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Romans : Believers Church Bible Commentary - John E Tosws


Believers Church Bible Commentary

Paperback Published: 1st July 2004
ISBN: 9780836192773
Number Of Pages: 463

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Romans was written by Paul, apostle of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles. As an apostle Paul spent his life traveling the Mediterranean area preaching the gospel and establishing churches. In the course of his missionary career, Paul wrote numerous letters to the churches he had established as a way to pastor them in his absence. Romans is the longest and most complex of Paul's letters. John E. Toews explores why Paul writes to remind the Roman churches of God's purpose for both Jew and Gentile and to reconcile Jewish-Christian and Jewish-Gentile church relationships. 464 Pages.

Series Forewordp. 15
Author's Prefacep. 17
Introduction to Romansp. 19
Why Romansp. 20
The Churches in Romep. 21
The Pastoral Context in Romep. 27
The Purpose of Romansp. 28
The Perspective of This Commentaryp. 29
The Over-all Plan of Romansp. 31
The Larger Thought World of Romansp. 32
The Problem of Languagep. 35
This Commentaryp. 36
Introduction, 1:1-15p. 37
Prescript, 1:1-7p. 37
Thanksgiving, 1:8-12p. 43
Disclosure Formula, 1:13-15p. 44
The Framing, 1:1-15, 15:14-33p. 45
Gospelp. 48
Gospelp. 49
The Obedience of Faithp. 49
The Thesis Statement, 1:16-18p. 50
The Thesis, 1:16p. 51
The Gospel Reveals the Righteousness of God, 1:17p. 54
The Gospel Reveals the Wrath of God, 1:18p. 57
Righteousnessp. 59
God is Righteousp. 61
Jesus Defines God's Righteousnessp. 61
Righteousness and Ethics are Linkedp. 61
Righteousness Concerns Peoplehoodp. 62
God's Righteousness Againp. 63
Socio-Political Implicationp. 63
The Argument of the Letterp. 65
The Revelation of the Wrath of God, 1:18-3:20p. 67
The Impartial Judgment of God on all Peoples, 1:18-2:11p. 68
The Inexcusability of Humanity, 1:19-21p. 69
The Just Retribution of God, 1:22-2:3p. 70
The Revelation of God's Righteous Judgment, 2:4-5p. 73
The Judgment According to Works, 2:6-10p. 73
The Conclusionp. 74
The Impartiality of Godp. 75
Becoming What We Worshipp. 76
The Challenge of Homosexualityp. 77
The Impartiality of Godp. 79
The Equality of Gentiles and Jews Before God's Judgment, 2:12-29p. 79
The General Principle--The Equality of Judgment in Relation to the Law, 2:12-13p. 80
The First Case of the Gentiles, 2:14-16p. 81
The First Case of the Jews, 2:17-24p. 82
The Second Case of the Jews, 2:25p. 84
The Second Case of the Gentiles, 2:26-27p. 84
The General Principle--The Relation of Circumcision and Obedience, 2:28-29p. 85
The Objection of the Jews, 3:1-20p. 87
The Diatribe, 3:1-9p. 88
The Scriptural Warrant, 3:10-18p. 92
The Conclusion, 3:19-20p. 92
The Picture of Godp. 95
The Family Debatep. 96
The Faithfulness of Godp. 97
The Language of Criticismp. 98
The Revelation of the Righteousness of God, 3:21-26p. 99
The Revelation, 3:21-22ap. 101
The Means, 3:22b-25ap. 102
The Parenthesis 3:22b-24ap. 103
Back to the Main Argumentp. 104
The Purpose, 3:25b-26p. 105
