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Sexuality and the Law : American Law and Society - Arthur S. Leonard

Sexuality and the Law

American Law and Society

By: Arthur S. Leonard (Editor)

Hardcover Published: 1st March 1993
ISBN: 9780824034214
Number Of Pages: 732

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First Published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Introductory Notes
Reproductionp. 1
Constitutionality of Eugenic Sterilization: Buck v. Bell (1927)p. 2
Can the State Sterilize Criminals?: Skinner v. Oklahoma (1942)p. 4
The Right to Sexual Privacy: A "Dry Run": Poe v. Ullman (1961)p. 9
The Modern Right of Sexual Privacy Is Born: Griswold v. Connecticut (1965)p. 16
Reproductive Freedom for the Individual: Eisenstadt v. Baird (1972)p. 20
Abortion and the Right to Privacy: Roe v. Wade (1973); Doe v. Bolton (1973)p. 26
Kids Can Get Condoms, Too!: Carey v. Population Services International (1977)p. 37
Is Surrogate Parenting "Baby Selling"?: Surrogate Parenting Associates, Inc. v. Kentucky (1986)p. 46
Rights of the Donor and Recipient of Semen: Jhordan C. v. Mary K. (1986)p. 51
Criminal Law and Sexual Conductp. 57
Reforming the Texas Sodomy Law: Buchanan v. Batchelor (1970)p. 58
Toilet Sex and Surreptitious Surveillance: People v. Triggs (1973)p. 62
Is "Crime Against Nature" Too Vague?: Wainwright v. Stone (1973)p. 66
What Is "Unnatural" Sexual Conduct?: Commonwealth v. Balthazar (1974)p. 70
A Failed Attempt to Challenge a Sodomy Law: Doe v. Commonwealth's Attorney for City of Richmond (1975)p. 75
Is Oral-Genital Sex a "Crime Against Nature"?: Rose v. Locke (1975)p. 79
Is a "Sodomous" Menage a Trois "Private"?: Lovisi v. Slayton (1976)p. 85
Fornication: "A Grubby Little Exercise in Self-Gratification?": State v. Saunders (1977)p. 91
How to Preserve a Vague Solicitation Statute: Poor v. Municipal Court for Los Angeles County (1979)p. 97
Doing "It" On Stage: Theatrical Oral Sex: Commonwealth v. Bonadio (1980)p. 103
Deregulating Sexual Solicitation: Commonwealth v. Sefranka (1980)p. 106
Privacy, Equality, and Sexual Freedom: People v. Onofre (1980)p. 109
"Statutory Rape" and Equal Protection: Michael M. v. Superior Court of Sonoma County (1981)p. 115
There's No Harm in Asking?: Soliciting Lawful Sex: People v. Uplinger (1983)p. 124
Does the Constitution Protect Adulterers?: Commonwealth v. Stowell (1983)p. 128
Reporting to Big Brother?: Registration for Sex Offenders: In re Reed (1983)p. 131
A Second Challenge to the Texas Sodomy Laws: Baker v. Wade (1985)p. 137
Sex and the Single Person: A Federal Constitutional Forum?: Doe v. Duling (1985)p. 145
Cross-Dressing and the Constitution: D.C. and M.S. v. City of St. Louis (1986)p. 150
A Sodomy Law Withstands Federal Constitutional Privacy Challenge: Bowers v. Hardwick (1986)p. 153
Look But Don't Touch: State v. Walsh (1986)p. 165
Commercial Sex and the Right of Privacy: State v. Gray (1987); Cherry v. Koch (1987)p. 169
Finding Friends in the Strangest Places: People v. Superior Court (Caswell) (1988)p. 174
Whither Heterosexual "Sodomy"?: Post v. State (1986); Schochet v. State (1990)p. 180
Speech and Associationp. 189
The Gay Bar and the Right to Hang Out Together: Stoumen v. Reilly (1951); Vallerga v. Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (1959)p. 190
Prurience and the Supreme Court: Roth v. United States (1957)p. 196
The Right to Mail Homosexually Oriented Publications: One, Inc. v. Olesen (1958); Manual Enterprises, Inc. v. Day (1962)p. 201
Obscenity in the Privacy of the Home: Stanley v. Georgia (1969)p. 209
Obscenity and "Community Standards": Miller v. California (1973)p. 213
States Can Close Down "Porn" Theaters: Paris Adult Theatre I v. Slaton (1973)p. 218
Hippies and the Constitution: United States Department of Agriculture v. Moreno (1973)p. 225
Empowering Sexual Minorities Through Legal Organization: In re Thom (1973)p. 231
Public Employees May Advocate for Gay Rights: Van Ooteghem v. Gray (1980)p. 234
