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Sisterhood in Sports : How Female Athletes Collaborate and Compete - Joan Steidinger

Sisterhood in Sports

How Female Athletes Collaborate and Compete


Published: 10th October 2014
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Published: 30th October 2014
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Sisterhood in Sports: How Female Athletes Collaborate and Compete tells the stories of all kinds of female athletes in a variety of sports. Their natural tendency to use talking as a primary form of communication is essential to their experiences and successes in sports. Women and girls tend to have BFFs, collaborate during periods of stress, express empathy for one another, worry about themselves and others, and desire to have fun in sports, which makes their experiences of sports and competition different from their male counterparts. Female strengths are grounded in both mind and body, and they take these strengths onto the court, field, and track. There are now dozens of studies showing how the female brain and hormones operate quite differently than those of men. This book reveals the ways in which these differences confirm that intense emotions about relationships are part of the sporting life for female competitors. Joan Steidinger uses real stories to show that women and girls compete at very high levels, but also have a different view of their teammates and opponents, one based on relationships and communication, that impacts performance both on and off the field. They enjoy and revel in sisterhood, even as they fight to win. Understanding this need for connection helps us better understand how female athletes succeed and perform both in sports and in life. Female athletes and anyone who works with them will learn how to better facilitate mastery, competition, collaboration, and connection on and off the field the practice of female collaborative competition.

