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Rising Above Lyme Disease : A Revolutionary, Holistic Approach to Managing and Reversing the Symptoms of Lyme Disease - Julia Greenspan

Rising Above Lyme Disease

A Revolutionary, Holistic Approach to Managing and Reversing the Symptoms of Lyme Disease

Paperback Published: 7th January 2019
ISBN: 9781592337774
Number Of Pages: 256

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A comprehensive, homeopathic approach to overcoming Lyme Disease and reclaiming your life.

In Rising Above Lyme Disease, renowned naturopath and Lyme-literate doctor, Julia Greenspan, presents a plan for recovery for those who have been suffering with this disease for weeks, months, years, or even decades. Operating from the front lines of the epidemic in New England, she gives hope to those who thought there was none, or feel unheard by all those around them. Dr. Greenspan's treatment plan addresses not only the body, but the mind as well, and includes:

  • Standard protocols such as antibiotic and probiotic care;
  • Detoxing and dietary changes that help get proven results;
  • Therapies such as yoga, massage, earthing, and qi gong
Therapies that dig deeper (when nothing else seems to be working) and focus on removing obstacles to healing, such as past trauma, negative beliefs about self, unhealthy lifestyle choices, genetics, hormone imbalance, environmental toxins, and other infections--all of which have a very real, and often overlooked effect on recovery.

About the Author

Julia Greenspan, N.D. runs the private medical practice Greenhouse Naturopathic Medicine, and has been treating patients for tick-borne disease in New Hampshire (one of the epicenters for Lyme disease) for more than ten years. She is a member of the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society (ILADS), the New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors, and the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. Dr. Greenspan has a background in psychology and social work specializing in crisis management, and uses a personalized, multi-faceted approach in the treatment of Lyme and other diseases.

She holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from Portland State University in Portland, Oregon and graduated from the National College of Natural Medicine in 2006. She served as the Chair for the Naturopathic Board of Examiners for the State of New Hampshire for five years and has been interviewed as an expert in Lyme disease on both radio and television, in addition to being published in the Naturopathic Doctor News and Review (the national publication for Naturopathic Physicians). She is a patient advocate, Lyme disease survivor, and mother of two.

[Note: This is a tentative, and very comprehensive, outline intended to give a rough idea of the range of topics and treatments being discussed. Part II is the main "solution" and plan.] Introduction: Julia's story Why People Need Help (set the context) Role of NaturopathPART I: DEMYSTIFYING TICK BORNE DISEASE Chapter 1: The Tick: Natures Dirty Needle Prehistoric Presence of Ticks and Spirochetes

? Newly discovered, but not new to our environment
? Lyme disease found in Paleolithic era frozen in early humans
? Brief description of the important role microbes of all kinds have in human history
? Will introduce discoveries of spirochetes found in fossilized amber and in prehistoric humans found several thousand years ago.

Why does Lyme disease seem to be easier to catch these days?

? The changing climate
? The acorn and mast years for trees, equals more rodents
? The increase in population and rural sprawl decreasing natural flow of traffic of wild animals
? Over population: imbalance of predator-prey relationship increasing population of deer, squirrels, and other carriers of tick borne disease

Ticks: Nature's Dirty Needle

? Ticks are considered the most potent transmitters of infectious disease in many parts of the world

? Found in United States, Asia, Europe, Australia
? Several different strains across the globe

? It relevance with using testing only to rule-in or out Borrelia

? Overview of tick lifecycle of larva, nymph, and adult maturation

? The size, shape and coloring
? Amazing capacity to survive cold temperatures
? Ideal climates and weather for tick survival

? Initial interaction with animals transmitting infection

? Where they like to nest and who they chose as bed fellows
? How they find their prey

? They have a highly sensitive sense of smell and recognition of our CO2 emissions
? They have little to no sense of hearing or sight
? Why some people seem to attract ticks over others

? Tick behavior in the wild

? Frequency of Feeding

? Eats three or four times in a life time that can be 1-3 years
? Can have three feeding cycles in a year
? Can live prolonged periods of time without feeding

? How the tick enters the skin

? Most commonly infects those ages 2-15 then 30-55
? It is unpleasant, but important to understand how a tick enters the skin
? Ticks ability to go stealth with emitting numbing agents in the skin to avoid being found

