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Semiconductor Optics and Transport Phenomena : Advanced Texts in Physics (Hardcover) - Wilfried Schafer

Semiconductor Optics and Transport Phenomena

Advanced Texts in Physics (Hardcover)

Hardcover Published: 12th March 2002
ISBN: 9783540616146
Number Of Pages: 497

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This introduction to the field of semiconductor optics, including transport phenomena in semiconductors, has its origin in an advanced course jointly given by a theoretician and an experimentalist. Starting with the theoretical fundamentals of this field the book develops, assuming a basic knowledge of solid-state physics. The text is suitable for graduates and scientists alike who need a well-balanced and up-to-date introduction to this area. The application areas of the theory covered include semiconductor lasers, detectors, electro-optic modulators, single-electron transistors, microcavities and double-barrier resonant tunneling diodes. One hundred problems with hints for solution help the readers to deepen their knowledge.

From the reviews:

"The rapid pace of discovery in semiconductor physics makes it difficult to initiate neophytes to the field . . . With Semiconductor Optics and Transport Phenomena, Wilfried Schafer and Martin Wegener have come to the rescue . . . The authors are important figures in semiconductor optics. Schafer has made definitive contributions to the theory of interacting electrons and collaborated with experimentalists to explain exciton dynamics under ultrafast optical excitation. Wegener is prominently known for his experimental exploration of the new world of exciton dynamics in the first few femtoseconds of their creation. The collaboration of a theorist and an experimentalist in this book fulfills the authors' intent to synthesize theory and empiricism. It is delightful to find that, after reading about the Bloch theory, one can understand the four-wave mixing experiment and measurements of the dephasing time . . . The text covers basic electron properties, optics, and transport. The optics part provides important paradigms of decoherence and of nonequilibrium physics, both of which are essential to the modern physics of the small . . . I recommend Schafer and Wegener's timely and pioneering text for a cohesive presentation of modern semiconductor physics."


"The text covers basic electron properties, optics, and transport. ... The book also carefully describes such fundamentals as the gauge relation between the p . A and r . E expressions for light-matter interaction. ... I recommend Schafer and Wegener's timely and pioneering text for a cohesive presentation of modern semiconductor physics." (L. J. Sham, Physics Today, July, 2003)

"The topics covered in the book include a good number of the important theoretical foundations of semiconductor optics and transport phenomena ... . If the reader is interested in the theory of optical and transport phenomena, this is an appropriate book." (Mike Gal, The Physicist, Vol. 39 (6), 2002)

Some Basic Facts on Semiconductorsp. 1
Semiconductor Heterostructuresp. 2
Doped and Modulation-Doped Semiconductorsp. 4
Interaction of Matter and Electromagnetic Fieldsp. 7
Microscopic Maxwell Equationsp. 8
The Many-Particle Hamiltonianp. 10
Second Quantization for Particlesp. 12
Quantization of Electromagnetic Fieldsp. 19
The Interaction Hamiltonian of Fields and Particlesp. 24
Macroscopic Maxwell Equations and Response Functionsp. 29
Measurable Quantities in Opticsp. 43
One-Particle Propertiesp. 51
Hartree-Fock Theory for Zero Temperaturep. 52
Hartree-Fock Theory for Finite Temperaturep. 55
Band Structure and Ground-State Propertiesp. 60
The Effective-Mass Approximationp. 69
kp Perturbation Theory for Degenerate Bandsp. 73
Transition Matrix Elementsp. 77
Density of Statesp. 80
Position of the Chemical Potentialp. 81
Uncorrelated Optical Transitionsp. 85
The Optical Bloch Equationsp. 86
Linear Optical Propertiesp. 91
Nonlinear Optical Propertiesp. 94
Semiconductor Photodetectorsp. 109
Correlated Transitions of Bloch Electronsp. 115
Equations of Motion in the Hartree-Fock Approximationp. 115
Linear Optical Properties: The Continuum of Interband Transitionsp. 119
Solution by Continued Fractionsp. 127
Correlated Transitions near the Band Edgep. 135
The Semiconductor Bloch Equationsp. 135
Linear Optical Properties: Bound Electron-Hole Pairsp. 138
Nonlinear Optical Propertiesp. 159
Influence of Static Magnetic Fieldsp. 175
One-Particle Propertiesp. 176
Optical Properties of Magneto-Excitonsp. 188
Influence of Static Electric Fieldsp. 207
Introductionp. 207
Uncorrelated Optical Transitions in Uniform Electric Fieldsp. 209
Correlated Optical Transitions in Uniform Electric Fieldsp. 213
Quantum Wells in Electric Fieldsp. 218
Superlattices in Electric Fieldsp. 222
Biexcitonsp. 237
Truncation of the Many-Particle Problem in Coherently Driven Systemsp. 240
Equations of Motion in the Coherent Limitp. 244
Bound-State and Scattering Contributionsp. 252
Signatures of Biexcitonic Bound Statesp. 256
Nonequilibrium Green's Functionsp. 265
Time Evolution under the Action of External Fieldsp. 266
Definitions of One-Particle Green's Functionsp. 269
Equations of Motion of One-Particle Green's Functionsp. 273
Screened Interaction, Polarization, and Vertex Functionp. 278
Quantum Kinetic Equationsp. 281
The Self-Energy in Different Approximationsp. 291
The Screened Interactionp. 296
The Second-Order Born Approximationp. 304
The Electron-Phonon Interactionp. 313
The Phonon-Induced Interactionp. 314
The Phonon Green's Functionp. 317
Electron-Phonon Coupling in the Long-Wavelength Limitp. 323
The Phonon Self-Energyp. 330
Nonequilibrium Phononsp. 347
Scattering and Screening Processesp. 359
Carrier-Phonon Scatteringp. 360
Carrier-Carrier Scatteringp. 369
Scattering in the Presence of Bound Statesp. 382
The Semiconductor Laserp. 387
Introductionp. 387
Semiclassical Approachp. 389
Quantum Theoryp. 404
Classical Transportp. 415
Transport Coefficients (Without Magnetic Field)p. 417
Transport Coefficients (with Magnetic Field)p. 420
Towards Ballistic Electrons: The Hot-Electron Transistorp. 424
Electric Fields in Mesoscopic Systemsp. 429
Elementary Approachp. 429
Resonant Tunneling IIp. 443
Electric and Magnetic Fields in Mesoscopic Systemsp. 453
The Integer Quantum Hall Effectp. 453
Edge Channels and the Landauer-Buttiker Multiprobe Formulap. 455
Microscopic Derivation of the Landauer Buttiker Formulap. 462
The Fractional Quantum Hall Effectp. 468
Magnetotransport Through Dot or Antidot-Latticesp. 470
Referencesp. 477
Indexp. 491
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ISBN: 9783540616146
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Series: Advanced Texts in Physics (Hardcover)
Audience: Professional
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 497
Published: 12th March 2002
Country of Publication: DE
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