Standing on the Corner, Watching the Parade Go by: Olivieri v. Ward (1985)p. 238
Where Can You Watch a Sexy Film?: City of Renton v. Playtime Theatres, Inc. (1986)p. 246
Does Sexual Activity in Bookstores Have First Amendment Protection?: Arcara v. Cloud Books, Inc. (1986)p. 252
Refusing Advertising from Gay Businesses: Hatheway v. Gannett Satellite Information Network, Inc. (1990)p. 258
When Can a State Prohibit Dancing in the Nude?: Barnes v. Glen Theatre, Inc. (1991)p. 261
The Familyp. 277
The Right of Marital Choice: Loving v. Virginia (1967)p. 278
Judicial Discretion and the Lesbian Mother: Nadler v. Superior Court, Sacramento County (1967)p. 281
Constitutional Rights of the Unwed Father: Stanley v. Illinois (1972)p. 282
Must the State Authorize Same-Sex Marriage?: Baker v. Nelson (1971); Singer v. Hara (1974)p. 288
"Palimony" And the Cohabiting Couple: Marvin v. Marvin (1976)p. 293
Family Diversity and the Single-Family Zoning Law: Moore v. City of East Cleveland (1977)p. 299
Visitation With Lover Present?: Distefano v. Distefano (1978); Gottlieb v. Gottlieb (1985)p. 305
Merging Lesbian Households?: Schuster v. Schuster (1978)p. 310
Child Custody and the Fornicating Mother: Jarrett v. Jarrett (1979)p. 313
Sexual Orientation and Maternal Fitness: Bezio v. Patenaude (1980)p. 318
Interracial Couples and Child Custody: Palmore v. Sidoti (1984)p. 323
Creating "Gay Families" Through Adult Adoptions; In re Adult Adoption of Robert Paul P.; In re Adult Anonymous II (1982)p. 326
Custody Rights of Gay Fathers in Relationships: Roe v. Roe (1985)p. 332
When Mother Lives a "Homosexual Lifestyle": S.N.E. v. R.L.B. (1985)p. 336
The Rights of the Transsexual Parent: Daly v. Daly (1986)p. 338
Societal Prejudice and the Lesbian Mother: S.E.G. v. R.A.G. (1987)p. 342
"Sexual Misconduct," Child Custody, and the Primary Caretaker: David M. v. Margaret M. (1989)p. 345
Gays as Adoptive Or Foster Parents: Babets v. Dukakis (1986); Opinion of the Justices (1987); In re Adoption of Charles B. (1990)p. 349
No Recovery for Cohabitants: Ellen v. Shellon (1988)p. 357
Defining New Family Forms: Braschi v. Stahl Associates Co. (1989)p. 364
Lingering Suspicion of Lesbian Mothers: White v. Thompson (1990)p. 368
Can You Still Be My "Mommy"?: Visitation and the Lesbian Co-Parent: Alison D. v. Virginia M. (1991)p. 371
A Lesbian Couple as a "Family of Affinity": In re Guardianship of Sharon Kowalski (1991)p. 377
Discrimination: The Civilian Sectorp. 383
Basic Protection for Gay Federal Employees: Norton v. Macy (1969)p. 384
A Homosexual's Fitness to Practice Law: In re Kimball (1973)p. 389
Government "About-Face" On Sexual Orientation Discrimination: Singer v. United States Civil Service Commission (1976)p. 392
A Transsexual in a Tennis Tournament: Richards v. United States Tennis Association (1977)p. 398
Does Title VII Protect "Effeminate" Men?: Smith v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. (1978)p. 402
Discrimination Against Gays Is Not "Sex Discrimination": Desantis v. Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co. (1979)p. 406
Protecting "Openly Gay" Californians: Gay Law Students Association v. Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co. (1979)p. 410
Due Process Rights for Gay FBI Employees: Ashton v. Civiletti (1979)p. 418
"Which Restroom Should Plaintiff Use?": Sommers v. Budget Marketing, Inc. (1982); Sommers v. Iowa Civil Rights Commission (1983)p. 422
Same-Sex Harassment and the Male Employee: Joyner v. AAA Cooper Transportation (1983); Wright v. Methodist Youth Services (1981); Carreno v. Local Union No. 226 (1990)p. 426
A Transsexual Airline Pilot Fights for Her Job: Ulane v. Eastern Airlines, Inc. (1984)p. 431
Privileged Discrimination Or Common-Law Right?: Madsen v. Erwin (1985)p. 438
Can Local Laws Ban Federal Discrimination?: United States v. City of Philadelphia (1986)p. 443
Can Gays Be FBI Agents?: Padula v. Webster (1987)p. 447
