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Simulation of Semiconductor Processes and Devices, 1998 - Kristin De Meyer

Simulation of Semiconductor Processes and Devices, 1998

By: Kristin De Meyer (Editor), Serge Biesemans (Editor)

Hardcover Published: September 1998
ISBN: 9783211832080
Number Of Pages: 410

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This volume contains the proceedings of the 1998 International Conference on Simulation of Semiconductor Processes and Devices and provides an open forum for the presentation of the latest results and trends in modeling and simulation of semiconductor equipment, processes and devices.Topics include:• semiconductor equipment simulation• process modeling and simulation• device modeling and simulation of complex structures• interconnect modeling• integrated systems for process, device, circuit simulation and optimisation• numerical methods and algorithms• compact modeling and parameter extraction• modeling for RF applications• simulation and modeling of new devices (heterojunction based, SET’s, quantum effect devices, laser based ...)

TCAD in SRCp. 1
TCAD in Seletep. 3
Integration of Lithography and Etch Simulationsp. 8
Integrated Three-Dimensional Topography Simulation and Its Application to Dual-Damascene Processingp. 12
Efficient Algorithms for Three-Dimensional Etching and Deposition Simulationp. 16
Development of a Gas-Phase Chemistry Model for Numerical Prediction of MOVPE of GaN in Industrial Scale Reactorsp. 20
Modeling of Flow and Heat Transfer in a Vertical Reactor for the MOCVD of Zirconium-Based Coatingsp. 22
Design Optimization of RF Power MOSFET's Using Large Signal Analysis Device Simulation of Matching Networksp. 26
Modeling of Temperature Dependence of Floating Pad Structure's RF Propertiesp. 30
A Comprehensive Model of a VLSI Spiral Inductor Derived from the First Principlesp. 34
Simulation of SiGe Epitaxial Growth for RF-Bipolar Transistorsp. 38
Extension of Spherical Harmonic Method to RF Transient Regimep. 42
Multiscale Modeling of the Implantation and Annealing of Silicon Devicesp. 46
Dynamics of Arsenic Dose Loss at the SiO[subscript 2] Interface during TEDp. 48
Damage Accumulation by Arsenic Ion Implantation and Its Impact on Transient Enhanced Diffusion of As and Bp. 51
A Simple Continuum Model for Simulation of Boron Interstitial Clusters Based on Atomistic Calculationsp. 55
Electromagnetic Simulation for the Modeling of Interconnectsp. 59
Layout-Based 3D Solid Modeling of IC Structures and Interconnects Including Electrical Parameter Extractionp. 61
Exponential Expansion for Rapid and Accurate Extraction of Interconnect Capacitancep. 65
Rigorous Capacitance Simulation of DRAM Cellsp. 69
A Hybrid Technique for TCAD Modeling and Optimizationp. 73
A Qualitative Study on Optimized MOSFET Doping Profilesp. 77
Modeling Process and Transistor Variation for Circuit Performance Analysisp. 81
Statistical Modeling Based on Extensive TCAD Simulations: Proposed Methodology for Extraction of Fast/Slow Models and Statistical Modelsp. 85
Parallel and Distributed TCAD Simulations Using Dynamic Load Balancep. 89
Device Simulator Calibration for Quartermicron CMOS Devicesp. 93
Automatic Mesh Refinement for 3D Numerical Simulation of Thermal Diffusion in Siliconp. 97
A Common Mesh Implementation for Both Static and Moving Boundary Process Simulationsp. 101
A Dopant-Dependent Band Gap Narrowing Model: Application for Bipolar Device Simulationp. 105
Improved Modelling of Bandgap-Narrowing Effects in Silicon p[superscript +]/n[superscript +] Junctionsp. 109
Simulation of Electron Mobility in Ultrathin Fully Depleted Single Gate SOI MOSFETsp. 113
Simplified Simulator for Neutron-Induced Soft Errors Based on Modified BGR Modelp. 117
Quantum Effects in the Simulation of Conventional Devicesp. 121
Efficient Quantum Correction Model for Multi-Dimensional CMOS Simulationsp. 129
The Role of Quantization Effects in Inversion Hole Layers of Tunnel MOS Structures on n-Si Substratesp. 133
Multi-Dimensional Quantum Effect Simulation Using a Density-Gradient Model and Script-Level Programming Techniquesp. 137
Microsystems CAD: from FEM to System Simulationp. 141
Methods for Model Generation and Parameter Extraction for MEMSp. 149
A Heterogeneous Environment for Computational Prototyping and Simulation Based Design of MEMS Devicesp. 153
Bias-Dependent Low-Frequency Noise Model for Low Phase Noise InP HEMT based MMIC Oscillator Designp. 157
3D Modeling of Sputter Process with Monte Carlo Methodp. 161
Effects of Scaling and Lattice Heating on n-MOSFET Performance via Electrothermal Monte Carlo Simulationp. 165
Efficient Modeling of Spatially Varying Degeneracy in Monte Carlo Particle Simulation of Highly Doped Submicron HEMTp. 169
Monte Carlo Modelling of Spin Relaxation in a III-V Two Dimensional Electron Channelp. 173
