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Silver & Jewellery Prices at UK Auctions - Antique Collectors' Club

Silver & Jewellery Prices at UK Auctions

By: Antique Collectors' Club

Hardcover | 28 January 2005

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Despite the very clear advantages to be gained by buying antique and second-hand jewellery and silver, many continue to buy new, casually and perhaps even carelessly unaware that their purchases will slump in value immediately after purchase. Alternatively, prices are consistently cheaper when buying secondhand and even offer the strong possibility of investment potential providing purchases are carefully selected. Secondly, we can buy from styles stretching back into history, enabling us to own part of our heritage, adding a very special interest to our purchases. This book provides a comprehensive overview of silver and jewellery prices at auction, which includes: Over 3,030 illustrations Catalogue descriptions Where the lot was sold When it was sold What it sold for Covers 2001 to 2005. Silver & Jewellery Prices at UK Auctions is designed to plug the chasm that exists in specialist market surveys within the antiques and collecting industry. It is straightforwardly pragmatic, that is it aims to bear in practical terms on the interest of collectors, dealers, auctioneers, insurers and valuers who need undiluted market information.

In Silver & Jewellery Prices at UK Auctions the most important objective therefore is to give the reader a sense or a feel for the market. This is what prices are about! Clearly it is necessary to provide many images. Over 3,030 examples of world silver and jewellery sold at UK auctions from 2001 to 2005 are included and are presented in eleven price bands ranging from over GBP2,000 to under GBP100. To ensure that all of these examples respect the market, they must include the actual catalogue description of the lot, where it was sold, when it was sold and what it was sold for. To support the sense of the market the lots are ordered precisely by value from the very highest to the very lowest of prices. A comprehensive Silver & Jewellery Index, consisting of over 4,500 cross-references to the main body of the text, enables the reader to study particular categories and a comprehensive Glossary of Terms is also included. By providing all of these elements a sound basis has been established from which the reader will be able to grasp the essentials of silver and jewellery strictly in market terms.

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