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Save Our Sleep : A Parent's Guide Towards Happy, Sleeping Babies from Birth to Two Years - Tizzie Hall

Save Our Sleep

A Parent's Guide Towards Happy, Sleeping Babies from Birth to Two Years


Published: 1st August 2015
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Published: 1st July 2009
Format: ePUB

Tizzie Hall is an internationally renowned baby whisperer who has been working with babies and their parents for over 24 years. Her customised sleep routines have helped thousands of restless babies sleep through the night, and in this easy-to-use sleep guide she shares:

*Sleep routines for baby's first two years, covering both breast and bottle-fed babies, and their introduction to solids

  • Teaching your baby to settle and resettle themselves
  • Solutions to sleep problems
  • Common questions and case studies from parents
  • How to overcome any breaks to the sleeping routine
  • Dummy use, expressing and dealing with premature babies and twins.
Tried and tested, Tizzie will show you how to help your child sleep all night, every night.

Save Our Sleep is the must-have book for all parents who want to save their sleep.


Certified child abuse


How to neglect and traumatize your child in 5 easy steps. But seriously, the author has no training, no qualifications and wasn't even a parent when writing it. CIO at it's worst.

Melbourne, Australia

Don't buy this book, it's dangerous.


DON'T BUY THIS BOOK!! This book was written by an author with NO formal qualifications in child care. Its rouutines are completely unrealistic, setting up parents to fail. It recommends scheduling feeds which is incompatible with breastfeeding, it encourages parents to overwrap babies which goes against SIDS recommendations and is very dangerous. It actually says that babies 'vomit for attention' and poo their nappies at bedtime to 'manipulate'. Babies are not meant to 'sleep through', night waking is a protective factor against sids. I ttried this book with my first, I couldn't get my baby to follow the routine because babies don't read books, they need to eat when they're hungry, sleep when they're tired and be cuddled LOTS. This book shattered me and gave me PND. Don't buy it. Look at Pinky McKay and The Milk Meg instead.

Melbourne Australia

Ridiculous book


I've never come across a book so harmful for young babies and their parents!!

Victoria, Australia

Save your money!


Absolutely horrific! I picked this book up in store and skipped through a few pages, I was disgusted at what I was reading. Do yourself a favour and stay clear from this book!

QLD, Australia

If I could give it Zero, I would.


I am so disappointed in this book. Something hailed by many as some kind of baby sleep Bible is just perpetuating lie after lie. I feel sorry for any parents that are recommended this book. It goes against all the studies we know that benefit raising our babies in to decent humans. This book is all but child abuse.

Melbourne, Australia

Burn this book - no stars but had to give 1 for some reason


This book has nothing of use in it. It's a very bad guide. Please remove it from sale.


Casual Child Abuse


This book is disgraceful and I am amazed that people so willingly endanger their children on the ill advice of this unqualified author. Just a few excerpts was all it took for me to raise genuine concerns about the legality of encouraging child neglect. If you're struggling with sleep then I'd highly recommend Pinky McKays books instead, you can find gentle sleep solutions where your child is respected as a person and not considered a vomiting manipulator.

Perth WA

Traumatic and horrific


One of the most potentially damaging pieces of literature I have ever encountered. Scientifically incorrect. Harmful to both parent and baby

Perth, Western Australia

Seriously harmful advice


This book is awful, it paints newborn babies as manipulative for communicating their needs to their parents in the only way they can. It includes dangerous recommendations which completely contradict and disregard the SIDS recommendations. The main aim of the book is to get to a point where newborn babies don't cry for their parents anymore as they know they won't come. Sickening.


Save your money and do NOT buy this book


This is a sad book. Tone "us vs them" is very disappointing. Sleep training is just too hard on babies and the pattern can be easily disturbed by travel, sickness or teething. Please don't waste your time and money getting this book. If you are terribly curious get it from your local library. Please don't let your baby cry. There are so many research (that she neglects to mention) that shows negative effect leaving baby to cry. I would not even recommend this to an enemy. She calls it "fussing" and she says she is agains "cry it out method" but essentially that is exactly what she is doing

Brisbane, Australia

Save Our Sleep

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Tizzie Hall

Born and raised in Ireland, Tizzie Hall has worked with children and parents for many years, helping with customised sleep solutions for their babies. Tizzie started her Save Our Sleep (SOS) business in the UK in 1996 after tertiary psychology studies and a career in private childcare. She moved to Melbourne in 2002 where she has continued the success of her infant sleep solutions business.

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