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Superhuman Life Of Gesar Of Li - Alexandra David-Neel

Superhuman Life Of Gesar Of Li

Paperback Published: 19th December 1981
ISBN: 9781570626227
Number Of Pages: 272

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King Gesar, renowned throughout Tibet and Central Asia, represents the ideal warrior—the principle of all-victorious confidence. As the central force of sanity, he conquers all his enemies, the evil forces of the four directions, who turn people's minds away from the true teachings of Buddhism. These enemies graphically represent the different manifestations of cowardly mind.

As Chögyam Trungpa explains in the Foreword:

"When we talk here about conquering our enemy, it is important to understand that we are not talking about aggression. The genuine warrior does not become resentful or arrogant . . . It is absolutely necessary for the warrior to subjugate his own ambition to conquer at the same time that he is subjugating his other more obvious enemies. Thus the idea of warriorship altogether is that by facing all our enemies fearlessly, with gentleness and intelligence, we can develop ourselves thereby attaining self-realization."

The legends of Gesar usually take weeks for a bard to recount. Filled with magic, adventure, and the triumphs of this great warrior-king, the stories will delight all—young and old alike.

Author's Preface
Historical personality of Gesar
Bards and manuscripts
Supposed miraculous effects of the songs of the Gesar Epic
Tibetan legenda concerning the Buddha
Concentration of thought viewed as determinant cause of rebirth: Japanese and Tibetan opinions
Personages figuring in the poem, their antecedents
The paradise of the coppercoloured mountain
The monster Tamdrin; his origin, his exploits, his extraordinary end
The fantastic character of the Epic justified by the Tibetan belief in the subjectivity of the world
How I became acquainted with Gesar and his Epic
Interview with a descendant of the hero at the Castle of Ling
A bard held to be a reincarnated relation of Gesar and a little monk thought to be the reincarnation of his enemy, the King of Hor
I receive a flower, not in season, supposed to be sent by Gesar
A strange prediction, which comes true
The Warrior Messiah of the Tibetans
Traditions and prophecies concerning the return of Gesar
Chang Shambala, the mysterious country of the North
Origin of the demons, the destruction of whom forms the theme of the Gesar Epic
The Bodhisattva, the pious mother, and the impious daughter
Padma Sambhava tries to prevent the demons from incarnating
His plans miscarry
The gods take counsel
One of them consents to incarnate as Gesar and to destroy the demons
He lays down conditions
Padma Sambhava goes under the ocean to the country of the Nagas to look for the future mother of Gesar
Her arrival on earth
She becomes a servant in the tent of the King of Ling
He falls in love with her
Jealousy of the Queen
She seeks to kill the nagi
The gods descend to the nagi and make her drink a magic potion
Miraculous birth of many deities and of Gesar
Todong and the Queen try to kill the Hero from his birth
The sorcery of a great magician
How Gesar, as child, victoriously protects himself against it
The sorcerer is immured in his retreat
Gesar and his mother are exiled in the desert
Padma Sambhava rouses Gesar's memory and commands him to get himself elected King of Ling
Ruse employed by the Hero to attain this end
Todong is duped by him
Gesar's marriage
He takes possession of the treasures hidden at Magyalpumra
Extraordinary adventures in the land of the Mutegspa magicians
Gesar exterminates them and secures the precious medicines that they were withholding
He miraculously saves their Chief's daughter and gives her in marriage to an Indian king
Gesar goes to the 'North Country' to kill King Lutzen
Lutzen's wife betrays her husband in order to help Gesar
Murder of Lutzen
His wife falls in love with Gesar
Gesar is bewitched
Chenrezigs dissipates the effect of the spells that were keeping Gesar in the 'North Country'
He starts for Ling
Meeting with the ghost of his friend Gyatza, who had been killed by the Horpas
The Hero learns of the invasion of Ling by the Horpas, of Todong's treachery and the carrying away of Sechang Dugmo
He finds Singlen and his mother, the Nagi, reduced to slavery by the traitor Todong
Gesar leaves for Hor in order to destroy the three demon-kings and avenge the defeat of Ling
Gesar and his horsemen reach Hor territory
With the help of several gods, the Hero kills a demon-bull that bars his way
Infidelity of Gesar's wife
Todong gives way to his greediness and is captured by a demon
Gesar drowns a hundred and twenty-eight boatmen
