Summerlandish : Do as I Say, Not as I Did - Summer Land


Do as I Say, Not as I Did


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A hilarious memoir of a 25-year-old 'average American girl' growing up Gen Y in Gainsville, Florida, as the outspoken outrageous child of an alternative single mum.

Summer Land may only be twenty-five years old, but her attention-hungry discretion-free egomaniacal disposition has landed her in more hot water situations than you've had changes of underwear. This collection of outrageous stories marks the quarter-century long journey of Summer Land from babyhood in Gainesville, Florida to how in holy hell she ended up shacked-up, married-up and knocked-up in Mudgee with an Australian who spends most of his time 15km underground (even on Valentine's Day).

Summerlandish is all the hard-won, scar-leaving, tattoo-regretting, butthole-tearing lessons Summer has learned over the years - summarised here in all their glamorously gory detail, so you don't have to bother with learning them yourselves. And, unsurprisingly, she seems to know quite a bit about love, life and awkward moments involving too much caffeine and/or lack of restraint.

About the Author

Summer Land is a an Emerson College Alum and hails from the US. She began blogging in 2010, released the first of her four stories as an ebook at the end of 2011, and then managed to get someone at the Sydney Morning Herald to write about it. She went on to pitch her collection of short stories (that now make up most of this book) at the 2012 Sydney Writers' Festival where she met her now publisher, and the rest is just beautiful history.

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