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Taijiquan Theory of Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming : The Root of Taijiquan :  The Root of Taijiquan - Jwing-Ming Yang

Taijiquan Theory of Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming : The Root of Taijiquan

The Root of Taijiquan

Paperback Published: January 2001
ISBN: 9780940871434
Number Of Pages: 302

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This profound work is guaranteed to raise the bar and demand debate on this ancient art. In-depth discussions on the theory of regulating the body, breathing, mind, qi and spirit will offer experienced and novice Taiji practitioners a treasure chest of knowledge and debate.

Industry Reviews

"Taijiquan Theory of Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming: The Root of Taijiquan is an impeccable and impressive resource for those seeking to learn more not only about the practice, but also the beginning of this ancient martial art form..." Wisconsin Bookwatch "I conclude that the theory discussed is very deep and clear. With regard to the scientifically minded practitioners, this book can be a complete guide for their comprehension. The quality of its structuring is a rarity." -- Abraham Liu, Senior student of Grandmaster Cheng, Man-Ching, from the forword "The contents are profound and sincere. His [the author's] intention is to publicize the exercises and promote the skills of Taijiquan so practitioners can be led onto the correct path." -- Grandmaster Li Mao-Ching, from the forword

Romanization of Chinese Wordsp. ix
About the Authorp. xi
Forewordp. xvii
Forewordp. xxiii
Prefacep. xxvii
Acknowledgmentsp. xxix
General Concepts of Taijiquan
About Taijip. 1
The Meaning of Taiji in Taijiquanp. 7
Taijiquan Yin-Yang Illustrationsp. 12
Yin-Yang Theory of Taijiquanp. 18
Yin-Yang Theory of Taiji's Xin and Yip. 20
Yin-Yang Theory of Movement and Stillness in Taijiquanp. 21
Lao Zi's Thesis of Using the Soft to Subdue the Hardp. 24
General Theory of Taijiquan Thirteen Posturesp. 26
Practicing Procedures of Taijiquanp. 30
Three Heights and Three Postures of Taijiquanp. 34
Yin-Yang Practicing Theory of Taijiquanp. 36
Theory of Taijiquan and Healthp. 39
About Qi Primary Channels, Secondary Channels, Vessels, and Dan Tianp. 40
Thesis of Taijiquan's Muscle/Tendon Changing and Marrow/Brain Washingp. 47
About Regulating the Body
Importance of Regulating the Bodyp. 53
Stationary Postures (The Postures of Central Equilibrium)p. 54
Moving Postures (The Postures of Four Directions)p. 58
About Regulating the Breathing
Secret of Regulating the Breathingp. 61
Theory of Normal and Reversed Abdominal Breathingp. 67
Secret of Embryonic Breathing (Wuji Breathing, Girdle Vessel Breathing)p. 72
Secret Knacks of Regulating the Breathingp. 81
About Regulating the Emotional Mind
Importance of Regulating the Emotional Mindp. 85
Thesis of Monkey Xin and Horse Yip. 87
Thesis of Mutual Dependence of Emotional Mind and Breathingp. 88
Thesis of Comprehending the Human Nature through Taijiquanp. 90
About Regulating the Qi
Theory of Using the Yi to lead the Qip. 93
Secret of Small Circulationp. 95
Secret of Grand Circulationp. 102
Yin-Yang Taiji Ball Qigongp. 113
About Regulating the Spirit
Returning the Essence to the Brain for Nourishing Through Marrow/Brain Washingp. 119
Thesis of the Unification of Spirit and Qip. 124
Thesis of the Mutual Dependence of Spirit and Breathingp. 126
Thesis of Wuji Spiritp. 127
Thesis of the Spirit of No Spiritp. 128
About Jin
Thesis of Jinp. 129
Theory of Internal Jinp. 132
Theory of External Jinp. 134
Theory of Hard Jin, Soft-Hard Jin, and Soft Jinp. 136
Theory of Long Jin and Short Jinp. 141
Secret of Jinp. 143
Theory of Storing Jinp. 145
Secret of Hen and Ha, Two Qisp. 148
About Pushing Hands
Practicing Methods of the Four Directions and Four Corners (Eight Doors, Eight Trigrams)p. 151
Practicing Methods of the Five Steppings (Five Elements)p. 167
Practicing Methods of Central Equilibriump. 172
Method of Rootingp. 173
Method of Uprootingp. 181
Practicing Methods for Listening, Following, Attaching, and Adheringp. 183
The Practice of Yin-Yang Taiji Circlep. 186
Six Turning Secrets of Taijiquanp. 190
About Sparring
Taijiquan's Kicking, Striking, Wrestling, and Nap. 197
Taijiquan's Attaching and Adheringp. 198
Taijiquan's Kickingp. 201
Taijiquan's Striking (Cavity Press)p. 203
Taijiquan's Wrestlingp. 208
Taijiquan's Nap. 212
Taijiquan's Long and Short Fighting Strategiesp. 213
Strategy of Attacking Timingp. 216
Fighting Strategy of Sun Zip. 218
Strategy of Hard and Softp. 220
Strategy of Fast and Slowp. 221
Strategy of Advancing and Retreatingp. 223
Theory of the Fight of No Fightp. 224
Theory of Reaching Enlightenmentp. 227
Discussing the Song of Taijiquan's Real Meaningp. 229
Referencesp. 233
Translation and Glossary of Chinese Termsp. 235
Indexp. 267
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ISBN: 9780940871434
ISBN-10: 0940871432
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 302
Published: January 2001
Publisher: YMAA Publication Center
Country of Publication: US
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