Stirling Legends - Zillah J. Jamieson

Stirling Legends

By: Zillah J. Jamieson (Editor)

Paperback | 20 October 2022

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Stirling is an ancient city which has been at the very heart of Scotland's story since the bygone days of antiquity. But while its historical riches have attracted tourists, artists and scholars alike for centuries, what about its many mysteries and secrets-the tales of the incredible people and places that make this historic place so unique?

In this anthology of new writing, discover some truly remarkable stories about the figures and sights around Stirling that will help you to see the city in a whole new light. You will find out about the history and folklore of the area, read about the astonishing characters who helped to shape Stirling's past and present, and uncover amazing accounts about the findings that archaeology and historical research are still offering up millennia later.

With contributions from some of the most exciting writers working in the area, each offering a fresh take on Stirling's intricate story, get ready to encounter some true legends of the city... and don't forget to bring this book along with you when you come to visit these marvellous sights for yourself!

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