Combining the Scattering Matrix and Spherical Harmonic Methods for Semiconductor Modelingp. 177
Discretization of the Brillouin Zone by an Octree/Delaunay Method with Application to Full-Band Monte Carlo Transport Simulationp. 181
A Hybrid Approach for Building 2D and 3D Conforming Delaunay Meshes Suitable for Process and Device Simulationp. 185
Improving the Quality of Delaunay Triangulations for the Control Volume Discretization Methodp. 189
Three-Dimensional Adaptive Mesh Relaxationp. 193
Grid Adaptation for Device Simulation According to the Dissipation Ratep. 197
Single Electron Memory Device Simulationsp. 201
TCAD Oriented Simulation of Single-Electron Transistors at Device Levelp. 203
Quantum Electron-Phonon Interaction for Transport in Open Nanostructuresp. 207
Origin of Drain-Current Oscillation in Ultra-Thin-SOI n-MOSFETp. 211
Scattering Theory of Carrier Transport in Semiconductor Devicesp. 215
Statistically Reliable 'Atomistic' Simulation of Sub 100nm MOSFETsp. 223
On the Modeling of CV Data for State-of-the-Art CMOS Technologies: Do We Need to Include Fast Interface States?p. 227
New Hot-Carrier Degradation Mechanism for MOSFET Devices Using Two-Type Interface-State Modelp. 231
Influence of the Ge Concentration on the Threshold Voltage and Subthreshold Slope of Nanoscale Vertical Si/SiGe pMOSFETsp. 235
Anisotropic Ballistic In-Plane Transport of Electrons in Strained Sip. 239
Simulation of Be Diffusion in the Base Layer of InGaAs/InP Heterojunction Bipolar Transistorsp. 243
Hydrodynamic Mixed-Mode Simulationp. 247
Simulation of Dynamic Ionization Effects in 6H-SiC Devicesp. 251
Coupled 3D Process and Device Simulation of Advanced MOSFETsp. 255
Analysis of the Asymmetric Breakdown Characteristics of Trench Isolation Structure by Using TCADp. 259
Characterisation of the Corner Effect by Composed 2D Device Simulationsp. 263
A Physics Based Resistance Model of the Overlap Regions in LDD-MOSFETsp. 267
A Physically-Based Compact Model for LDMOS Transistorsp. 271
Simulation of Carrier Transport and Hot Phonon Effects in Quantum Well Laser Diodesp. 275
Numerical Simulation of Infrared Laser Probing Techniquesp. 276
Quasi 3-D Simulation of Quantum Well DFB Lasersp. 280
Simulation of AVC Measurementsp. 284
Statistical Circuit Modelingp. 288
A New Compact Model for the Analysis of the Anomalies in I-V Characteristics of Schottky Diodesp. 296
Investigation of Non-Punch-Through IGBTs with Different Trench Designsp. 300
Elimination of Non-Simultaneous Triggering Effects in Finger-type ESD Protection Transistors Using Heterojunction Buried Layerp. 304
Influence of the S/D Architecture on the V[subscript T] of Deep Submicron MOSFETsp. 308
A Physically-Based Electron Mobility Model for Silicon Device Simulationp. 312
Modeling Hole Surface- and Bulk-Mobility in the Frame of a Spherical-Harmonics Solution of the BTEp. 316
Hydrodynamic Model for Hot Carriers in Silicon Based on the Maximum Entropy Formalismp. 320
Minimizing Bitline Coupling Noise in DRAM with Capacitor-Equiplanar-to-Bitline (CEB) Cell Structurep. 324
The Modeling of Electromigration: A New Challenge for TCAD?p. 328
Correlation of Finite Element Stress Simulations with Electromigration-Induced Fractures in Tungsten Plug Structuresp. 332
Accurate Layout-Based Interconnect Analysisp. 336
Continuous Field Analysis of Distributed Parasitic Effects Caused by Interconnects in High Power Semiconductor Modulesp. 340
Molecular Dynamics Analysis of Grain-Boundary Grooving in Thin Film Interconnects for ULSIsp. 344
Industrial Demands on Process and Device Simulationp. 348
Point Defect Parameter Extraction through Their Reaction with Dislocation Loopsp. 356
Recombination of Point Defects via Extended Defects and Its Influence on Dopant Diffusionp. 360
A Systematic and Physically Based Method of Extracting a Unified Parameter Set for a Point-Defect Diffusion Modelp. 364
Two-Dimensional Simulation of Ferroelectric Nonvolatile Memory Cellsp. 368
Influence of the Poly Gate Depletion Effect on Programming EEPROM Cellsp. 372
Simulation Based Development of EEPROM Devices within a 0.35 [mu]m Processp. 376
Modeling the Trapping and De-Trapping of Phosphorus at the Si to SiO[subscript 2] Interfacep. 380
Derived Boundary Conditions for Viscous Thermal Oxidation Equations in Pressure Potential Formp. 384
Modeling and Simulation of Oxygen Precipitation in CZ Siliconp. 388
Predictive Soft Error Rate Evaluation Systemp. 392
Modeling of Particle-Irradiated Devicesp. 396
3-D Simulation of an Enhanced Field-Funneling Effect on the Collection of Alpha-Particle-Generated Carriers in p- on p+ Epitaxial Substratesp. 400
Author Indexp. 404
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ISBN: 9783211832080
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Number Of Pages: 410
Published: September 1998
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