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Self care – it's something we can't go without. Wherever you are in life, it's always vital to step back and appreciate the things you need. From mindfulness and mental wellbeing to relationship management, physical health and nutrition, home and garden care, and hands-on fun, we have a huge selection of books to help you be a fuller and happier expression of yourself. So get reading, a whole world of me-time awaits!

SELFCARE - Key Titles

SELFCARE - Happy Minds

Happy Minds: Mindfulness & Mental Health

Mental wellbeing isn't something to be taken for granted, we have to actively pursue it in life. From new methods in coping with anxiety and depression to introductions to mindfulness practice and more, this collection is here to help you find a more resilient, creative mind and embrace a happier life.

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SELFCARE - The Ones You Love

The Ones You Love: Family and Relationships

Want to gain confidence as a parent? Become a more open and honest friend? Have an incredible love life? Thrive in times of heartbreak and change?

This collection is all about getting better at opening up to the ones you love. Browse our great selection of parent guides, relationship management, personal development and much more.

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SELFCARE - Dollars & Sense

Dollars & Sense: Personal Finance

Good self-care means maintaining your financial independence and being ready to regularly treat yourself. This collection showcases books on how to set up investments, forge a career path that'll satisfy, eliminate your debts and build wealth for the future.

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SELFCARE - Chillout Space

Chillout Space: Home & Garden

Wherever you live, your space should be the perfect expression and extension of you. The beautiful books in this collection will help you to declutter your life, pick your style and bring out the x-factor in any living space.

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SELFCARE - Get That Glow

Get That Glow: Nutrition & Health

These books are about far more than just weight-loss. They're here to help you know your nutrition, foster healthy habits, feel good on the inside, and live a longer, happier life.

With new insights into health, wholefood recipes, diet and exercise plans and more, you'll get that glow like never before.

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Me Time: Hands On Fun

One of the best things you can do for the soul is get away from the screens, away from work, and get your hands dirty. The books in this collection will inspire you to get creative in the garden, the shed or just around the house with books on dressmaking, beekeeping, all kinds of craft, garden projects, and much, much more.

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