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Stellar Populations : Proceedings of the 164th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, held in The Hague, The Netherlands, August 15-19, 1994 : International Astronomical Union Symposia - Piet C. van der Kruit

Stellar Populations : Proceedings of the 164th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, held in The Hague, The Netherlands, August 15-19, 1994

International Astronomical Union Symposia

Paperback ISBN: 9780792335382
Number Of Pages: 472

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The subject of stellar populations touches on almost every field of astronomy and astrophysics. As well as commemorating the 50th anniversary of the beginnings of the subject, this book brings together experts on all relevant parts of astrophysics to discuss the outstanding questions relating to the stellar population concept as an observational tool that provides a physical understanding of the galaxies.

Report on the Progress in Stellar Evolution to 1950p. 3
Walter Baade's Discovery of the Two Stellar Populationsp. 21
The Discovery of the Chemical Composition - Kinematics Connection in the 1950'sp. 31
Stellar Evolution and the Population Concept after 1950; The Vatican Conferencep. 39
The Galactic Globular Cluster Systemp. 51
The Stellar Population of a Typical Globular Clusterp. 67
Stars in the Galactic Halop. 75
Globular Cluster Systems in Other Galaxiesp. 85
Evolution of the Galactic Halo and Diskp. 99
Age and Metallicity Distributions among Galactic Disk Starsp. 109
Early-Type Starsp. 119
High Velocity Clouds in the Galaxyp. 129
Chemical Evolution of the Galactic Disk and Bulgep. 133
Stellar Populations in the Magellanic Cloudsp. 153
M31 and Companions: A Key to Baade's Stellar Populations Then and Nowp. 165
The Stellar Populations in Local Group Dwarf Galaxiesp. 175
Star Clusters in Local Group Galaxiesp. 181
Dark Matter in the Milky Wayp. 195
Dark Matter in Spiral Galaxiesp. 205
Central Black Holes and Dark Halos in Elliptical Galaxiesp. 215
Dark Matter in Clusters of Galaxiesp. 227
The UV Upturn in Elliptical Galaxiesp. 239
The Stellar Ages of Elliptical Galaxiesp. 249
Stellar Populations in S0 Galaxiesp. 259
Measuring the Evolution of the M/L Ratio from the Fundamental Planep. 269
Effects of Late Mergersp. 275
Environmental Effects in the Stellar Populations of Elliptical Galaxiesp. 281
The Morphological Evolution for Field Galaxiesp. 291
Stellar Populations at Large Redshiftsp. 301
Galaxy Evolution from Deep Galaxy Countsp. 311
Formation Models of Galaxiesp. 323
Stellar Dating and Formation of Galactic Spheroidsp. 325
Panel Discussion on the Classification and Terminology of Stellar Populationsp. 337
Conference Summaryp. 349
Elemental Abundances of Population I Main Sequence B, A and F Stars and Population II A Starsp. 359
Flare Stars Database IIp. 360
New Mg[subscript 2] Indices from New Model Atmospheresp. 361
Automated Spectral Classification of Stars by Means of Objective Prism Spectrap. 362
Complete Stellar Models: Interior and Spectral Evolution of Massive Starsp. 363
The Population and Evolution of A to F Pulsating Starsp. 364
New Algorithms to Calibrate the Stromgren Photometric System in Terms of Metal-to-Hydrogen Ratiop. 365
Supergiant Stars as Tracers of Galactic Chemical Compositionp. 366
Automating the Classification of Stellar Spectrap. 367
Colours and Effective Temperatures of Main Sequence Stars Covering the Galactic Metallicity Rangep. 368
On the role of Triple Systems in the Dynamics of the Galaxy: Stars with High Velocitiesp. 369
Stability and Instability of Hierarchical Triple Starsp. 370
Binaries in the Universep. 371
Isolated Binaries and Triples in N-body Systemsp. 372
Kinematics of Orion Association Membersp. 373
Open Cluster System: Kinematics, Orbitsp. 374
Cepheus OB3: Search for Faint Membersp. 376
BVRI CCD Photometry of the Open Cluster IC166p. 377
Some Physical Parameters and uvby[beta] Photometry of Trapezium-Type Multiple Systemsp. 378
Luminosity and Mass Functions for the Pleiades from the Schmidt Surveyp. 379
Surveys of Emission-Line Stars in the Outer Part of the Orion Star-Forming Regionp. 380
Galactic Distribution of Symbiotic Starsp. 382
Another Source of Local Missing Massp. 383
The Asymmetric Drift of the Thick Disk Populationp. 384
A Project for Investigation of the Stellar Population of the Galactic Diskp. 385
A New Sample of Thick Disk and Halo Starsp. 386
Metallicity Distribution and Kinematics of the Disk and Halo F-G Starsp. 387
