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Secrets of the I Ching - Dr. Joseph Murphy

Secrets of the I Ching

By: Dr. Joseph Murphy, Kenneth Irving (Revised by)

Paperback Published: 1st November 1999
ISBN: 9780735201255
Number Of Pages: 221
For Ages: 18+ years old

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Based on the revered Chinese philosophy with a 5,000-year-old tradition, the I Ching, or Book of Changes, is rich in revelations. An eminent expert on the powers of the subconscious, Joseph Murphy opens the guiding force of this ancient text to anyone with an appreciation of the possibilities. With the help of three coins -- ordinary pennies will do -- readers will learn to apply their intuitive abilities to receive the I Ching's answers.

With a practical outlook, this hands-on guide presents simple techniques for enlisting the I Ching's aid in everyday problem solving and decision making. Murphy explains the I Ching hexagram system, revealing its roots in human psychology and the principle of constant change. Demystifying obscure terms and symbols, the author leads the way to consulting the I Ching for clarity and guidance in times of confusion and crisis. By combining basic mathematical formulas with spiritual awareness, readers will realize the miracle-working potential of their own mind and connect with the I Ching's truths. As a result, they'll gain vital insights into questions about career, family, romance, financial security, and life goals. And they'll discover the wonder of genuine peace of mind.

Secrets of the I Ching does not claim to predict the future. But it does provide the tools to mark any future with the promise of greater personal and spiritual fulfillment.

