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Seventy Wonders of the Ancient World and How They Were Built - Chris Scarre

Seventy Wonders of the Ancient World and How They Were Built

Hardcover Published: 17th October 1999
ISBN: 9780500050965
Number Of Pages: 304

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Expanding upon the theme of the traditional Seven Wonders, The Seventy Wonders of the Ancient World incorporates marvels from around the globe, spanning the centuries from the first stone monuments of the fifth millennium B.C. to the Great Temple of the Aztecs in the sixteenth century A.D. The shaping of the Great Sphinx at Giza, the raising of the stones at Stonehenge, the laying out of the Nazca Lines on the face of the Peruvian desert, or the construction of the Great Wall of China (probably the greatest building project ever attempted in ancient times) are all described and explained in light of the most up-to-date archaeological research. So too are the erection of Egyptian obelisks and Easter Island statues, and the building of Roman roads and Inca bridges. Neglected monuments such as the giant stelae of Aksum or the mountain palace at Sigiriya are set beside the great Baths of Caracalla in Rome and the palace of Persepolis.

Packed with factfiles, diagrams, photographs, and newly commissioned perspective views, The Seventy Wonders of the Ancient World provides a testament to the skill of the ancient engineers and architects who created lasting memorials -- some for practical ends, others for prestige and propaganda -- that have continued to impress successive generations through the ages.

Starting with the seven wonders of the world, this fascinating book looks at 70 of the ancient world's greatest monuments. From Angkor Wat and the Great Wall of China to Stonehenge and the Nazca Lines, roads, buildings, statues and tombs are all visited. The text is highly informative, describing why and how the projects were completed, often using the simplest tools and requiring mammoth amounts of human effort. Diagrams, photographs and drawings complete the picture, all presented clearly by an international team of archaeological experts. This is a superb book to dip into. (Kirkus UK)

List of Contributorsp. 8
Prefacep. 9
World Mapp. 10
Introduction: Memorials of Powerp. 12
The Seven Wonders
The Pyramids of Gizap. 21
The Hanging Gardens of Babylonp. 27
The Temple of Artemis at Ephesusp. 30
The Statue of Zeus at Olympiap. 33
The Mausoleum of Halicarnassusp. 37
The Colossus of Rhodesp. 42
The Pharos of Alexandriap. 45
Tombs and Cemeteries
The Megalithic Tomb of Newgrangep. 51
The Treasury of Atreus at Mycenaep. 54
The Valley of the Kings: the Tomb of Seti Ip. 56
The Etruscan Cemetery of Cerveterip. 61
Mount Li: the Tomb of China's First Emperorp. 63
The Nabataean Royal Tombs at Petrap. 68
The Moche Pyramidsp. 71
The Tomb of Emperor Nintoku, Japanp. 74
The Tomb of Pakal, Palenquep. 76
The Temple-Mausoleum of Angkor Watp. 81
Temples and Shrines
Ggantija and the Maltese Templesp. 89
Stonehengep. 92
The Ziggurrat of Urp. 97
The Temples of Karnakp. 100
The Great Temple of Abu Simbelp. 105
The Cult Centre of Chavin de Huantarp. 108
The Parthenon at Athensp. 111
The Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacanp. 116
The Great Stupa of Sanchip. 120
The Buddhist Caves of Ajantap. 123
The Pantheon at Romep. 127
The Earthworks of Newark, Ohiop. 132
The Buddhist Monastery at Paharpurp. 134
The Buddhist Shrine of Borobudurp. 136
Monk's Mound, Cahokiap. 140
The Mud Mosques of Timbuktup. 143
The Great Temple of the Aztecsp. 147
Palaces, Baths and Arenas
The Minoan Palace of Knossosp. 155
The Palace of Sennacherib at Ninevehp. 159
The Palace of Persepolisp. 163
The Colosseum at Romep. 167
Hadrian's Villa at Tivolip. 172
The Baths of Caracalla, Romep. 177
The Palace and Pleasure Gardens of Sigiriyap. 182
The Arch of Ctesiphonp. 185
The Royal Compounds of Chan Chanp. 188
Great Zimbabwep. 190
Mycenae and Tirynsp. 197
The Fortresses of Vanp. 201
The Walls of Babylonp. 204
Maiden Castlep. 207
The Circuit Walls of Syracusep. 210
The Great Wall of Chinap. 212
Masadap. 217
The Temple-Fortress of Sacsawamanp. 220
Harbours, Hydraulics and Roads
The Great Bath of Mohenjo-darop. 227
The Marib Dam of Southern Arabiap. 230
Chinese Canalsp. 232
Roman Aqueductsp. 234
Roman Roadsp. 239
The Harbour at Caesareap. 242
The Chaco Road System, New Mexicop. 246
Inca Roads and Bridgesp. 249
Colossal Statues and Monoliths
The Grand Menhir Brise, Brittanyp. 255
The Great Sphinx at Gizap. 258
Egyptian Obelisksp. 263
The Colossi of Western Thebesp. 267
The Colossal Stone Heads of the Olmecp. 271
The Nazca Lines, Drawings in the Desertp. 275
La Turbie: the Trophy of the Alpsp. 278
The Giant Stelae of Aksump. 281
The Colossal Buddha of Bamiyanp. 286
The Easter Island Statuesp. 289
Further Readingp. 293
Sources of Illustrationsp. 298
Indexp. 299
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ISBN: 9780500050965
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Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 304
Published: 17th October 1999
Publisher: THAMES & HUDSON
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