Sex, Lies and Question Time : Why the successes and struggles of women in Australia's parliament matter to us all - Kate Ellis

Sex, Lies and Question Time

Why the successes and struggles of women in Australia's parliament matter to us all

By: Kate Ellis

Paperback | 29 March 2021

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In Sex, Lies and Question Time, former MP Kate Ellis explores the good, the bad and the ugly of life as a woman in Australian politics.

Seventy-seven years after the first woman entered Australian parliament, female politicians are still the minority. They cop scrutiny over their appearance, their sex lives, their parenting and their portfolios in a way few of their male colleagues do. It’s time to call bullshit on the toxic Canberra culture.

Alongside her own experiences from fifteen years in parliament, Kate Ellis reveals a frank and fascinating picture of women across Australian politics, including Julia Gillard, Julie Bishop, Linda Burney, Sussan Ley, Penny Wong, Sarah Hanson-Young and Pauline Hanson. Kate explores issues like sexism, motherhood, appearances, social media, the sisterhood and, of course, sex. But she also celebrates everything Australian female politicians have achieved.

Wry, candid and provocative, Sex, Lies and Question Time is a powerful call to demand more of our leaders and our institutions. It reminds us we need greater diversity to shape a fairer Australia, where ‘women’s issues’ are everyone’s issues. A better parliament means a better Australia. The stakes are high, and the standards should be too.

About the Author

Kate Ellis represented Adelaide in the Australian House of Representatives for Labor from 2004 until 2019. She served in multiple portfolios in the outer ministry of the 2007–13 federal Labor government and was in shadow Cabinet until she left parliament at the 2019 federal election. She is a passionate supporter of the Adelaide Crows and the mother of two young boys.
Industry Reviews
this book from former Labor party minister Kate Ellis is a cracker... Timely, gripping and infuriating – but, most of all, important – this is a book for anyone who cares about women’s rights or politics in Australia. A must read.

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