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Risk - Fleur Ferris

Paperback Published: 1st July 2015
ISBN: 9780857986474
Number Of Pages: 288

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Taylor and Sierra have been best friends for their whole lives. But Taylor's fed up. Why does Sierra always get what - and who - she wants?

From kissing Taylor's crush to stealing the guy they both met online for herself, Sierra doesn't seem to notice when she hurts her friends. So when Sierra says Jacob Jones is the one and asks her friends to cover for her while she goes to meet him for the first time, Taylor rolls her eyes. But Sierra doesn't come back when she said she would. One day. Two days. Three ...What if Taylor's worrying for nothing? What if Sierra's just being Sierra, forgetting about everyone else to spend time with her new guy?

When Taylor finally tells Sierra's mum that her daughter is missing, Taylor and her friends are thrown into a dark world they never even knew existed. Can Taylor find Sierra's abductor in time? Or should she be looking for a killer? When a former police officer and paramedic writes a novel inspired by true stories of online predators and love gone wrong, you know you're getting the real deal.

About the Author

Fleur Ferris spent the first seventeen years of her life growing up on a farm in Patchewollock, north-west Victoria. She then moved twenty times in twenty years. During this time, Fleur sometimes saw the darker side to life while working for a number of years as a police officer and a paramedic. She now lives a more settled lifestyle on a rice farm in southern New South Wales, with her husband and three young children. Fleur's colourful and diverse background has given her unique insight into today's society and an endless pool of experiences to draw from. When she isn't weaving this through young adult fiction, reading or spending time with her family, you will find her with friends, talking about art, books and travel. Risk is Fleur's first novel for young adults.


Amazing first book by this author.


This is a book for any age, not just the target audience of young adult. I was impressed.

Victoria, Australia.


I absolutely loved book! Would and will recommend to all :)


I absolutely love this book and also loved the author's other well written book 'black'. Could not put either book down and was so upset when i finished the books as i wanted to just keep reading more and more! Hopefully the author is in the midst of writting yet another great book. Ill be on the look out for it most definitely. Loved it 10 out 10!

Melbourne, VIC


Great read


Is a great book if you're looking for a easy read



RISK ... Everyone should read this book


My job as a Library Technician running a middle school library involves checking new books for appropriate content. While cataloguing, 'RISK' caught my attention. On reading the blurb I became very interested. Working with children and the popularity of Facebook and online chat, etc., I became even more interested and had to read on. I finished the book in a very short time as I could not put it down. As a parent I know only too well how true this story can be. I became an emotional wreck and my heart strings were being pulled and my heart ripped apart. I felt absolute devastation and I was totally numb. I knew stuff like this happened but the ease of it happening and what Online Predators can do just astounded me! Do our children really know who they are talking to? These predators are masters at what they do. It is so easy to get sucked in to their world. They tell you what you want to hear and feed on your vulnerability. You become caught up in the moment and unbeknown to yourself you are feeding them personal information about yourself, without even realising what they are doing. Online Predators are masters of this game! Information is retrieved by you just being online! Scary to think how easy this information is obtained! They seek information about what your interests are and then they make it sound like you both have so much in common. You are like 'Soul Mates'! RISK is a story of - Hope, love, loyalty, friendship, betrayal, deceit, loss, devastation and tragedy. Unfortunately this is a very real part of our online life. I recommend that all parents/grandparent and anyone who has a beating heart read RISK. Please encourage your children to read RISK as well. It can happen to any one of our beautiful children. It is our job as parents to protect and ensure that our children are aware of these very real dangers. RISK does contain very sensitive and real issues and coarse language. In the scheme of things I think the coarse language is the least of your worries when you read this book. The content is so applicable to our technological way of life. Children as young as 13, can legally have online accounts. I know that children younger than this have accounts and are actively involved in online chats. Cyber bullying and online grooming is very real. Cyber Predators are just waiting to lure our children. For the sake and safety of our precious children please read RISK. I believe that this book should be included in the curriculum and I have recommended a class set be purchased for our school. Well done Fleur Ferris this book is amazing!

Berry Springs, Northern Territory


A Must Read


This book should be in the curriculum for all high schools.

Newcastle, NSW


A must read for parents


I think all parents of teenagers and teenagers themselves should read this book. It is based on fact and describes the consequences met by a girl meeting a man over the Internet and the affect on her family and friends.

Geelong West


Read it - it's worth the 'risk'!


Risk by Fleur Ferris is a young adult novel about a teenage girl that decides to meet up with a guy that she had only chatted to online, and after meeting with him she disappears. It's a story about the dangers of the internet and how, young people in particular, are easy targets for online predators, but in addition to that, it's also a story about grief. This quote really hit me: Something black is inside me, lurking just out of reach. I can't quite grasp it, but it's there, heavy, filling every crevice as I move. (Page 100.) I'm pretty certain that if I wasn't already crying by this time, I was very close to it. Ferris was able to capture reality and bring it to life on the page so successfully that at the beginning of the story I was cringing at the way Taylor and Sierra spoke and acted as well as the way that their feelings changed so quickly from one minute to the next. I was cringing because that was me when I was a teenager. I would gush and jump up and down and squeal and get excited over any boy that simply looked my way. As much as I'd like to think that as a teenager I spoke like the characters from a John Green novel (note: I'm a big fan of John Green's books!), the truth is that I spoke and thought just like the characters in Risk. I thought that the interaction between Sierra's mum, Rachel, and Taylor was really well done because parents are human too, and their ways of grieving and their reactions to tragic events aren't perfect or always what we expect. It would have been easy for Ferris to portray Rachel as forgiving and understanding in her grief, as I think that is the way that most of us would like to be in such situations, but it would have been much less honest. And that's really what I love about this book, it is an honest interpretation of teenagers and parents dealing with a tragic event that could happen to anyone. It was so accurate that it was frightening, and it made me glad that Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. didn't exist when I was a teenager because it was hard enough just dealing with all the heightened emotions and changes that a teenager goes through without having such a public place to share absolutely everything for the whole world to see. Even though I could totally relate to Taylor and Sierra, I'm not so sure that I would have met up with a stranger that I had only spoken to online. That kind of thing has always freaked me out a bit, and I don't know if it's simply that things have changed and that people now growing up with the kinds of technology that weren't around when I was a teen (hell, digital cameras were only just creeping onto the mainstream market when I was in high school) are just automatically trusting of it, but I've always been aware of the danger in meeting up with a stranger. The internet and social media have become such an integral part of people's lives that they are now main forms of communication. And no matter the reasons or the problems associated with technology, it is important that we, as a society, ensure that there is an understanding of the risks that we all take when we communicate with or share things with people online, and this book is helping to make teenagers and parents alike aware of the dangers as well as precautions that can be taken. I really applaud Ferris for writing this book, it was highly enjoyable and educational all at the same time.

Central Coast, NSW


A must read for everyone


A must read. A truly moving story. It could happen so easily to any of our kids . If the book could make just one teenager think about there actions online then hopefully it could save a lot of heart break.... A book for all school lists.

Beulah Vic 3395



4.6 8


ISBN: 9780857986474
ISBN-10: 0857986473
Audience: Children
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 288
Published: 1st July 2015
Publisher: Random House Australia
Country of Publication: AU
Dimensions (cm): 19.7 x 12.8  x 1.9
Weight (kg): 0.2
Edition Number: 1