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Shift into a Higher Gear : Better Your Best and Live Life to the Fullest - Delatorro McNeal

Shift into a Higher Gear

Better Your Best and Live Life to the Fullest

By: Delatorro McNeal

Paperback | 19 October 2021

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Kick fear-based living to the curb and discover exactly how to manifest the life of your dreams!

Is there another level of life that you want to live? Are there goals you've been struggling to achieve? Are there areas of your life where you've settled for excuses instead of excellence?

With close to two decades of experience working with high achievers globally, peak performance expert Delatorro McNeal II is passionate about teaching people how to live life full throttle. A motorcycle enthusiast, McNeal uses biking metaphors to vividly illustrate how to reject the monotony of living on cruise control. Packed with exercises, journaling activities, compelling questions, and thought-provoking stories, analogies, and examples, this book teaches you the psychology and methodology of shifting into a higher gear. Each of the twelve chapters starts with the word Shift and invites you to make a simple but profound change that will accelerate your results and expand the horizons of your possibilities. You'll discover how to

. Lean into the curves of life and business
. Sever your dependency on the "kickstands of life"
. Put your weight into the changes you desire most
. Steer the flow of your emotional states
. Shift your core relationships to invite the right posse to your biker club
. Drive defensively to avoid the potholes that stop most people from succeeding

From the introduction all the way through to the conclusion, this book is a transformational seminar on paper. Join Delatorro McNeal as he takes you on the personal development journey of a lifetime.

About the Author

Delatorro McNeal II is an internationally renowned peak performance expert, keynote speaker, bestselling author, and media personality. He is the founder of the Full Throttle Experience and partners with Fortune 500 corporations, professional associations, and entrepreneurs to drastically improve organizational effectiveness, employee morale and productivity, training and development, sales performance, and more. He has spoken across the United States and abroad and has delivered more than 4,000 presentations over the past fifteen years. He resides in Tampa, Florida, as the loving father of Miracle and Hope.

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