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Swallowing the Soap : New and Selected Poems - William Kloefkorn

Swallowing the Soap

New and Selected Poems

By: William Kloefkorn, Ted Genoways (Editor, Introduction by)

Paperback Published: 1st October 2010
ISBN: 9780803234055
Number Of Pages: 464

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This volume, the first to span the forty-year career of Nebraska state poet William Kloefkorn, brings together the best-known and most beloved poems by one of the most important Midwestern poets of the last half century. Collecting work from limited editions and hard-to-find books, along with Kloefkorn's most anthologized poems, "Swallowing the Soap" is an indispensable one-volume compendium of the work of a major American poet. "These poems aim for nothing less than the impossible: to understand what it means to be alive and human on this moveable earth," writes the editor, Ted Genoways. "Swallowing the Soap" is filled with the panoramic landscapes of Kansas and Nebraska, the stories of the rough and tender people who live there, and the moments of heartache, brutality, loss, and redeeming joy that shape their lives. It offers a vision, at once intimate and expansive, of the world of the Great Plains as seen by one of its most eloquent poets.

"Kloefkorn is a perfect blend of poet, raconteur, and scholar... Kloefkorn's poetryoperhaps like all poetryois about the price of wonder. Wonder at nature, wonder at fate, and wonderofinally, luminouslyoat the miraculous depths and tributaries of the human soul." Brent Spencer, Nebraska Life "Kloefkorn's style comes not only from long attention to the world, but from sustained immersion in the art and craft of language, and from granting himself the freedom to write at length and in depth about the people and places he cares about most." Jeff Gundy, Georgia Review

