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Scientists at Work : Profiles of Today's Groundbreaking Scientists from

Scientists at Work

Profiles of Today's Groundbreaking Scientists from "Science Times"

Paperback Published: 27th July 2000
ISBN: 9780071358828
Number Of Pages: 400

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Each week "The New York Times, "Science Times" is essential reading for anyone interested in following today's exciting trends in science. One of the section's enduring features is the "Scientists At Work" column, which brings attention to the people behind some of the most important science being done today. From physics to paleoanthropology, "Scientists at Work illustrates how the boundaries of scientific research are being challenged by brilliant minds from both traditional and non-traditional scientific communities.

"Scientists at Work contains 50 updated and expanded profiles culled from the popular column. Written by renowned journalists including Gina Kolata, William Broad, Malcolm Browne, John Noble Wilford, Natalie Angier, and with an introduction by Cornelia Dean, Science Editor of the "New York Times and author of "Against the Tide, "Scientists at Work brings fascinating creative personalities to life and also vividly explains astonishing theoretical and experimental discoveries at the frontiers of scientific exploration.

"The New York Times is the world's most respected newspaper, with a yearly circulation of approximately 4 million and it is the winner of 77 Pulitzer Prizes. Its science reporting staff is widely recognized as being among the best in the world.

Profiles of 50 scientists whose achievements have forged their fields make up this collection of articles from the past 7 years.

Roald Hoffmann: Chemistry's Poet Seeks Beauty in Atomsp. 1
Christiane Nusslein-Volhard: "Lady of the Flies" Dives Into a New Pondp. 8
Stephen W. Hawking: Sailing a Wheelchair to the End of Timep. 16
Aaron T. Beck: Pragmatist Embodies His No-Nonsense Therapyp. 26
Edward O. Wilson: From Ants to Ethics: A Biologist Dreams of Unity of Knowledgep. 34
Andrew Wiles: Quiet Conqueror of a 350-Year-Old Enigmap. 41
Temple Grandin: Empathy for Animals, Through the Lens of Autismp. 48
Hans A. Bethe: He Lit Nuclear Fire; Now He Would Douse Itp. 58
J. Craig Venter: The Genome's Combative Entrepreneurp. 64
Benjamin S. Carson: Neurosurgeon and Folk Herop. 72
Abhay Ashtekar: Taste-Testing a Recipe for the Cosmosp. 79
Geerat Vermeij: Getting the Feel of a Long-Ago Arms Racep. 87
John H. Conway: At Home in the Elusive World of Mathematicsp. 94
Martha K. McClintock: How Biology Affects Behavior, and Vice Versap. 101
William Castelli: Preaching the Gospel of Healthy Heartsp. 109
JoAnn M. Burkholder: In a Sealed Lab, a Warrior Against Pollutionp. 116
Kary Mullis: After the "Eureka," a Nobelist Drops Outp. 123
Daniel S. Goldin: Bold Remodeler of a Drifting Agencyp. 131
Wallace S. Broecker: Iconoclastic Guru of the Climate Debatep. 139
Michael E. DeBakey: Dr. DeBakey at 90: Stringent Standards and a Steady Handp. 146
Meave Epps Leakey: The New Leader of a Fossil-Hunting Dynastyp. 154
Jim Hammill: A Scientific Passion for Wolvesp. 161
Steven Chu: Master of Molecule Manipulation Works on the Wild Sidep. 167
Bruce N. Ames: Strong Views on Origins of Cancerp. 176
James D. Watson: Impresario of the Genome Looks Back With Candorp. 184
Rodolfo Llinas: Listening to the Conversation of Neuronsp. 191
Michael L. Dertouzos: Unlikely Warrior Leads the Charge for Simpler PCp. 197
Anthony S. Fauci: Consummate Politician on the AIDS Frontp. 204
Lene Vestergaard Hau: She Puts the Brakes on Lightp. 212
Carlos Cordon-Cardo: Cancer Trailblazer Follows the Genetic Fingerprintsp. 219
P. Kirk Visscher: A Life Spent Among Bees Deciphering the Swarmp. 226
Paul C. Sereno: Imp's Evolution to Fossil Finderp. 233
Terry DeBruyn: Black Bears Up Close and Personalp. 240
Benjamin D. Santer: Blaming Humans for a Warmer Worldp. 248
Richard S. Lindzen: It's Getting Hotter; So What? a Skeptic Asksp. 256
Judith Lea Swain: The Double Life of Dr. Swain: Work and More Workp. 262
Judah Folkman: A Lonely Warrior Against Cancerp. 269
Anne Simon: The Science Adviser to Whaaat?p. 276
Eric Steven Lander: Love of Numbers Leads to Chromosome 17p. 282
Kathy Schick and Nicholas Toth: Recreating Stone Tools to Learn Makers' Waysp. 290
James W. Cronin: Looking for a Few Good Particles From Outer Spacep. 296
Jimmie Holland: Listening to the Emotional Needs of Cancer Patientsp. 303
Joe Z. Tsien: Of Smart Mice and the Man Who Made Them That Wayp. 311
Carl Safina: High Seas Hunter Pleads for Preservation of Fishp. 317
Mary-Claire King: Quest for Genes and Lost Childrenp. 324
David A. Summers: Out of the Mines and Into the Labp. 331
Ellen J. Langer: A Scholar of the Absent Mindp. 338
Gunter Wachtershauser: Amateur Shakes Up Ideas on Recipe for Lifep. 345
Steven Weinberg: Physicist Ponders God, Truth and "Final Theory"p. 351
Gary Larson: An Amateur of Biology Returns to His Easelp. 358
Index of Scientistsp. 367
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ISBN: 9780071358828
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Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 400
Published: 27th July 2000
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education - Europe
Country of Publication: US
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