 32
On the Indecisiveness of Warp. 34
Under the Lily Banners: Rocroip. 37
The French Army and the Creation of Modern Artilleryp. 38
The Beginnings of Modern French Infantryp. 39
Rocroip. 40
The Peace of Westphaliap. 44
The Army of the Sun Kingp. 45
Louis XIV and European Hegemonyp. 45
The Administration of the Army under Louis XIVp. 46
Vaubanp. 53
The Early Wars of Louis XIVp. 58
The English Army to 1660p. 60
The Beginnings of England's Standing Army, 1660-1688p. 63
The War of the League of Augsburgp. 64
The Spanish Succession and the Emergence of Marlboroughp. 67
On Restraining the Violence of Warp. 69
Marlborough's Battles: Blenheim, Ramillies, Oudenarde, and Malplaquetp. 73
Weapons and Tactical Indecisionp. 74
The Outbreak of the War of the Spanish Successionp. 78
English Military Administrationp. 80
Blenheimp. 80
English Intervention in Spainp. 87
Ramilliesp. 89
Oudenardep. 92
Malplaquetp. 96
The Ne Plus Ultra Linesp. 98
The French Resurgence and the Peace of Utrechtp. 99
On Decisiveness and Professionalismp. 102
The Emergence of the Great Powers of Eastern Europep. 105
The Great Northern Warp. 107
Montecuccoli and the Army of the Habsburgsp. 116
Brandenburg-Prussia under the Great Electorp. 121
Prussia's Military Tour de Force: The Approach to Great-Power Statusp. 126
On the Limitations of Early Military Professionalismp. 129
The Rise of Naval Powerp. 131
From Medieval to Early Modern Naviesp. 132
The Armada and Broadside Gunneryp. 135
The Anglo-Dutch Naval Rivalry: The Early Phasep. 138
The Tactics of the Line Aheadp. 145
The Anglo-Dutch Rivalry: The Middle Phasep. 147
The Anglo-Dutch Rivalry: The Final Phasep. 149
Colbert and the Rise of the French Navy: The Battle of Beachy Headp. 154
The Confirmation of English Naval Ascendancy: The Battle of Barfleurp. 159
The Triumph of the Royal Navyp. 161
The Eighteenth Century: The Classical Epoch of Modern War
The Battles of Frederick the Greatp. 167
Frederick the Great and the Shape of Eighteenth-Century Battlep. 168
Frederick in Silesia: The Battle of Mollwitzp. 170
Hohenfriedberg and the Oblique Order of Battlep. 174
Military Preparations and Diplomatic Revolutionp. 176
Lobositzp. 179
Prague and Kolinp. 180
Rossbachp. 182
Leuthenp. 187
Zorndorf and Hochkirchp. 188
Kunersdorf, Minden, Torgaup. 190
The Miracle of the House of Brandenburgp. 192
Armies and Warfare in the Time of Frederick the Greatp. 193
The French and British Armed Forces from the Rhine to the St. Lawrencep. 196
The Royal Navy in the Early Eighteenth Centuryp. 197
The Rising of "the Forty-Five"p. 199
Fontenoyp. 203
Cullodenp. 207
The British Soldier from Minden to Quebecp. 211
The British Sailor from Minorca to Cartagenap. 219
The Battle of Quiberon Bayp. 223
Colonial Wars and European Warsp. 230
Toward Wars of Nations: The War of American Independencep. 232
The Conduct of the War of American Independencep. 233
The Capes of the Chesapeake and Yorktownp. 238
The Battle of Ushantp. 241
D'Estaing and Byron in the West Indiesp. 244
Rodney in the West Indies: The Dominica Channel and The Saintsp. 246
Suffrenp. 251
The Peace Settlementp. 254
Prelude to Revolutionp. 256
The Military Decline of Francep. 256
Toward a Renewed French Army: Broglie and Guibertp. 263
The Problem of Indecisiveness in Battle: Infantry and Cavalryp. 267
The Problem of Indecisiveness in Battle: Artilleryp. 270
The French Army and the Outbreak of Revolutionp. 273
Thunderstrokes of Battle: the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars
The French Revolution: Transformation and Continuity in Warp. 279
Revolution Generates Warp. 280
Valmyp. 284
Carnot and the Nation in Armsp. 287
Hondschoote and Wattignies: The Emergence of Jourdanp. 291