? Blood thinning properties in saliva

? How their structure is able to accommodate infection and transmit it

? The significance of the mouth parts and gut of the tick in transmission of disease
? How the infections survive from animal to tick to human

? Brief discussion of concept of vertical transmission

? The importance of tick saliva in the transmission of the infection from tick to human

? Blood thinning properties
? Numbing agents

? The myth of tick attachment time

? Advocating for oneself with being dismissed based on the myth of attachment time
? Benefit of treating new tick bite outweighs the risks

? How to avoid tick bites

? Importance of the tick check
? How to treat clothing with permethrin
? Consumer reports look at the best brands for tick protection
? Safest most effective tick protection with your children/self

? Special clothing
? Educate them and be honest as early as you can

? Most effective herbal approach both internal and external
? The importance of managing life with our pets

? Topical treatment (pet safety) versus collars
? Lint rollers as tick removers
? Do not allow them in the bed with you
? Just because you treat the pet, does not mean you are safe in the home

? Proper removal of embedded tick

? The importance of remaining calm and resisting the need to destroy the tick
? The benefit of sending the tick out for testing and what it can tell you
? There is a lot of information in that bug
? Do not agitate the tick in anyway (lighting with match, essential oils, garlic, kerosene)
? Do not throw away the tick
? Do not add to alcohol after pulling
? Proper removal to decrease risk of transmitting anymore infection
? The importance of being assertive when removing
? Picking the right instruments and kits available to assist in proper removal
? Wound care after a bite

? When there is still part of the tick in the skin

? Leave it alone - Silica Homeopathic can be taken to assist the body in pushing out the mouth parts or head that may be left behind
? At a certain point your risking creating more trauma and infection if you keep trying to remove difficult parts
? The body will most commonly push it out onto the surface

CHAPTER 2 YOUR BIT, NOW WHAT? Do Not Delay! It is the biggest risk factor in developing chronic disease

? The delay in treatment is the biggest risk factor in developing chronic symptoms
? The importance of appropriate treatment time
? In my medical practice, it is assumed every tick is carrying infection
? The "wait and see" approach is not worth the risk based on the potential rate of infection and the diversity of microbes being carried in the tick
? It is not typically one bite that will create a debilitating case of tick borne disease, but a collection of bites over a lifetime
? In my practice experience the location of the bite, if known, will determine the localization of symptoms

Many patients in my practice, at least 50% never remember being bite Lyme Disease: The Great imitator

? The common acute presentation
? The common chronic symptom presentation
? Very unpredictable symptoms
? The different strains and response to treatment

? The different forms of the microbe (Spirochete form, L-form, Cyst form)
? Medications (natural and conventional) with affinity for:

? the spiral form of Borrelia
? The L-form of Borrelia
? The cyst forms Borrelia (transition of animal cell to plant cell)

? Relapsing fever - Borrelia Miyamotoi

? Human to human transmission

? Mother to infant

? Through placenta
? Breast milk
? Managing the emotions around transmission potential to your child
? Cord blood testing at time of birth

? With sexual intimacy

? Most up-to-date research

? Where it likes to live in the body

? They love fat and sugar
? They can live anywhere
? They do not typically live in oxygen rich environments in the body

? How your immune system responds to the infection determines the severity

? Level of inflammation in the system, prior to infection
? Common elevated immune markers
? Creating a robust immune system is the top priority
? Smoking or excessive substance abuse can delay and make recovery virtually impossible
? Lifestyle habits and stressors making tick borne disease more readily able to settle in

? Impact on the different aspect of the body (Brief discussion about common symptom presentation in office)

? The onset of premature aging and poor wound healing
? The relationship of autoimmune disease and Lyme disease
? Neurological system
? Musculoskeletal system
? Endocrine system
? Skin, Hair, and Nails
? Cardiovascular-Respiratory system
? Digestion
? Eyes, Ears, Nose, Throat

? The importance of the fever

? This is our most potent defense against infection
? It is a gift to have a fever
? Need to deprogram the fear of having one
? The persistent low-grade fever with Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections
? How we can enhance one naturally and the cutting-edge treatments using hyperthermia