Are Transvestites "Disabled"?: Blackwell v. United States Department of the Treasury (1987)p. 452
Does Title VII Protect "Masculine" Women?: Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins (1989)p. 456
The Not-So-Private Federal Civil Servant: Schowengerdt v. United States (1991)p. 469
Sexual Privacy in the Private-Sector Workplace: Soroka v. Dayton Hudson Corp. (1991)p. 475
Discrimination: Military and National Security Issuesp. 481
Are All Gays "Security Risks"?: Adams v. Laird (1969)p. 483
Challenges to Unbridled Military Discretion: Madovich v. Seccretary of the Air Force; Berg v. Claytor (1978)p. 489
Finding a Rational Basis for Naval Discrimination: Beller v. Middendorf (1980)p. 495
Revisiting Gay Sex in the Navy: Dronenburg v. Zech (1984)p. 502
The Case of the "Model Gay Soldier": Watkins v. United States Army (1989)p. 507
Can We Talk About It?: Discharge for Speaking Out: BenShalom v. Marsh (1989)p. 519
Pure and Simple Status Discrimination?: Woodward v. United States (1989)p. 524
Security Clearances for CIA Contractor Employees: Dubbs v. Central Intelligence Agency (1989)p. 528
Heightened Scrutiny of Gay Security Clearances: High Tech Gays v. Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office (1990)p. 534
What Is the Army's Rationale for Discrimination?: Pruitt v. Cheney (1991)p. 543
Educational Institutionsp. 549
Public Schoolteachers and Homosexual Acts: Morrison v. State Board of Education (1969)p. 550
The "Catch-22" For Gay Teachers: Acanfora v. Board of Education of Montgomery County (1974)p. 556
Gay Students Have a Right to "Party": Gay Students Organization of the University of New Hampshire v. Bonner (1974)p. 562
Can a Teacher Change His Sex (And Still Be a Teacher)?: In re Grossman (1974)p. 569
Communicating Through the Campus Press: Gay Advertising: Mississippi Gay Allance v. Goudelock (1976)p. 574
Public Sexuality and Fitness to Teach: Board of Education of Long Beach Unified School District v. Jack M. (1977)p. 579
A Violation of Due Process Against a Gay Teacher: Gaylord v. Tacoma School District No. 10 (1977)p. 584
Is Homosexuality Spread Like "Measles"?: Gay Lib v. University of Missouri (1977)p. 593
The Prom Date and the Principal: Fricke v. Lynch (1980)p. 601
Can Educators Speak About Their Sexuality?: Rowland v. Mad River Local School District (1984)p. 604
Can Public Schoolteachers Advocate Sodomy Law Reform?: National Gay Task Force v. Board of Education of the City of Oklahoma City (1984)p. 612
"Intolerance Day" At Madison High: Solmitz v. Maine School Administrative District No. 59 (1985)p. 617
Is "Recognition" A Form of "Endorsement"?: Gay Rights Coalition of Georgetown University Law Center v. Georgetown University (1987)p. 621
Gay Students Entitled to Nondiscriminatory Funding: Gay and Lesbian Students Association v. Gohn (1988)p. 635
Immigration and Naturalizationp. 641
Gay Aliens as Excludable Psychopaths: Boutilier v. Immigration and Naturalization Service (1967)p. 642
Is Homosexuality a Disqualification for Citizenship?: Nemetz v. Immigration and Naturalization Service (1981)p. 646
A Gay Family Battles the Immigration Service: Adams v. Howerton (1982)p. 649
Parsing the Immigration Law: When Is a "Psychopath" Not?: Lesbian/Gay Frecdom Day Committee, Inc. v. U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (1982); In re Longstaff(1983)p. 653
Estates and Trustsp. 663
Undue Influence and the Homosexual Testator: In re Kaufmann's Will (Weiss v. Kaufmann) (1964)p. 664
Are Gay Domestic Partners "Concubines"?: In re Bacot (1987)p. 671
Can Gays Claim Spousal Shares from Their Lovers' Estates?: Estate of Cooper (1990)p. 674
Table of Casesp. 677
Indexp. 685
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ISBN: 9780824034214
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Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 732
Published: 1st March 1993
Country of Publication: US
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