The Revolutionary Armies on the Offensive: Tourcoing, Tournai, and Fleurus; Souham, Pichegru, and Jourdanp. 292
General Bonaparte on the Horizonp. 298
The Campaign of Germany in 1796: Jourdan and Moreau versus the Archduke Charlesp. 299
Bonaparte in Italy, 1796: The Bridge at Lodip. 304
Bonaparte in Italy, 1796-1797: Arcola and Rivolip. 308
Sea Power and Empirep. 313
The Glorious First of Junep. 314
The Irish Expedition of 1796p. 317
Land Power over Sea Power: The Mediterranean, 1796-1797p. 320
Cape St. Vincent: Jervis and Nelsonp. 322
Camperdownp. 323
Bonaparte versus Nelson: The Egyptian Expedition and the Battle of the Nilep. 325
Mediterranean Anticlimaxp. 329
Ebb and Flow in the Channelp. 331
The Armed Neutrals and the Battle of Copenhagenp. 332
The End of France's Egyptian Adventurep. 337
Nelson and the Preliminaries to Trafalgarp. 338
Barham at the Admiralty: A New Direction for Naval Strategyp. 342
Trafalgarp. 345
Nelson and Command at Seap. 350
Command of the Seap. 352
The Climax of Napoleonic War: To Austerlitz and Jena-Auerstadtp. 354
Suvorov in Italy, 1799: The Trebbia and Novip. 355
Suvorov and Massena in Switzerland, 1799p. 358
The First Consul's Military Reforms: The Corps Systemp. 361
The Crossing of the Alps and the Battle of Marengop. 362
Moreau at Hohenlindenp. 371
The Peace of Amiensp. 374
Napoleon on the Eve of His Greatest Campaignsp. 375
The Ulm Campaignp. 378
The Austerlitz Campaign: Preliminariesp. 382
The Austerlitz Campaign: The Great Battlep. 384
The Jena-Auerstadt Campaign: Preliminariesp. 390
The Jena-Auerstadt Campaign: The Battlesp. 394
The Gradual Eclipse of the Battle of Annihilation; The Rise of the War of Attritionp. 399
Eylaup. 400
Friedlandp. 404
The Peace of Tilsitp. 407
The Iberian Diseasep. 408
The Spanish Campaign of Sir John Moorep. 413
The Emergence of Wellingtonp. 415
The Military Resurgence of Austriap. 418
The Campaign of 1809: Eckmuhl and Ebelsbergp. 421
The Campaign of 1809: Aspern-Esslingp. 425
The Campaign of 1809: Wagramp. 428
The Campaign of 1809: Resolutionp. 432
Campaigns of Exhaustion and Attritionp. 435
The Lines of Torres Vedrasp. 435
The Iberian Campaign of 1811: Attrition, Logistics, and Stalematep. 438
The Invasion of Russia: Preliminariesp. 440
The Invasion of Russia: To Borodinop. 445
Moscow and the Terrible Retreatp. 450
Prussia's Reversal of Alliances and the Sixth Coalitionp. 454
The Resurgence of Military Professionalismp. 457
The Prussian Military Reformsp. 458
Lutzenp. 462
Bautzenp. 465
The Dresden Campaign: A Threat to Berlinp. 469
The Dresden Campaign: Dresden, the Katzbach, and Kulmp. 472
The Dresden Campaign: Futile Maneuvers and the Battle of Dennewitzp. 476
Leipzigp. 478
The Downfall of Geniusp. 483
The Spanish Campaign of 1812: Ciudad Rodrigo, Badajoz, Salamanca, Burgosp. 485
The Spanish Campaign of 1813: Vitoriap. 490
Through the Pyrenees and into France: Sorauren, the Nivelle, Orthes, Bayonne, Toulousep. 493
The Peninsular War: An Assessmentp. 498
Napoleon's 1814 Campaign of Maneuver: Sparringp. 501
Napoleon's 1814 Campaign of Maneuver: Laon, Paris, Fontainebleaup. 508
The End of an Age: Waterloop. 513
The Campaign: Preliminariesp. 514
The Campaign: Quatre-Bras and Lignyp. 522
The Campaign: The Eve of Battlep. 525
Waterloop. 527
On the Future of Warp. 536
The Recalcitrant Indecisiveness of Warp. 537
Battle and the Profession of Officershipp. 540
Officer Professionalism and the Violence of Warp. 541
Bibliographical Notesp. 545
Indexp. 559
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ISBN: 9780253217073
ISBN-10: 0253217075
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Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 579
Published: 28th April 2004
Publisher: Indiana University Press
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