The "Faith of Jesus" in Paulp. 108
The "Faith of Jesus" in Romansp. 111
The Righteousness of Godp. 112
Salvation Effects Changep. 113
One God Makes Righteous All People, 3:27-4:25p. 114
The Dialogue, 3:27-4:2p. 116
The Exposition of Scripture, 4:3-25p. 119
Abrahamp. 126
Abraham Is Our Fatherp. 129
Abraham Faiths God to Do the Impossiblep. 129
Summarizing the Argument, chs. 1-4p. 130
The Meaning of the Revelation of the Righteousness of God, 5:1-8:39p. 132
Peace with God, 5:1-11p. 134
The Basis, 5:1ap. 135
The Exhortations, 5:1b-8p. 136
The Basis, 5:9ap. 139
The Benefits, 5:9b-11p. 140
Boastingp. 143
Reconciliationp. 144
The Problem of Sufferingp. 145
Reframing the Meaning of Christ's Deathp. 146
Salvation from Guilt and Shamep. 146
The Politics of Peacep. 149
Victory of Christ Over Sin, 5:12-21p. 150
Perspectives for Interpreting This Unitp. 152
Adam in the First Centuryp. 152
Apocalyptic Theologies of Sinp. 152
The Beginning and the End, 5:12 and 21p. 155
The Relation of Sin and Law, 5:13-14p. 157
The Comparison of Adam and Christ, 5:15-21p. 158
Adam and Christ in 1 Corinthiansp. 163
The Preoccupation with Sinp. 165
The Good Newsp. 166
The Death of the Old Humanity, 6:1-7:6p. 168
Sin that Grace May Abound, 6:1-11p. 170
Exhortations Based on the Thesis, 6:12-14p. 177
Practice Sin to Enjoy Grace, 6:15-23p. 178
To Those Under the Law, 7:1-6p. 181
Baptismp. 186
Dying and Rising with Christp. 187
The Problem of Sin in the Churchp. 189
The Challenge of Baptismp. 190
A Narrative Spiritualityp. 191
Victory Over the Flesh/Sin Through Christ and the Spirit, 7:7-8:11p. 191
The Meaning of "Law"p. 194
The Meaning of the "I"p. 194
The Weakness of the Law due to the Flesh/Sin, 7:7-25p. 197
The Fulfillment of the Law Through Christ and the Spirit, 8:1-11p. 205
The Story of Galatians 3p. 212
The Glasses of the Pastp. 214
A Different Readingp. 215
The Gift of the Lawp. 216
The Gift of the Spiritp. 216
The Challenge of Worldviewsp. 217
Children of God, 8:12-39p. 218
The Spirit and Family Relationships, 8:12-17p. 219
The Triumph of Glory Over Sufferings, 8:18-30p. 222
The Triumph of God in Christ, 8:31-39p. 227
Children of God and the Spirit in Galatians 4p. 231
The New Family of Godp. 233
Living in the Spiritp. 234
The Church and Creationp. 235
The Mystery of Sufferingp. 235
Summarizing the Argument, chs. 1-8p. 236
The Faithfulness of God to Jews and Gentiles, 9:1-11:36p. 237
The Lament of Paul for Israel, 9:1-5p. 240
The Oath, 9:1-2p. 241
The Wish, 9:3p. 241
The Privileges, 9:4-5p. 242
God's Word Has Not Failed, 9:6-29p. 243
God's Call, 9:6-13p. 245
God's Sovereignty, 9:14-21p. 247
God Elects a New People, 9:22-29p. 250
Election and Jewish Identityp. 253
Displacement Theologyp. 254
Theology of Predestinationp. 255
God's Election of Jewish and Gentile Peoplesp. 255
Election Is About God's Love and Mercyp. 256
Christ Is the Fulfillment of the Word of God, 9:30-10:21p. 257
Israel Pursued the Law and Righteousness Incorrectly, 9:30-10:3p. 259
Christ Is the Goal for Jew and Gentile, 10:4-13p. 262
The Gospel Is for all Who Hear, 10:14-21p. 267
Leviticus 18p. 269
Deuteronomy 30p. 270
The Church's Historic Gridp. 271
