The Adventures of Bub & Tub : Volume One - Gillian Wells

The Adventures of Bub & Tub

Volume One

By: Gillian Wells, Lacey Bellette (Illustrator)

Paperback | 1 February 2021

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Bub & Tub's adventures are fun, exciting, and easy to enjoy. Tub is a small rather naughty black and white dog and his best mate, a small grey pony called Bub. They both like exploring and get into all sorts of scrapes. There are other animals too like Mr Roo, the Kookaburra family, and other dogs. Emily whom they belong too, loves them and they her.

They all look out foreach other, only Emily has the idea she looks after them, though it's the other way round. The animals all talk to each other, but the humans don't understand. They all live in the outback and the country around them is their playground. So, from swimming in the creek to making up a circus, to getting lost and found, the adventures are many and varied. Come along for an experience you will savour as animals show humans how to be the best they can be...especially when they are not looking...

About the Author

Gillian is an English woman living in rural Australia with her cattle dog Jess. She loves writing and also enjoys gardening, cooking, horse-riding and singing amongst other interests. She has travelled widely in Australia and enjoys meeting people and hearing their stories. She has three children and four grandchildren living in England, France and Australia. She loves to spend time with them when ever possible.
Industry Reviews
"A wonderful array of fresh, fun filled tales by a talented author who has a passion for storytelling and an obvious love of animals...each has a personality that shines through...thoroughly recommend this for all ages..."
Patricia, IndieBooks Reviewer

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