Spotting Danger Before It Spots Your TEENS : Teaching Situational Awareness To Keep Teenagers Safe - Gary Dean Quesenberry

Spotting Danger Before It Spots Your TEENS

Teaching Situational Awareness To Keep Teenagers Safe

By: Gary Dean Quesenberry, Amber Landry BSN, RN (Foreword by)

Paperback | 1 April 2022

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As adults, we like to think we have a good idea of what the world may have in store for our teenagers, but the fact of the matter is there's a vast divide between what we perceive as dangerous and what our teens are actually up against.

Teenagers (ages 13 - 19) face unique challenges when it comes to situational awareness.

These challenges are only exacerbated by the constant physical and biological changes teens are subjected to. As young people learn to deal with these changes, they begin to explore the limits of their individuality.

Unfortunately, this process often involves rebellious behavior and unnecessary risk-taking. The key to keeping teens safe during this time is to keep them alert and engaged with their environment.

Teenagers have to understand that real personal safety isn't about being scared of what lies around the next corner. It requires confidence that if something bad were about to happen, that they have these skills:

  • Ability to identify the problem early
  • Competence to develop a plan of action
  • Power to control their fear
  • Aptitude to implement that plan

Spotting Danger Before It Spots Your Teens is designed around the principles of positive communication, trust, and teamwork. It’s written specifically to set parents' minds at ease and allow teens to confidently explore their independence, secure in the fact that they can spot dangerous situations before they happen and take the necessary steps to ensure their own well-being.

Industry Reviews

"Once again, Gary Quesenberry has hit the nail on the head with his most recent book in his Spotting Danger series. Never before have teens been so vulnerable to violence as they are today. Gary, who has raised three children to adulthood, knows all too well the difficulty and dangers that teens face online, in school, in their cars, in malls, and on the street. Gary crams this book with ten chapters that address such issues as the teen's mind, situational awareness, the power of intuition, visualization, driver safety, and much, much more. Gary's previous books prove he knows his stuff. As a long-time student of violence and predatory mindset and with a long career as a federal air marshal, the man brings a wealth of experience to his writing. Get this one."

-Loren W. Christensen, author, retired police officer, Vietnam veteran, 10th dan American Freestyle Karate, and inductee into the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame

"Every parent of a teen needs to read this book! Gary has so artfully presented the material in a way that is relevant to today's teens and their parents. This is the kind of book you can read with your kids or have them read . . . and they'll even enjoy reading it too (even if they roll their eyes [at first]!).

Gary includes information on how your teen's brain works in this stage of development and how it might make them more vulnerable, which is a crucial part of understanding how to keep them safe. This book is a mix of proven research, Gary's lifelong experience as a former federal air marshal, and lessons he's learned as a dad of three.

Today's world is more complicated and confusing than it's ever been, and Spotting Danger Before It Spots Your Teens is a vital tool for every parent of a teen to have in their toolbox. As a parent of two teens, it's in mine."

-Robbin McManne parenting expert, author, founder of Parenting for Connection, podcast host of Parenting Our Future

"This is the third in a series of situational awareness books by Gary Quesenberry (retired federal air marshal) and is my favorite one. I wish I'd had this available to me in the past.

I like to make notes and highlight interesting and useful parts in a book, so if you're like me, this book will not disappoint. Gary shares what he has learned from his professional and family life, and this book really does have it all, a blueprint for parents and teens.

Each chapter is well written, is easy to read, provides real-life examples and practical exercises, and finishes with the key points (which I love). This book has helped me, my family, my clients, and my clients' families and can help you become a better protector and parent."

-Nigel Wright, security and family management consultant-French Riviera

"This book is unlike anything on the market regarding safety for not just families but specifically for that critical time when your child is transitioning into a young adult. So much is happening, and as parents it can be hard to have conversations that impact them. Gary does an amazing job of providing a detailed roadmap to help parents ensure they are passing on knowledge that will impart lifesaving skills to their teenagers.

Gary's book breaks down fundamental [situational awareness] skills to surviving and overcoming threats both in person and online. It provides parents with conversation starters for their family and covers how to explain the concepts in an engaging way through scenario-based training for teens.

Spotting Danger Before It Spots Your Teens is a must-read for any parent or for those who are involved with kids who want to help them develop their situational awareness skills.

As both a family safety expert and a parent to young children, I highly recommend this as a must-read for anybody involved with teenagers. We are all vulnerable at times, but being able to recognize those vulnerabilities and being confident in your ability to spot the danger and have a plan is vital."

-Ashley Glinka, former Federal Air Marshal, family safety expert, founder and creator of Child and Parent Empowerment Program (C.A.P.E.), co-founder and trainer at CT3.US

"Situational awareness is the most important mental self-defense skill in the world, and one of the most difficult to teach. Mr. Quesenberry manages it by distilling decades of real-world experience into a set of knowledge and techniques the layperson can understand. In this third book of his series, he approaches with laser-like focus the challenges of raising safe teens. Every parent of a teen needs this book today. Every parent of a younger child should read it now so they have more time to get ready.

One of the things I particularly appreciate about Mr. Queensberry's work is his understanding of the civilian mindset. The majority of books by safety professionals, soldiers, and law enforcement approach the lesson from the mindset of a violence professional. They assume a level of knowledge, interest, and capacity for violence that is (thankfully) missing from civilian parents. Mr. Queensberry's Heads Up series avoids that mistake. He meets parents where they are and provides instruction and advice for the world they live in."

-Jason Brick, 6th degree black belt, host of Safest Family on the Block, author of the Safest Family on the Block newsletter, and bestselling author of Safe Home Blueprint

"Spotting Danger Before It Spots Your Teens should be a must-read for every teenager and every parent of teenagers. The stories of teenagers who found themselves in a dangerous situation but because of their situational awareness skills made it through safely are an immediate help and encouragement. Add to that the steps you can take right now, which are listed throughout the book, and just a few chapters in, you are acquiring and learning skills that keep you and your teenager safer.

Having read Gary's first two books on situational awareness and having Gary as a part of our congregation has made our church a harder target and safer place. Gary sharing with our security team opened our eyes to some immediate changes that had to be made in the way we view church security.

I promise you Gary's knowledge of situational awareness will keep you, your small children, your teenagers, and your organization safer. But don't take my word for it, read the book!"

-Wendell Horton, senior pastor, Skyview Missionary Baptist Church, Fancy Gap, Virginia

"In this third book in his self-help series, Quesenberry draws on his years of professional training and personal experiences to help parents keep their teens safe.

A thorough and well-intentioned safety guide for parents."

-KIRKUS Reviews

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Published: 22nd April 2022

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