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Statistics for Management and Economics : Abbreviated - Gerald Keller

Statistics for Management and Economics


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This worldwide best-selling business statistics book teaches readers how to apply statistics to real-world business problems through the author's unique three-step approach to problem solving. Readers learn to IDENTIFY the right technique by focusing on the problem objective and data type. They then learn to COMPUTE the statistics by hand or by using Excel?? or Minitab. Finally, they INTERPRET the results in the context of the problem. This approach enhances user comprehension as well as practical skills.

What Is Statistics?
Key Statistical Concepts
Statistical Applications in Business
Statistics and the Computer
World Wide Web and Learning Center
Instructions for the CD-ROM
Graphical Descriptive Techniques I
Types of Data and Information
Describing a Set of Nominal Data
Describing the Relationship between Two Nominal Variables and Comparing Two or More Nominal Data Sets
Graphical Descriptive Techniques II
Graphical Techniques to Describe a Set of Interval Data
Describing Time-Series Data
Describing the Relationship between Two Interval Variables
Art and Science of Graphical Presentations
Numerical Descriptive Techniques
Measures of Central Location
Measures of Variability
Measures of Relative Standing and Box Plots
Measures of Linear Relationship
Comparing Graphical and Numerical Techniques
General Guidelines for Exploring Data
Review of Chapters 2 to 4
Data Collection and Sampling
Methods of Collecting Data
Sampling Plans
Sampling and Nonsampling Errors
Assigning Probability to Events
Joint, Marginal, and Conditional Probability
Probability Rules and Trees
Bayes' Law
Identifying the Correct Method
Random Variables and Discrete Probability Distributions
Random Variables and Probability Distributions
Bivariate Distributions
APPLICATIONS IN FINANCE: Investment Portfolio Diversification and Asset Allocation
Binomial Distribution
Poisson Distribution
Continuous Probability Distributions
Probability Density Functions
Normal Distribution
Exponential Distribution
Other Continuous Distributions
Sampling Distributions
Sampling Distribution of the Mean
Sampling Distribution of a Proportion
Sampling Distribution of the Difference between Two Means
From Here to Inference
Introduction to Estimation
Concepts of Estimation
Estimating the Population Mean When the Population Standard Deviation Is Known
Selecting the Sample Size
Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
Concepts of Hypothesis Testing
Testing the Population Mean When the Population Standard Deviation Is Known
Calculating the Probability of a Type II Error
The Road Ahead
Inference about One Population
Inference about a Population Mean When the Standard Deviation is Unknown
Inference about a Population Variance
Inference about a Population Proportion
Inference about Two Populations
Inference about the Difference between Two Means: Independent Samples
Observational and Experimental Data
Inference about the Difference between Two Means: Matched Pairs Experiment
Inference about the Ratio of Two Variances
Inference about the Difference between Two Population Proportions
Review of Chapters 12 and 13
Analysis of Variance
One-Way Analysis of Variance
Multiple Comparisons
Analysis of Variance Experimental Designs
Randomized Blocks (Two Way) Analysis of Variance
Two-Factor Analysis of Variance
Review of Chapters 12 to 14
Chi-Squared Tests
Chi-Squared Goodness-of-Fit Test
Chi-Squared Test of a Contingency Table
Summary of Tests on Nominal Data
Chi-Squared Test for Normality
Review of Chapters 12 to 15
Simple Linear Regression
Estimating the Coefficients
Error Variable: Required Conditions
Assessing the Model
Using the Regression Equation
Regression Diagnostics ' I
Review of Chapters 12 to 16
Multiple Regression
Model and Required Conditions
Estimating the Coefficients and Assessing the Model
Regression Diagnostics ' II
Regression Diagnostics- III (Time Series)
Review of Chapters 12 to 17
Data File Sample Statistics
Binomial Probabilities
Poisson Probabilities
Normal Probabilities
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