The phantom caravan
The phantom caravan disappears
Discovery of a little boy in a heap of tea leaves
He is adopted by a master-smith
The child's extraordinary behaviour
The magic dolls
Gesar destroys the patron gods of Hor
Tragic ending to a sports fete
The smith's daughter detects Gesar in the person of her father's apprentice
The Hero shows himself to her for a second under his natural form
By Kurkar's order, the young smith brings him a live tiger, which he has captured in the forest
Commotion in the royal household caused by the animal
It devours the prime minister
Kurkar commands the apprentice to take the beast back into the forest
Kurkar appeals to a Lama diviner
Gesar, disguised, tests the Lama's powers
Being recognized by him, the Hero kills him
Taking on the appearance of the diviner, Gesar goes to Kurkar and misleads him by false prophecies
He directs the King to have Gyatza's head, which hangs on the palace wall as a trophy, taken away
Believing to ensure himself a long life, Kurkar sacrifices a talisman that protected him
Gesar's celestial friends become smiths in order to help him
The master-smith, Chuta, falling a victim to his own curiosity, loses an eye
The Horpas who are given the task of entombing Gyatza's head are buried under a landslip
Tobchen is nailed to a rock by demons. Some Indian jugglers tell Dugmo that Gesar is dead, she rejoices
Supposed apparition of the Hor gods
The marvellous dance of the gods on the mountains
Gesar kills Kurkar
Dugmo, the unfaithful wife, and Dikchen go to Ling to appeal for Gesar's clemency
The Hero sends them back to Hor there to serve his designs
Festival of the Hor gods on the mountain; priests and faithful are struck by lightning
Gesar spares Kurnag and his companions
They live to this day
Gesar kills Dugmo's son whom she had by her lover Kurkar
Dikchen and Todong quarrel and fight
Dikchen does penance
Gesar establishes him King of Hor
King Satham's dream
He wishes to conquer a dependency of Ling
Misfortunes attributed to a conch statute
The favourite Queen is hurled from the roof terrace during a hurricane
Satham shuts himself up with the corpse, hoping for its resuscitation
Dikchen carries off Satham's eldest son
The magic sticks that give invisibility
Satham's brother is lifted into the air and killed by flying horses
Gesar, in the form of a bee with iron wings, enters into Satham's body and kills him
The Hero meets an adversary of his own strength and fights with him on the bank of a poison-lake
The taking of Satham's citadel, massacre of all those in it
Gesar establishes Satham's eldest son as King of Jang
Gesar goes into retreat for a period of thirteen years
Gesar enters upon a campaign against King Shingti
Minister Kula is flayed alive
Gesar's soldiers set fire to Shingti's citadel
Shingti tries to scale the heavens by means of a magic ladder
Gesar breaks it with an arrow
Shingti falls into the flames
His daughter miraculously escapes by flying over the burning fortress
Gesar takes possession of Shingti's treasures
He gives the young princess in marriage to Todong's son
Notwithstanding his ninety-three years Todong desires a young wife
In order to obtain her, he gets King Tazig's blue horses stolen for him
This King's spies come to Todong's house during the nuptial banquet
Todong, who is drunk, boasts of the theft
Tazig sends soldiers to punish him
The coward hides himself under an overturned cauldron
He is discovered, beaten, and sentenced to be cut in pieces
He obtains his pardon by offering to betray Gesar for Tazig's benefit
The Ling warriors refuse to fight for an unjust cause
The support promised by the gods and the lust of gain make them change their minds
A hermit is transformed into an incandescent mass
The fire escapes from his cave and surrounds Tazig's fortress with a lake of flames
Gesar extinguishes it by the magic skin of Kula, whom he had had flayed alive
Gesar's victory and massacre of Tazig's troops
Gesar goes to the mountain palace where Tazig's treasures are kept
On the way there, Todong pursues some maidens who are female demons
Seized by their parents, he is imprisoned in a salt-box preparatory to being devoured
Gesar rescues him
The Hero establishes Tazig's widow as Queen
He brings Tazig's treasures to Ling and divides them among all those who have participated in the campaign
The End of Gesar
A Conversation in the Tibetan Desert
Table of Contents provided by Syndetics. All Rights Reserved.

ISBN: 9781570626227
ISBN-10: 1570626227
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 272
Published: 19th December 1981
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 22.0 x 15.7  x 1.8
Weight (kg): 0.33
Edition Number: 1

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