Forewordp. v
What This Book Can Do for Youp. vii
The Book of Changes and What it Can Teach Youp. 1
64 Keys to Your Inner Mindp. 1
How the I Ching Worksp. 2
Change, Harmony, and Your Personal Centerp. 2
Act When the Time Is Rightp. 2
Tune in to the Infinitep. 3
Your Next Move: A Rescue from Danger?p. 3
How to Ask the I Ching for Guidancep. 4
Why This Book?p. 4
Points to Rememberp. 6
The Eight Basic Symbols Behind the I Chingp. 7
Everyday Psychological Meaning of the Eight Trigramsp. 7
Light and Dark Trigramsp. 9
The Deeper Meaning of the Hexagramp. 10
Spirit and Matterp. 10
The Hexagram and the Trinityp. 10
The Six Lines and the Three-fold Manp. 10
Hexagrams as the Key to Creationp. 11
The Mystic Creative Force Within Youp. 11
You Can Find Heaven on Earthp. 12
The Psychological Meaning of Numbersp. 12
Numbers and the I Chingp. 15
Points to Rememberp. 15
Synchronicity: Your Future Is in Your Mind Right Nowp. 17
As Within, So Withoutp. 17
The I Ching and Synchronicityp. 17
His Psychic State Averts a Tragedyp. 18
I Ching Synchronicity Saved His Lifep. 18
Listen to Your Intuitionp. 19
He Heard the Mystic Number 44p. 19
Why Do Psychic Predictions Come to Pass?p. 20
The Future Is in Your Mindp. 20
I Ching Sees the Future in the Presentp. 21
The I Ching and Nostradamusp. 21
The I Ching and Negative Predictionsp. 22
How to Bring Positive Outcomes from Negative Predictionsp. 22
How She Reversed the Predictionp. 23
Facing the Factsp. 24
Points to Rememberp. 24
How the Ageless Wisdom of the I Ching Offers You Guidancep. 26
The Opposites in Lifep. 26
Reconciling the Oppositesp. 27
Yes to Healing, No to Fearp. 28
Change and Its Meaningp. 28
The Places Occupied by Lines and Their Significance to Youp. 28
The Importance of the Linesp. 30
How the Lines Relate to Your Questionp. 30
The I Ching and the Tarot Cardsp. 30
A Lifesaving Premonition Speaks Through the Hexagramsp. 31
I Ching Reveals the Secret Powers of Your Subconsciousp. 32
Points to Rememberp. 33
A Guide to Terms Used Frequently in the I Chingp. 35
The Symbolism and Language of I Chingp. 35
Her Hexagram and a Return to Lovep. 38
Points to Rememberp. 39
How to Consult the I Chingp. 41
Formulating the Questionp. 41
The Right Way to Ask "Either/Or" Questionsp. 42
Symbolic Answers in Everyday Languagep. 43
Tossing the Coinsp. 43
Key for Identifying Your Hexagramp. 46
Moving Lines Transform the Hexagramp. 46
Interpreting Your Hexagramp. 47
When Lines Contradict the Judgment and Imagep. 47
Other Methods: Yarrow Stalks and the Higher Mindp. 48
Other Methods: Colored Beads Tune Intuitionp. 48
Points to Rememberp. 49
How to Interpret the Mystic Hexagrams of the I Chingp. 51
Your Interpretationp. 51
I Ching Is Fourth-Dimensionalp. 51
The Fourth Dimension Speaks from Abovep. 52
Seeing and Changing the Future with the I Chingp. 53
The Answer Shows the Wayp. 53
Which Voice Are You Hearing?p. 54
Banish Negative Thoughts for Positive Resultsp. 54
The I Ching and True Guidancep. 55
Points to Rememberp. 55
The Hexagrams and You: Stories of the I Chingp. 57
I Ching: Do Not Take Me Lightly!p. 58
The I Ching Wins Him a Promotionp. 58
The I Ching Saved Her Marriagep. 60
The I Ching Saved His Jobp. 61
The Different Voices of the I Chingp. 62
Points to Rememberp. 62
Your I Ching Hexagrams and Their Meaningsp. 64
Ch'ien/The Creativep. 64
K'un/The Receptivep. 67
Chun/Difficulty at the Beginningp. 69
Meng/Youthful Follyp. 70
Hsu/Waiting (Nourishment)p. 72
Sung/Conflictp. 74
Shih/The Armyp. 76
Pi/Holding Together (Union)p. 78
Hsiao Ch'u/The Taming Power of the Smallp. 79
Lu/Treading (Conduct)p. 81
T'ai/Peacep. 82
P'i/Standstill (Stagnation)p. 85
T'ung Jen/Fellowship with Menp. 87
Ta Yu/Possession in Great Measurep. 89
Ch'ien/Modestyp. 91
Yu/Enthusiasmp. 93
Sui/Followingp. 95
Ku/Work on What Has Been Spoiled (Decay)p. 97
Lin/Approachp. 99
Kuan/Contemplation (View)p. 100
Shih Ho/Biting Throughp. 102
Pi/Gracep. 104
Po/Splitting Apartp. 105
Fu/Return (The Turning Point)p. 107
Wu Wang/Innocence (The Unexpected)p. 109
Ta Ch'u/The Taming Power of the Greatp. 111
I/The Corners of the Mouth (Providing Nourishment)p. 113
Ta Kuo/Preponderance of the Greatp. 115
K'an/The Abysmal (Water)p. 117
Li/The Clinging, Firep. 118
Hsien/Influence (Wooing)p. 120
Heng/Durationp. 122
Tun/Retreatp. 124
Ta Chuang/The Power of the Greatp. 126
Chin/Progressp. 128
Ming I/Darkening of the Lightp. 130
Chia Jen/The Family (The Clan)p. 132
K'uei/Oppositionp. 134
Chien/Obstructionp. 136
Hsieh/Deliverancep. 138
Sun/Decreasep. 140
I/Increasep. 142
Kuai/Breakthrough (Resoluteness)p. 144
Kou/Coming to Meetp. 147
Ts'ui/Gathering Together (Massing)p. 148
Sheng/Pushing Upwardp. 150
K'un/Oppression (Exhaustion)p. 152
Ching/The Wellp. 154
Ko/Revolution (Molting)p. 156
Ting/The Caldronp. 158
Chen/The Arousing (Shock, Thunder)p. 160
Ken/Keeping Still, Mountainp. 162
Chien/Development (Gradual Progress)p. 164
Kuei Mei/The Marrying Maidenp. 166
Feng/Abundance (Fullness)p. 168
Lu/The Wandererp. 171
Sun/The Gentle (The Penetrating, Wind)p. 173
Tui/The Joyous, Lakep. 175
Huan/Dispersion (Dissolution)p. 178
Chieh/Limitationp. 180
Chung Fu/Inner Truthp. 182
Hsiao Kuo/Preponderance of the Smallp. 185
Chi Chi/After Completionp. 187
Wei Chi/Before Completionp. 190
Appendix Ap. 197
A Handy I Ching Formp. 197
Appendix Bp. 198
Resources for Further Studies in the I Chingp. 198
Indexp. 203
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ISBN: 9780735201255
ISBN-10: 0735201250
Audience: General
For Ages: 18+ years old
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 221
Published: 1st November 1999
Publisher: Cengage Gale
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 21.59 x 14.61  x 1.91
Weight (kg): 0.28
Edition Number: 2
Edition Type: Revised