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Setting Boundaries that Stick : How Neurobiology Can Help You Rewire Your Brain to Feel Safe, Connected, and Empowered - Juliane T Shore

Setting Boundaries that Stick

How Neurobiology Can Help You Rewire Your Brain to Feel Safe, Connected, and Empowered

By: Juliane T Shore, Rebecca Wong

Paperback | 1 December 2023

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Do you struggle to set boundaries with others in your life? Has your past conditioned you to expect pushback when setting boundaries, or caused you to give up on trying to set boundaries altogether? The prospect of setting boundaries can be scary and intimidating, and can put you in a very vulnerable place where your mental health and well-being may even be at risk. There is a science to creating boundaries-one that will empower you, deepen your connection with others, and improve your self-esteem.

Setting Boundaries That Stick offers a scientific, neurobiological approach to boundary work. This unique guide will teach you to set healthy boundaries from the inside-out by cultivating an "integrated brain," which allows you to respond to others with intention, rather than simply reacting based on instinct. Also included are exercises and activities to help you understand and create both physical and psychological boundaries, thereby building a solid, holistic framework for a more authentic sense of connection with others.

It's time to set boundaries in a way that empowers you to protect yourself, while also improving your relationships. By working from the inside out, this book will help you set healthy boundaries that actually stick

Industry Reviews
"Setting Boundaries That Stick is a standalone guide for individuals who are looking to grow in their personal lives and feel more secure in their relationships, as well as therapists who will discover this book to be a clear and compassionate masterpiece that will complement their work with clients. Juliane's approach through a trauma-informed lens brings richness and meaning to the essential work of setting boundaries. Case examples are well crafted, practical, and relatable. I highly recommend this life-changing book that you will run to share with your support system."
--Jennifer Udler, LCSW-C, author of Walk and Talk Therapy
--Jennifer Udler, LCSW-C
"Setting Boundaries That Stick is a trusted guide for anyone who has ever felt challenged to set personal boundaries in a truly relational way. Based on the latest cutting-edge neuroscience, yet preeminently practical, Juliane Shore has written a heartfelt book that teaches all of us how to speak our truths with empowering integrity. This book is destined to be a classic for therapists and clients alike."
--Gary D. Salyer, PhD, transformational relationship mentor, and author of Safe to Love Again
--Gary D. Salyer, PhD
"Setting Boundaries That Stick offers the most comprehensive, sophisticated, and scientifically rigorous exploration of boundaries that I have ever come across, all while managing to be incredibly readable and practical. Through accessible descriptions of neuroscience, clearly outlined steps, and exercises to help you along the way, this book is sure to change your relationship with yourself, your world, and your loved ones."
--Tori Olds, PhD, cofounder of Deep Eddy Psychotherapy, and associate instructor at the Coherence Therapy Institute
--Tori Olds, PhD
"Setting Boundaries That Stick was profoundly helpful for me personally and professionally. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, teaching people how to set healthy boundaries is an essential part of the work. Juliane Taylor Shore does an amazing job articulating how to value yourself and others, and have the confidence to set boundaries in every relationship. She has been a great teacher to me."
--Shane Birkel, LMFT, host of the Couples Therapist Couch podcast
--Shane Birkel, LMFT
"As a somatic trauma therapist, this is the book I've been waiting for! Using examples based in relational neuroscience, Jules teaches the reader to identify and express the boundaries needed to feel secure. I love her empowering, compassionate, non-shaming approach to setting boundaries, a subject many of us find confusing. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn to express and hold boundaries from an embodied place."
--Laura Reagan, LCSW-C, host of the Therapy Chat podcast, and founder of the Trauma Therapist Network
--Laura Reagan, LCSW-C
"Juliane Taylor Shore is a brilliant and trusted guide for rafting the rivers of intimate relationships, pointing out boulders to avoid, and modeling how to paddle through the rapids with strength and grace. She lives what she teaches, and her recommendations in Setting Boundaries That Stick are pragmatic and inspiring. Shore's deep intuition and fun writing style make reading and practicing the steps in this book a joyful, full-bodied treat!"
--Gena St. David, PhD, professor of counselor education at Seminary of the Southwest, and author of The Brain and the Spirit
--Gena St. David, PhD
"Powerful and practical--in business, too. Shore's six-step process seamlessly integrates advanced research with straightforward advice. By Setting Boundaries That Stick, leaders and managers maintain honest, genuine relationships with the same subordinates they must sometimes disappoint. Every executive and management team in my firm's twenty-year client history would benefit from this groundbreaking book."
--Ed Muzio, best-selling author of Iterate; and cocreator of the industry's only real-time, simultaneous executive team behavioral intervention
--Ed Muzio
"What a gift! This book is full of practices you can use to change your relationship with yourself and with others. In these pages, you will find the complexity of the brain and boundary work illuminated in a way you can understand and apply in your real life to move forward in your healing journey. It's practical, heartfelt, and beautifully written."
--Jessica Baum, LMHC, psychotherapist, coach, and author of Anxiously Attached
--Jessica Baum, LMHC

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