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Solidification of Aluminum Alloys - Men G. Chu

Solidification of Aluminum Alloys

By: Men G. Chu (Editor), Douglas A. Granger (Editor), Qingyou Han (Editor)

Paperback Published: April 2010
ISBN: 9780873395694
Number Of Pages: 421

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This volume addresses progress in the application of solidification principles to the production of aluminum alloys. Topics include microstructure evolution, phase formation and solidification path analysis, grain refinement, micro/macro-segregation, mechanical behavior/properties in the mushy state, solidification cracking/tearing, gas/shrinkage porosity formation, effect of impurities/trace elements, and the impact of cast structure on the subsequent fabrication and properties of finished products. Papers on the experimental or theoretical simulation of solidification aspects of casting processes including direct chill casting, continuous casting, shaped casting, semi-solid processing, and other advanced casting technologies are also included, as well as examples showing the use of solidification principles to solve industrial problems.

From 2004 TMS Annual Meeting to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, March 14 - 18, 2004.



Phase Formation and Solidification Path Analysis of MulticomponentAluminum Alloys (Keynote Lecture) (Y.A. Chang, X.-Y. Yan, F.-Y. Xie and S.-L. Chen).

Conduction and Radiation Parameters for Analytical Models of DifferentialScanning Calorimetry Instruments (A.S. Sabau, W.D. Porter and J.I. Frankel).

Nucleation and Growth Temperature and the Formation of Microstructure inSteady State Solidification of Aluminum-Based Alloys (Keynote Lecture) (H. Jones).

Modelling of Microstructural Evolution in Bridgman Specimens (T.E. Quested and A.L. Greer).

Directional Solidification of Type AA3003 Alloys with Addition ofZn and Si (M. Jaradeh and T. Carlberg).

Characterisation of the p* Method of Eutectic Aggregates Spatial Distribution in 5xxx and 3xxx Aluminum Alloys Cast in Wedge Moulds andComparison with SDAS Measurements (P. Jarry and A. Johansen).

Solidification of Aluminum Alloy A356 Under Ultrasonic Vibration (X. Jian, Q. Han, H. Xu, T.T. Meek and S. Viswanathan).

Formation of Iron-Rich Intermetallic Phases During Solidification ofAluminium Casting Alloys (L. Lu, A.K. Dahle and M.J. Couper).


Recent Progress in Understanding Eutectic Solidification in Aluminum-Silicon Foundry Alloys (K. Nogita, S.D. McDonald, C. Dinnis, L. Lu and A.K. Dahle).

The Role of Iron in the Nucleation of Eutectic Silicon in Aluminum-Silicon Hypoeutectic Alloys (S. Shankar, Y.W. Riddle and M.M. Makhlouf).

Effects of Simultaneous Na and Sr Additions in a Eutectic Al-Si CastingAlloy (H.R. McIntyre, J. Looij and M.V. Kral).

High-Rate Growth-Mode Transitions in Al-Si Eutectics (R.E. Napolitano and L.G. England).

Grain Refinement of Aluminum Alloys (Keynote Lecture) (A.L. Greer).

Factors Affecting the Development of a Fine Grained Solidification Microstructure in Aluminum Alloys (M. Easton and D. St.John).

An Investigative Study of Si Poisoning in Al-Si Alloys Using theMetallic Glass Technique (B.J. McKay and P. Schumacher).

Columnar-to-Equiaxed Transition Studies in Al-2wt%Cu, Al-4wt%Cu,Al-10wt%Cu, Al-20wt%Cu and Al-33.2wt%Cu Alloy(A.E. Ares, R. Caram and C.E. Schvezov).


How Does Coalescence of Dendrite Arms or Grains Influence Hot Tearing?(Keynote Lecture) (M. Rappaz, P.-D. Grasso, V. Mathier, J.-M. Drezet and A. Jacot).

A New Two-Phase Thermo-Mechanical Model and Its Application to theStudy of Hot Tearing Formation During the Start-Up Phase of DC CastIngots (M. M?Hamdi, H.G. Fjaer, A. Mo, D. Mortensen and S. Benum).

The Influence of Hydrogen on the Hot Tearing Susceptibility of Aluminium-Silicon Alloys (R.S. Barnett, J.A. Taylor and D.H. StJohn).

An Experimental Method for Determining Mechanical Properties in theNon-Equilibrium Mushy Zones of Alloys (Q. Han, M.I. Hassan, S. Viswanathan, K. Saito and S.K. Das).

Constitutive Behaviour and Hot Tearing During Aluminium DC Casting(Keynote Lecture) (L. Katgerman, W.M. van Haaften and W.H. Kool).

Tensile Properties of As-Cast AA5182 Aluminum Alloy Close to theSolidus Temperature (L.J. Colley, M.A. Wells, D.M. Maijer and S.L. Cockcroft).

Effects of 1-4% Cu Additions on Semi-Solid Aluminum Alloy 357 (J.T. Carter and V. Franetovic).

Rheocasting of Aluminum Alloys (S.-B. Park, I. Stone and B. Cantor).


Hydrogen in Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys (Keynote Lecture) (D.E.J. Talbot).

Effect of Hydrogen Porosity and As-Cast Grain Structure on the Mechanical Properties of Cast and Forged Al-1.0Mg-0.6Si Alloy (M. Morishita, K. Nakayama and M.G. Chu).

Identifying Sources of Gas Causing Porosity Defects in Lost FoamAluminum Castings (W. Sun and H. Littleton).

Characteristics of Hydrogen Solutions in Solid Aluminum Lithium Alloys (D.M. Henry and D.E.J. Talbot).

Modeling the Effects of Mold Topography on Aluminum Cast Surfaces (L. Tan and N. Zarabas).

Solidification Morphology and Structure of Cast Al-Li 2090 Alloy at LowSuperheats (C. Mahato, M. Shamsuzzoha and N. El-Kaddah).


Mechanisms of Grain Size Evolution During Aluminum Spray Forming (Y. Lin, Y. Zhou and E.J. Lavernia).

Prediction of Microstructure and Distribution of Solute in Ternary Al-Zn-MgAlloys Designed for Cathodic Protection Applications (C. Gonzalez, R. Herrera and J.A. Juarez-Islas).

The Effect of Casting Parameters on the Quality of Thin Gauge Foils (O. Keles, M. Dundar, B. Kerti and N. Dogan).

Effect of Mold Vibration on the Solidification Process During Gravity DieCasting of AA 356 (N. Abu-Dheir, M. Khraisheh, K. Saito and A. Male).

Correlation of Microstructure and Fluidity Property of Short Fiber-Aluminum Alloy Matrix Composites. A Comparison with the UnreinforcedMatrix Alloys (O.B. Garbellini, C. Morando, H.A. Palacio and H. Biloni).

Effects of Hot Extrusion Prior to Spheroidization on Al-Si-Cu Alloys (V. Franetovic and J.T. Carter).

Vacuum-Sealed Aluminum Step Casting (S.I. Bakhtiyarov, J. Capps, A. Suryawanshi and R.A. Overfelt).

Shear Behavior of a Semi-Solid Al-Cu4.5 Wt.Pct Alloy in Relation to ItsMicrostructure (P.-D. Grasso, J.-M. Drezet, J.-D. Wagniere and M. Rappaz).

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ISBN: 9780873395694
ISBN-10: 0873395697
Audience: Professional
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 421
Published: April 2010
Publisher: The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society
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