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Spiritual Cleansing : A study on concentration in busy life - Annie Rix Militz

Spiritual Cleansing

A study on concentration in busy life

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Published: 30th April 2024

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Advancing Spiritually at Work: An Exploration into the Audiobook of "Spiritual Cleansing" by Annie Rix Militz

The audiobook "Spiritual Cleansing" by Annie Rix Militz written in 1919, a timeless work that sheds light on the importance of spiritual life in daily routine, both at work and in everyday life. This book challenges conventional beliefs by asserting that it is possible to use work as a powerful tool for spiritual growth.

Amid the demands and distractions of modern life, some occult teachers have argued that it is impossible to advance spiritually while immersed in material affairs. However, "Spiritual Cleansing" presents a radically different perspective. It proposes that the mind can transform daily work into a spiritual practice, where each task becomes an opportunity for inner growth.

One of the key ideas of the book is the importance of keeping the mind focused on straightening the work, until the sense of burden and materiality disappears completely. Throughout the seven days of the week, "Spiritual Cleansing" offers practical and profound guidance for keeping thoughts in order, using metaphors of cleanliness and order in the home as tools for spiritual transformation.

The audio book "Spiritual Cleansing" is much more than a book about the relationship between spiritual life and work. It is an invitation to discover the transformative potential found in our daily activities, and how we can use work as a vehicle to spiritually advance toward inner wholeness and spiritual fulfillment .

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