A specialist in sports psychology, Steidinger offers a fascinating look at the psyche of the female athlete. The subtitle says it all: 'How Female Athletes Collaborate and Compete.' Interpersonal relationships and skills appear to be as important in predicting women's sport success-especially team success-as physical skill and ability. That males and females are different in terms of brain chemistry is often suggested, but Steidinger delves into the research and presents the findings in a compelling and understandable manner. This is an important work for any female athlete wishing to understand herself and her performance better, for any athlete wishing to take a leadership role on her team, or any coach wishing to maximize team effectiveness as well as individual success. Sport psychologists will gain much from this book because it provides a broad range of strategies about matters from garnering socioemotional 'buy in' from female athletes to new styles of coaching and new approaches to offense or defense. Summing Up: Recommended. Graduate students, researchers, professionals; general readers. CHOICE Sports psychologist and former competitive ultrarunner Steidinger takes an in-depth look at women and girls in sports in this informative book. Drawing upon interviews with a wide range of female athletes, neurology, and anecdotes from her psychology practice, the author notes differences between the male and female brain that influence their attitude toward sports: 'Whereas girl athletes tend toward best friendship and collaborative emotional relationships, boy athletes line up in order of dominance in teams and have activity-based, (thinking) relationships.' Girls do best when they are encouraged to value and enjoy their relationships with friends. Each chapter concludes with a bullet box of strategies (e.g., 'Ten Mental Strategies for Teenage bffs,' 'Ten Mental Strategies for Coaching Female Athletes,' or 'Ten Family Strategies for Supporting a Young Female Athlete'). Female athletes and those who strive to support them will find plenty of practical ideas here that will help girls succeed and find fulfillment in sports as well as in their family and social lives. Publishers Weekly [Steidinger] provides a solid argument for the influence that communication and support have on female athletes, particularly through examples of athletes achieving success after developing their connection with teammates and others in their lives... This book is highly recommended for female athletes, as well as the families, friends, and coaches invested in raising and guiding them... Steidinger blends the information seamlessly with athlete experiences, resulting in a straightforward read that will not overwhelm its audience. Library Journal Spliced beautifully with anecdotes, experiences of well known athletes, conversations with other sportswomen, and observations of connected individuals including coaches, this convincing analysis discusses issues of special significance to female athletes...Sisterhood in Sports by Joan Steidinger is not only for reading. At almost every turn of the page, a helpful hint, or a bulleted list with many hints, appears with the potential to adapt the recommended strategy in practice...I found most of the experiences and strategies mentioned in the book, though new (I am not a sportsman!) to me, clearly understandable. After reading this, I am in a better position to appreciate the quandary when newspapers speak of unexplained and sudden shift in caliber or unreliable performance graphs of female athletes. This is an excellent read for all; sportsmen, sportswomen, or those who watch sports. Readers' Favorite Sisterhood in Sports: How Female Athletes Collaborate and Compete is an important and interesting read for athletes, coaches and parents. Sporting News Steidinger's book may be read as useful by coaches, parents and others who wish to improve athletic performance in females, as well as the athletes themselves...[T]he book, read as either provocative or insightful, ... [will] stimulate further discussion or analysis in areas such as gender and sport studies, recreation, sport psychology, and other disciplines concerned with teamwork and competition, such as business. Idrottsforum.org Female athletes and anyone who works with them will learn how to better facilitate mastery, competition, collaboration and connection on and off the field. AzNetNews As a professional woman athlete and one of the pioneers of women's tennis, I found the book Sisterhood in Sports fascinating and full of insight about women in sports. I was honored to be included in this wonderful book of Joans' and hope that other sports women will take the time to read it. -- Rosie Casals, pioneering tennis great and Billie Jean King's Grand Slam winning doubles partner and member of the "Original 9" leading the way for equality in women's pro tennis with equal facilities and pay Joan Steidinger has brought to life a subject that has confused and frustrated many coaches and athletes for decades. Women are not small men! We are different in all aspects of training, competition, and sporting life from our male counterparts. Steidinger has done a fantastic job of explaining these differences and gives us a better understanding of how our physiology, emotions, and outlook on life shape the way we train and compete. This is a must read for all athletes and coaches! -- Alison Dunlap, two-time Olympian road and mountain biking and World cross country mountain bike Champion 2001 After reading Sisterhood in Sports not only do I now better understand myself as a life long athlete, but I feel better prepared to support my daughter as she navigates through middle and high school sports. This book is packed with in-depth research, relevant examples and specific, actionable suggestions on how to enable a female athlete to thrive in sports and in life. -- Kami Semick, 2009 100K World Champion Ultrarunner High Fives to Steidinger. This book showcases the power of sport in the lives of girls and women. Steidinger shares her heartwarming and inspiring story reminding us that the benefit of sports in the lives of girls extends far beyond the playing field. All that we want for girls - health, happiness, confidence, resilience, and a strong support network - is experienced at far greater rates for girls who have the opportunity to grow up playing sports. -- Amy Skeen, MSW, LCSW, President and CEO, Girls in the Game Sisterhood in Sports: How Females Collaborate and Compete provides the reader with an amazing in depth look at the strengths of female athletes that differ from their male counterparts and how these strengths impact on performance and relationships on and off the playing field. A seasoned sport psychologist and elite athlete, Dr. Joan Steidinger presents compelling research and illuminating real life stories gleaned from her own personal and professional experiences and interviews with elite female athletes. This book celebrates the progress and explosive growth of girls and women in sport and equips the reader with strategies to empower the female athlete. -- Becky Clark, PhD, LCSW-R, CC-AASP, Licensed Psychotherapist; International Deaf and Disability Sports Performance Consultant, US Department of State Sports Envoy; WomenSport International Co-Chair - Task Force on Deaf/HOH Girls & Women in Sport Sisterhood in Sports is a must-read for anyone who wants to assist female athletes in maximizing their potential. The book provides insight into the female psyche and the way females differ from males in their training regimes. -- Mara S. Georges, Daley and Georges, Ltd.; board member of GameOn Sports A detailed, enlightening look at a fascinating topic that all coaches of women and girls should be highly interested in. -- Mike Woitalla, Executive Editor, Soccer America Sisterhood in Sports provides a unique view of the challenges, emotional highs and lows, and importance of connected relationships for female athletes. As an athlete and sport psychologist, who has lived through the evolution of the modern female athlete, Dr. Joan Steidinger provides an engaging look of the roles of friends, family, teammates, coaches, parents, motherhood, and romantic relationships that are unique for female athletes at varying stages of life. As an athlete and a mother, I'm excited to see a rare, but needed, book full of female athlete stories. -- Danelle Kabush, Ph.D., Professional Off-Road Triathlete, LUNA Pro Team, Xterra Triathlon; Mental Performance Consultant; mother I wish that I could have read Sisterhood in Sports 30 years ago. Now, thanks to Dr. Joan Steidinger, I am empowered to encourage collaborative competition, embrace my strength, and teach others how to do the same. -- Shana A. Bagley, Esq., Clipper Cup racer; double-handed ocean racer; Ragnar and Tough Mudder runner; strongman, Highland Games, and men's rugby national finalist I had Dr. Joan Steidinger come and talk and work with my women's track and cross country teams, the results were unbelievable. Through Steidinger's instruction and guidance she taught them how to tap into their true potential. I believe the wisdom and suggestions Dr. Joan Steidinger shares in this book The Sisterhood in Sports can help others achieve their true potential. -- Ken Grace, Chabot College Head Track Coach; Health/Kinesiology Instructor; CoachCalifornia Community Coach of the year

Author's Notes Acknowledgments Introduction 1: Sisterhood in Sports: Talking, Relationships, and the Unique Qualities of Female Athletes 2: Best Friends Forever: Teenage Trials and Building Long Lasting Friendships 3: The Family that Plays Together Stays Together 4: Athletic Moms Challenges 5: Romantic Relationships 6: Body Image of Female Athletes 7: Team Spirit: Practicing Collaboration and Camaraderie 8: Coaches are Cornerstone 9: Pioneering Female Athletes Laid the Foundation 10: Female Collaborative Competition: Girls Just Wanna' Have Fun Bibliography Contributors

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