Jesus Fulfills the Law and God's Promisesp. 272
Preaching the Good Newsp. 273
Obedient Hearingp. 273
God Has Not Rejected Israel, 11:1-36p. 273
The Remnant and the Rest, 11:1-10p. 275
The Importance of Israel's Future Salvation, 11:11-24p. 277
The Divine Mystery of Salvation for Jews and Gentiles, 11:25-32p. 281
Doxology, 11:33-36p. 285
The Prophecies of Isaiahp. 286
Isaiah in Jewish Literaturep. 287
Supersessionismp. 288
Two Covenant Theologyp. 288
The Rejection of Anti-Judaismp. 289
The Jewish-Christian Schism and Contemporary Responsep. 290
Summarizing the Argument, chs. 9-11p. 291
The Living Sacrifice of the Righteous Community, 12:1-15:13p. 295
The Living Sacrifice, 12:1-2p. 297
The Renewal of the Mind, 12:3-16p. 302
The Frame, 12:3 and 16p. 302
To Live as the Body of Christ, 12:4-8p. 303
To Love without Hypocrisy, 12:9-15p. 304
Importance of Renewed Mindp. 306
Common Mindp. 308
A Radical and Concrete Ethicp. 308
A New Value Systemp. 309
Repay Only the Good, 12:17-13:10p. 310
Do Not Repay Evil but Overcome Evil with Good, 12:17-21p. 311
Be Subject to the Governing Authorities, 13:1-7p. 313
Be Obligated to No One Except to Love, 13:8-10p. 319
Non-retaliationp. 320
Submission to the Authoritiesp. 321
Living Nonviolentlyp. 324
Church and Statep. 324
Faithful to God and Subject to Governmentp. 325
The Renewal of the Mind, 13:11-14p. 327
The Reason: Knowing the Opportune Time, 13:11-12ap. 327
The Imperatives, 13:12b-14p. 328
Baptism as Enlistmentp. 331
Call to Faithfulnessp. 331
Welcome Differences, 14:1-15:13p. 332
Welcome the Weak One, 14:1-12p. 334
Do Not Judge One Another, 14:13-23p. 336
The Strong Bear the Weak, 15:1-6p. 339
Welcome One Another, 15:7-13p. 340
Clean or Unclean?p. 345
Food and Communityp. 346
Boundary Maintenancep. 347
Rebuilding the Centerp. 347
Criteria for Inclusionp. 347
The Politics of Paulp. 348
Conclusion, 15:14-16:27p. 350
Paul's Mission, 15:14-21p. 351
Paul's Plans, 15:22-29p. 353
Paul's Request for Prayer, 15:30-32p. 355
Letter Closing, 15:33-16:27p. 356
The Theology of Romansp. 365
Essaysp. 369
Chiasmusp. 369
Identity of Chrestusp. 370
Death in Romansp. 371
Death/Baptism as Ritual Eventsp. 373
Diatribep. 374
Faith in Romansp. 375
Flesh in Romansp. 379
Grace in Romansp. 382
Homosexualityp. 383
Honor-Shamep. 385
Inclusiop. 386
Into/With Christp. 386
Law in Romansp. 389
Letter Formp. 394
Living in the Spiritp. 395
Natural Theologyp. 397
Obediencep. 398
Original Sinp. 398
Righteousnessp. 400
The Righteousness of Godp. 405
Salvation-Judgment by Worksp. 408
Sin in Romansp. 409
Universalismp. 411
Works of the Lawp. 413
Wrathp. 415
Outline of Romansp. 417
Map of New Testament Worldp. 421
Bibliographyp. 423
Index of Ancient Sourcesp. 452
The Authorp. 463
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ISBN: 9780836192773
ISBN-10: 083619277X
Series: Believers Church Bible Commentary
Audience: Tertiary; University or College
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 463
Published: 1st July 2004
Publisher: HERALD PR
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 22.33 x 14.28  x 2.36
Weight (kg): 0.57

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