Acknowledgments Introduction: A Life Like Yours by Ted Genoways New Poems Eating Mulberries for Breakfast World War Two Waiting for the End Living Without It Rainbow Fairbanks, Late July What He Said Babble Confrontation Surgery October Dread Haywire Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Let There Be Music Driving through the Winnebago Reservation on My Way to Sioux Falls Schooling South Padre Island, Early Evening At the Pantry Memory Moving Over the Years Along Highway 14 in Southern Washington What the Churchbells Say An Old Story Learning to Soar Low Tide at Oregon's Waikki Beach Late Morning, Almost Noon Weeding Upon Planning to Break My Fast a Day Early Now the Juniper Arrival Tea Birdsong Newborn Silence Red Cedar Writer in Residence at Sheridan Elementary With My Wife at the Super Saver Ponderosa Singing Just for the Music of It Accessories Name Purple Iris Dying to Get by with Everything Bringing Up the Rear Selected Poems from Alvin Turner as Farmer From Uncertain the Final Run to Winter Uncertain the Final Run to Winter Country Boy Cleaning Out My Dead Grandfather's Barn Dec. 8, 1941 Prime Moving LTL Town Team The Spring House Unloneliness Poem Selected Poems from Loony Selected Poems from ludi jr From Stocker Fairport Elsie Martin Mrs. Wilma Hunt Sonny Urie The Rearranging Stocker From Cottonwood County Beginnings New Year's Eve Jubilation Out-and-Down Pattern My Love for All Things Warm and Breathing If Only I Can Shake Off This Dream All the Others Should Follow I Don't Like Having a Grasshopper in My Hair Daddy (Drunk) Mows the Lawn at Midnight Benediction Selected Poems from Leaving Town From Not Such a Bad Place to Be Not Such a Bad Place to Be Teenage Halloween For My Wife's Father Braces Returning to Caves Thanksgiving Final Scenario #6 Epitaph for a Grandfather From Let the Dance Begin Benediction My Granddaughter, Age 3, Tells Me the Story of the Wizard of Oz For My Brother, Who Has New False Teeth Selected Poems from Honeymoon Selected Poems from Platte Valley Homestead Selected Poems from Houses and Beyond From within the First House Each Board that Formed the Next House I Had Been Chained and Padlocked Franklin Walked Off the Deep End On a Hot Day after Rain Janet Moved Away Standing on the Back Porch Mother Said She Was Glad Now Taking the Milk to Grandmother Killing the Swallows Rushing the Season In the Treehouse with Franklin Whatever Is Elevated and Pure, Precisely on Key On the Road: Sunday, March 6, 1977 From Collecting for the Wichita Beacon Collecting for the Wichita Beacon Sowing the Whirlwind Waiting to Jell One of Those Cornsilk Solitude From A Life Like Mine Onion Syrup The Great Depression Christmas 1939 Sunday Morning Prove It Black Cat Walking the Tracks Kicking Leaves My Daughter Pregnant From Where the Visible Sun Is Creation Fixing Flats Christmas 1940 The Louvre For Proof An Interlude for Morning The Day I Pedaled My Girlfriend Betty Lou All the Way Around the Paper Route You Have Lived Long Enough Undressing by Lamplight Easter Sunday From Drinking the Tin Cup Dry Last Summer and the One Before A Red Ryder BB-Gun for Christmas George Eat Old Gray Rat at Pappy's House Yesterday At Shannon's Creek, Early August Drinking with My Father Firstborn Walking to the Hinky Dinky with My Grandson, Almost 4 Looking for Halley's Comet Taking the Test Watercolor: The Door Driving Back to Kansas to Watch a Wedding Independent Cave Drinking the Tin Cup Dry From Dragging Sand Creek for Minnows Last of the Mohicans Running Home Jumping Rope Driving Back Home in My Wife's Father's Old Chevrolet Wildwood, Early Autumn Write a Blank-Verse Poem Using Someone Else's Voice, Someone Dead, Someone Who You Believe Was Not Treated Fairly While Alive Achilles' Heel At Maggie's Pond Burning the House Down From Going Out, Coming Back Dress Swallowing the Soap Dancing in the Cornfield Epiphany Odyssey Last Day of School Jacks Fishing with My Two Boys at a Spring-Fed Pond in Kansas Outage From Burning the Hymnal The Color of Dusk Threnody This is the Photograph Not Taken Back to Kansas Going There Sometime Legend Odyssey From Treehouse: New and Selected Poems Not Dreaming Separations The Day the Earthquake Was Scheduled to Happen But Didn't Non-Stop Begonias On a Porch Swing Swinging After the Drunk Crushed My Father Treehouse Singing Hymns with Unitarians A City Waking Up From Covenants Covenant Learning the Drum Rainfall KTSW, Sunday Morning Saturday Night Last Visit Geese Afternoon in October Counting the Cows Church Sustaining the Curse From Welcome to Carlos Welcome to Carlos Stuka Home Gypsy Rose Back Roads Balls The Great Depression Revival Reap the Wild Wind Quixotic Circus Limits Giddy Sand Creek Dirt Departures Pennies From Loup River Psalter Song Flannel Bushmill Song Instrumental Requiem Catfishing Woodshed Connections Blues Selected Poems from Sergeant Patrick Gass, Chief Carpenter: On the Trail with Lewis & Clark From Fielding Imaginary Grounders Learning Chautauqua Countries Bushes Burning For Some Strange Reason Covenants Walking the Grounds at St. Elizabeth Hospital, DC Somewhere in the Vicinity of Ecclesiastes The Almost Dead Soul Remembering Religion Brothers Desiring Desire From Sunrise, Dayglow, Sunset, Moon Balsa Star of the East In a Church Basement Damp from Last Night's Rain Sawdust Javelin Moving Living with Others Library of No Return In the Black Hills Whistling Dixie At Hemlock Hollow Near Logan, Ohio Funeral for an Old Woman For My Wife's Mother Watching My Granddaughter, 7, Test for Her Purple Belt Not Dreaming Discoveries Shooting the Rabbit From Walking the Campus Nouns November 22, 1963 Assignment Theater Moving On August 12, 1992 After the Ice Storm Connections: A Toast From Still Life Moving Braids Proud Flight Quest Spheres Water Sleep Grass Woman Still Life Moving From Out of Attica Early July After the First Good Early-Spring Shower Avon Calling Titles Looking for Scrap Iron at the Village Dump Digging Distances August Darkroom Saved Bits & Pieces We Take My Wife's Father Fishing One More Time Flying over Chicago At the Mayo Clinic Daughters From In a House Made of Time Walking and Looking Down Crossing Heaven

ISBN: 9780803234055
ISBN-10: 0803234058
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 464
Published: 1st October 2010
Publisher: University of Nebraska Press
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 22.9 x 15.2  x 3.18
Weight (kg): 0.63

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