Stone Keepers : The Lodihr - Karlana Kasarik

Stone Keepers

The Lodihr

By: Karlana Kasarik, Kate Walsh (Designed by)

Paperback | 26 January 2018

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Young teenagers Kiara and Ethan are Stone Keepers, unwitting guardians of a great power that many seek to own. To restore peace to their world, they must find the other three like themselves and fulfil the ancient Prophecy of Arithnar. They have escaped from Medeelan and returned to Earth to continue their search, but their friend, Phoebe, has been left behind on Tartha.

On the run with the wildcat, Dragar, she is searching for the mythical Lodihr who can teach her how to use the portal key she found. With this, she hopes to help her friends complete the Prophecy.

The fate of Tartha hangs in the balance. The Vardoul, Medeelan, and Ortalus all seek the five Power Stones. If any of them find even one of the remaining three Stone Keepers before Kiara and Ethan do, their Prophecy will fail and another darker prophecy will come to pass.

Target Audience 10-13 years, but suitable for a good reader aged 8+

Book Two of the 'Stone Keepers' trilogy.

Book One: Stone Keepers - The Chosen

Book Three: Stone Keepers - The One

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