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Secrets of the Super Rich - Michael Gilding

Secrets of the Super Rich

By: Michael Gilding

eBook | 1 December 2010

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'I worked like a slave. Even now, I don't sleep more than three or fours hours.'-'I think if you give your children $2 million, it's a boon. If you give them $20 million or $200 million, it's a curse .-.-. ' Ordinary men and women who started businesses in their homes and garages; former immigrants who arrived in Australia with nothing but drive and ambition; heirs and heiresses who struggle to hold on to their fortunes: these are Australia's super rich. Dr Michael Gilding interviews fifty people from the Business Review Weekly Rich Lists and answers the questions: 䚧97Who are the super rich? 䚧97How did they make their fortunes? 䚧97How did they triumph over obstacles? 䚧97What do they plan to do with their money? In this often revealing and always compelling book, you will discover what it takes to become one of the super rich , and how to stay that way.

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