Stop Press : The Last Days of Newspapers - Rachel Buchanan

Stop Press

The Last Days of Newspapers


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There is a story that no one in the media seems to be willing to tell. It is one in which many journalists have a vested interest: the death of newspapers, traditionally the form known to break the biggest headlines, to chase the rumours to their source, and to undertake the most in-depth reporting. A unique insider's account of the rise and slow decline of print, this insightful, passionate book investigates one of the most fundamental transitions in the Australian media today.

About the Author

Rachel Buchanan has worked as a newspaper reporter, feature writer, columnist, and subeditor in New Zealand and Australia, for newspapers including The Age. Her writing also appears in publications such as Australian Book Review, Meanjin, and Griffith Review. Between 2007 and 2011, she was a lecturer in journalism at La Trobe University in Melbourne. Her first book, based on her history PhD, was The Parihaka Album (2010).

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