The Thick Disc Population of the Galaxyp. 388
The Vertical Structure of the Galactic Discp. 389
Density of Matter in the Galactic Diskp. 390
The Transition from Disk to Halo as seen from Correlations between Kinematics and Metallicityp. 391
Investigation of Suspected Red Horizontal Branch Stars in the Galactic Fieldp. 392
Are there Two Populations of sdB Stars Visible in Kinematic Samples?p. 393
An Estimate of the Dark Matter Content in the Galaxyp. 394
Pal 1: A Globular Cluster Anyway?p. 395
Evidence for Primordial Abundance Variations in the Globular Cluster 47 Tucp. 396
A New Sample of Faint Halo B Starsp. 397
The Age of the Galactic Inner Halop. 398
Peripheral Members of M67p. 399
[alpha]-Elements in Bulge Stars: Arp 1145 and Terzan 1-2p. 400
Three New Contact Binaries Near the Centre of NGC6121 (M4)p. 401
Abundances of Heavy Elements in Halo Starsp. 402
The Scale Height of Blue Halo sdB Starsp. 403
Kinematics of RR Lyrae Stars in the Inner (Old?) Halop. 404
Kinematics of Galactic Globular Clusters from Schmidt-Plate Astrometryp. 405
The Status of Absolute Proper Motions and the Kinematics of Globular Clustersp. 406
Evolutionary Aspects of the CMD in NGC 6553p. 407
Low Mass Stars and White Dwarfs in NGC 6397p. 408
Mapping the Stellar Distribution in Globular Clusters: An Application to NGC 6809 = M55p. 409
Stromgren Photometry of Stars in Baade's Windowp. 410
CCD Photometry in the Globular Cluster M4p. 411
The Stellar Populations in the Disk of M31p. 412
Stellar Populations in the Pegasus Dwarf Galaxyp. 413
Disks and Dark Haloes of Dwarf Spiralsp. 414
Two Different Stellar Populations in the Large Magellanic Cloud?p. 415
Chemical Content of Nine F-Supergiants from Different Regions of the LMCp. 416
The Resolved Stellar Populations of Leo A and GR8p. 417
The Velocity Dispersions of the Draco and Ursa Minor Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxiesp. 418
Size and Kinematic Aspects of the SMC According to the Catalogue of Bischoff Florsch - Marcoutp. 420
Dark Matter Inside and Around Binary Galaxies: Formation of Interacting Galaxiesp. 422
The Vertical Age Distribution of Stellar Disk Populations in Edge-on Galaxiesp. 423
Star and Globular Cluster Formation in Mergersp. 424
Where Does Star Formation End in NGC 1058p. 425
Metallicity of Stars and Gas in Galaxies of Different Hubble Typesp. 426
Edge-on Galaxies - Dust Influence and Thick Disksp. 427
Emission Lines in Star Forming Galaxiesp. 428
Local and Global Optical, Far-Infrared (FIR) and X-ray Properties of the FIR quiescent Sc Galaxy NGC 247p. 429
Stellar Populations of Dwarf Galaxiesp. 430
Discovery of Cepheids in M100 and M101p. 432
Stellar Populations in Mixed Pairs of Galaxiesp. 434
Dark Matter in the Polar Ring Spiral NGC 660p. 435
Surface Brightness Fluctuations and the Stellar Population in Elliptical Galaxiesp. 436
New Metallicity Scale of Elliptical Galaxiesp. 437
A Decoupled Nucleus in NGC 1052p. 438
A Study of the Stellar Populations of NGC 3516p. 439
Chemodynamic and Photometric Evolution of Elliptical Galaxiesp. 440
The M87 Globular Cluster Systemp. 441
Near-IR Imaging of Elliptical Galaxiesp. 443
HST Far-UV Imaging of M31, M32 and NGC 205p. 444
UV Central Spikes in Early Type Galaxiesp. 445
The Dark Massive Halo in the Elliptical Galaxy NGC 5266p. 446
Metallicity of NGC 5128 Globular Clustersp. 447
The Age Spread among Galaxies and the Origin of the UV Radiation from Elliptical Galaxiesp. 448
The UV Content of Virgo Cluster Galaxiesp. 450
Enhanced Star Formation rates in Binary Interacting Elliptical Galaxiesp. 452
Line Strength Profiles in Early-Type Galaxiesp. 453
Dark Matter in Groups and Clusters of Galaxiesp. 454
Radio Source Counts at Ultra-Low Frequenciesp. 455
Formation of cD-Galaxies and Gravitational Lenses: Computer Simulationsp. 456
Metal Abundances of Damped Ly[alpha] Systems and the Chemical Evolution of Spiral Galaxiesp. 457
Synthetic Spectra for Single-Aged Populationsp. 458
Blue Galaxies in Distant Clustersp. 459
Determination of Young Population Ages in Cluster Galaxiesp. 460
Ultraviolet Population Synthesis of Starburst Galaxies Observed with HSTp. 461
The Nature of the Emission Galaxies in the Canada France Redshift Survey - CFRSp. 462
Populations in the z = 0.23 Rich Cluster Abell 2390p. 463
Indexp. 465
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ISBN: 9780792335382
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Series: International Astronomical Union Symposia
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