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Sustainable Advertising : How Advertising Can Support a Better Future - Matt Bourn

Sustainable Advertising

How Advertising Can Support a Better Future

By: Matt Bourn, Sebastian Munden

Paperback | 3 March 2024 | Edition Number 1

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Transform your advertising practice by learning to harness the power of the industry to tackle the climate crisis. This is the book every advertising professional needs to lead the way to a sustainable future. Net Zero Advertising is designed to equip advertising and marketing services professionals with the tools and expertise they need to make their daily practices more sustainable whilst improving productivity and saving money. Covering every aspect of advertising, from how ads are made and the way they are distributed to the product, service and behaviour each ad promotes, this book lays out a way forward for the industry that will overcome the current problems faced. From the Director of Communications for the Advertising Association and Ad Net Zero Matt Bourn, this must-read guide sets out a clear 5-point action plan for the advertising industry and includes case studies and interviews with industry leaders including Cannes Lions, Havas, WPP and Mediacom. Learn from top examples of best practice in the industry and how to avoid greenwashing in this unmissable and practical manifesto for the future of advertising.

Industry Reviews
"Our industry has long prided itself on driving instrumental change and there has never been a moment in our history where this has been more relevant or needed. Sustainability is complex and nuanced, which is why Sustainable Advertising is such an essential text for the Advertising industry today. If you have ever asked yourself where to begin in the quest to create a more sustainable tomorrow, this book is without a doubt where you should start." * Dame Annette King DBE, Global Lead, Marketing, Accenture Song, and Chair, Advertising Association *
"Advertising has a powerful influence on how people behave, and this is as relevant to climate action as it is to consumer trends. This book tells us everything we need to know to make climate action happen." * Dame Carolyn McCall DBE, Chief Executive, ITV *
"Essential reading and a necessary check-in on the global industry's drive towards sustainable branded communication. More than that, it's a tool and a resource that will help us all understand how to collectively drive progress through creativity." * Simon Cook, Chief Executive, LIONS *
"The power of advertising is in its potential to change minds and change the way we live. This paradigm-shifting book demonstrates how that potential can now be harnessed for the better, to change our behaviour and lifestyles before it is too late, so that we can make the greatest change imaginable - to change to save the planet. To transform our economies to become sustainable for the future, the use of the advertising medium is the ultimate message - and this is the ultimate and indispensable guide on how to deliver the message and the change we all need to embark on." * Rt Hon Chris Skidmore OBE, former U.K. Energy and Clean Growth Minister and Chair, the Independent Net Zero Review *
"The transition to a NetZero economy - much like digitization and the rise of AI - is an unstoppable force that firms globally will have to come to terms with, shifting business and operational models, or risk being devaluated into oblivion. In this transition, two factors are undeniable: Action is possible and rewarded NOW; and advertising - our perennial mechanism for demand generation and behaviour change - will need to play a crucial role in every firm's successful transition. In Sustainable Advertising, Matt and Sebastian lay out a compelling, clear, and practical path for advertising professionals - in agency, client, or media side - to lead thoughtfully and successfully in this domain." * Felipe Thomaz, Associate Professor of Marketing, University of Oxford's Said Business School *
"Matt and Seb have been at the heart of the advertising industry's drive to become more sustainable since the climate action workstream was first established by the UK's trade bodies. This book brings together all their experience and expertise about how the industry can decarbonise and ensure every campaign makes a positive contribution to a sustainable future. A must read for every advertising practitioner, with simple and straightforward guidance on how to be effective and impactful." * Alessandra Bellini, President, Advertising Association *
"The advertising industry doesn't have a pretty track record, too often shaping demand for a stream of unsustainable products. Now the authors issue a rallying cry for advertisers to become active allies in the big shift to sustainable lifestyles. Packed full of practical tips and guides, based on years' experience, they show how, in the end, every ad could become a green ad, promoting sustainable services and products, and helping us all live with less. It's a total transformation that must happen - and fast." * Harriet Lamb, Chief Executive, WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) *
"At Meta, we envision a just and equitable transition to a zero-carbon economy, and we are working with others to scale inclusive solutions that help create a healthier planet for all, ensuring that no one is left behind. It is critical that we are all doing our part and sharing best practices to educate and inspire. Sustainable Advertising is an important resource for marketers to share their meaningful progress to the path to decarbonize their operations and drive consumer behavior change." * Christy Cooper, Global Director, Industry Relations, Meta *
"The green economy is the opportunity of a generation for innovators, marketers and their agency partners. Seb and Matt have brought together the collective wisdom of those shaping an advertising industry which accelerates a sustainable future. It is full of insights, tips, and case studies, designed to help anyone involved in an advertising campaign to make a real difference now." * Keith Weed CBE, President, Royal Horticultural Society and Former Unilever CMCO *
"The advertising industry is at a crossroads. Our legitimacy is on the line. Pretending things are greener than they are, that's like farting in public and blaming the person next to you. We have to take responsibility not for our minuscule emissions, but the advertised emissions, if we are to lead the way to a liveable tomorrow. It's time to read." * Thomas Kolster, author of Mr. Goodvertising and The Hero Trap, Marketing and Sustainability Advisor *
"The world is in desperate need of powerful levers to accelerate climate action-advertising, with its unique ability to shape behaviour, can be the next critical lever to engage. Sustainable Advertising helps those in the sector not just fulfil their responsibility in reducing their emissions, but more importantly, use their superpower to reduce all emissions. We need the ad sector to be the new hero on the path to net-zero, creating the world we want." * Bill Westcott, Managing Partner, BrainOxygen *
"We're saturated with advertising day-in, day-out, and it has long been a force for excessive consumption. This book provides a much-needed review for the industry, shining a light on the marketing techniques and behavioural science theory and evidence we can all use to promote greener consumption. It's a very welcome call to action for all advertisers with a green conscience." * Toby Park, Head of Energy and Sustainability, The Behaviour Insights Team, UK *
"Our industry has always used the power of creativity to influence behaviours, drive change and shape society. As Sustainable Advertising clearly sets out, the critical role advertising plays in contributing to a more sustainable economy is no different: through our work we have the opportunity and responsibility to offer more sustainable options for consumers and inspire positive action at the scale needed to safeguard our planet's future." * Mark Read, CEO, WPP *
"If we're to truly address the climate and biodiversity crises, we'll need to upend the culture of consumption stoked by the Madison Avenues and High Streets of the world. No amount of green consumerism or values-based shopping can do more than engender incremental change. In their insightful book, Matt Bourn and Sebastian Munden provide the lessons and leadership needed to transform the advertising industry to become a catalyst for positive change, from the industry's own emissions to how it can accelerate more sustainable choices and behaviors. This is a powerful, must-read book for any communicator, marketer or brand seeking to be part of a better future." * Joel Makower, Chairman and Co-founder, GreenBiz Group *

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