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Studies Out in Left Field : Defamatory Essays Presented to James D. McCawley on His 33rd or 34th Birthday :  Defamatory Essays Presented to James D. McCawley on His 33rd or 34th Birthday - Arnold M. Zwicky

Studies Out in Left Field : Defamatory Essays Presented to James D. McCawley on His 33rd or 34th Birthday

Defamatory Essays Presented to James D. McCawley on His 33rd or 34th Birthday

By: Arnold M. Zwicky (Editor), Peter H. Salus (Editor), Robert I. Binnick (Editor), Anthony L. Vanek (Editor)

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Transformational Grammar's Underground Classic!
Back in Print in the Nick of Time!
(Just as the photocopies were getting too fuzzy to read!)Here is the complete and unexpurgated version of the legendary lost classic of porno- and scatolinguistic theory. Included are the seminal writings of Quang Phuc Dong (English Sentences Without Overt Grammatical Subject), Yuck Foo (A Selectional Restriction Involving Pronoun Choice), V. Anantalinguam ("Up Yours" and Related Constructions), Ebbing Craft (Up Against the Wall, Fascist Pig Critics!) and other lost eminences.

1. Quotation, pv; 2. Preface, pvii; 3. Publications of James D. McCawley, pxi; 4. Table of Contents, pxiv; 5. I. The Wienerkreis Papers; 6. 1. English Sentences Without Overt Grammatical Subject (by Dong, Quang Phuc), p3; 7. 2. A Note On Conjoined Noun Phrases (by Dong, Quang Phuc), p11; 8. 3. A Selectional Restriction Involving Pronoun Choice (by Foo, Yuck), p19; 9. II. Pornolinguistics And Scatolinguistics; 10. A. Scatometalinguistics; 11. 4. 'Up Yours' And Related Constructions: Studies in the English Drecatives I (by Anantalingam, V.), p23; 12. B. English Linguistics; 13. 5. Some Unnatural Habits (by Shad, U Pani), p33; 14. 6. Copulative Sentences In English: A Germanic Language Spoken In Northern Delaware (by Wang, Munc), p37; 15. 7. A Note On One's Privates (by Douloureux, P.R.N. Tic), p45; 16. 8. On Abstract Drecative Nouns (by Twaddle, Noah A.), p53; 17. 9. On Fucking (Well): A Study of Some Quasi-Performative Expressions (by Bopp, Tina), p61; 18. C. Historical and Exotic; 19. 10. K Lucse Ustanovlennomu Govnu (With Etymological Commentaries) (by Renthgil), p75; 20. 11. Lexical Problems Raised By Some of the Foutre: Constructions (by Gouet, Michel), p79; 21. 12. An Example of Iconicity in Russian (by Darden, Bill), p87; 22. 13. Un Bouquet Francais (by Zwicky, Ann Daingerfield), p91; 23. 14. The Prefixed Forms of Latvian Pist 'Futuere' (by Lurba, Andrzey), p95; 24. 15. On the Russian Verb Ebat' and some of its Derivatives (by DeArmond, Richard C.), p99; 25. 16. A Generative Phonology of Yakyak (by Riley, Wm.K.), p109; 26. D. Metapornolinguistics; 27. 17. Conjunctive Ordering (by Gamahuche, E. Clifton), p113; 28. III. Whimsy I; 29. 18. Language, Journal of the Debating Society of America [cover] (by Killean, Carolyn), p117; 30. 19. Maxeme's: The Linguist's Restaurant (by Carter, Richard), p119; 31. 20. A Concise History of Modern Art (by Pop, Fom), p121; 32. 21. Glossary of Linguistic Terminology (by Shad et alii, U Pani), p125; 33. 22. A Supplementary Glossary of Linguistic Terminology (by Shada Zwel et alii, U Bal), p127; 34. 23. The Linguist's Songbook (by Carter, Richard), p129; 35. IV. Parody and Burlesque I: Inside TG Grammar; 36. 24. On Notational Conventions: New Evidence From The Field (by Craft, Ebbing), p133; 37. 25. Notes On Craft's 'On Notational Conventions': Current Trends In Urbanan Studies (by Hoke, A.D.), p143; 38. 26. Up Against The Wall, Fascist Pig Critics! (by Craft, Ebbing), p147; 39. 27. On Concrete Syntax (by Cabnomme), p151; 40. 28. Where Do Proper Names Come From? (In Case There Are Any) (by Cratylus, I.M.), p157; 41. 29. On The Notion 'Derivational Constraint in Grammar' or: The Turing Machine Doesn't Stop Here Anymore (If It Ever Will) (by Wall, Robert), p163; 42. V. Whimsy II; 43. 30. A Contribution To The Repertory of Examples (by Fillmore, Charles J.), p171; 44. 31. Polyglossolalia (by Members of the Larynx-Horn Kammerchor), p173; 45. 32. The Linguist's Alphabet Book (by Schrimpuwskin, Albin), p177; 46. 33. Fragments From The Collective Subconscious: A Tentative Reconstruction (by Pop, Fom), p179; 47. 34. Well Donne (by Larynx-Horn, Dr. Forthcoming), p185; 48. VI. Parody and Burlesque II Wider Horizons, p185; 49. 35. Eigenvalues in Grammar (by Rickulum, Cora K.), p189; 50. 36. On The Historical Sources of Sanctian Linguistics (by Percival, W. Keith), p191; 51. 37. Zwei Bisher Unbekannte as. Randglossen (by Voyles, Joseph B.), p199

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Number Of Pages: 200
Published: 1992
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