? Sauna
? Hydrotherapy
? Specialized European Clinics using hyperthermia

? How it hides from the immune system

? Biofilm

? Natural treatments for Biofilm

? Quorum sensing

? Natural treatments to decrease quorum sensing

? Affinity for Lyme disease in old injuries and scar tissues

? The Herxheimer response - Symptom flares with treatment

? Will discuss briefly the concept it represents and the history of the unique name
? The typical clinical duration of the symptoms
? Treatments to help decrease or shorten duration
? Being prepared mentally emotionally, physically
? The re
? They can be the enhancement and manifest like any symptom experienced prior to treatment with varying degrees of severity
? Increase in inflammation in the system that is common in treatment
? This can be a very difficult and treatment limiting process that involves the immune system, detoxification pathways, and neurological system.
? Can be traumatizing for many patients to go through and is very counter intuitive to what is typical with treating an infection

? Can reinitiate old trauma's by feeling attacked by one's own body
? Hardest on those with history of intense trauma especially in childhood that is unresolved in the unconscious mind
? Will address the aspects of the "pain body" in relationship to recovery process in later chapter

? Is the number one reason people start abandoning treatment, this disease recovery is like a marathon

? Important to understand that most debilitated patients have been bite over the course of a life-time.

? Later stage disease

Chapter 3 FINDING THE MOST ACCURATE TESTING Searching for the Ideal Test for Lyme disease

? Testing is one of the most controversial aspects of Lyme disease due to determining how much it matters in the diagnosis and the accuracy it provides
? There are over 40 strains of Lyme disease identified found in the literature in USA, Asia and Europe
? Brief discussion of what an antibody is and its purpose with testing
? The Lyme disease Western Blot versus the ELISA screen

? What is it looking for?

? The Western blot, checks something called antibodies (markers) in the blood to show exposure to the disease. They are commonly referred to as bands.

? How does it pertain to the human body?
? The CDC currently endorses the use of two-tiered testing model with either an ELISA test or IFA being done initially, with a western blot only completed with positive ELISA
? There current recommendations are that an IGM and IGG be done if there are symptoms for less than 30 days
? Conventional western blot based on CDC guidelines are only testing for one strain, two strains at most
? Igenex is the gold standard testing for the western blot, their new test now looks at four strains of borelia in one test
? There is a new test released by Igenex that is now looking at four different strains
? What are its limitations?

? Clinically a majority of patients I see are those who have been having persistent symptoms for month to years
? They still present with positive IGM which is thought to only be present in initially stage of infection and then to go down after 30 days
? Gender differences with antibody testing
? Medications that will made false negatives
? The role of the LYMErix vaccination on the western blot

? The Very Brief History of the LYMErix Vaccine
? Patient will commonly ask, why is there not a vaccine? With only a short time in the market place it has had a huge impact on the data tested for with the confirmatory test for Lyme disease, the Western Blot.
? LYMErix vaccination - approved by the FDA in 1998 in areas that were more infested with infected ticks
? Pulled off the market due to media backlash and discontinued by Glaxo-Smith-Kline in 2001 due to low sales
? Research did show that it was very effective at the time
? In 11 years of practice, I have met two people who had the vaccination
? The pro's of the vaccination is that research did show very promising results with majority of patients who received the vaccination in human trials
? The con's are that there were a subset of individuals who received the vaccination who had a reaction that also had an common genetic predisposition to autoimmune disease referred to as the HLADRB1 *0401 marker. It also had limitations of only addressing certain strains in North America, but not the over 40 strains world-wide.
? It is important to understand this aspect of history with the Lyme disease infection
? There are current trials being done to create a more refined vaccination, but the release of this on the market has not been announced
? Band 31, 34 were removed from the western blot because if someone had had the vaccination this would have been a false positive
? These are very specific bands that identify Lyme disease presence in the body, yet it has been removed from the CDC approved testing because of the vaccination being on the market
? This is another reason why testing cannot be the only criteria to rule in/out Lyme disease

? The PCR testing and it role in diagnosis
? The Culture and its role in diagnosis

? What is it? How is it extracted?
? Take a long time to grow, long wait time for outcome
? Difficulty in trying to grow spirochetes in culture medium
? Limitation in tissues that can be cultured

? The Dot Blot testing, urinalysis

? The natural versus conventional protocol used to elicit antibodies in the urine
? Who is this test ideal for?

? Antigen Capture Testing in the Urine

? What is it testing?
? This is a new form of testing that has great promise for non-invasive way of determining if Lyme disease or other co-infections are present
? It is very new and still being developed to make as specific and sensitive as possible
? As the data is collected with testing and reliability is shown, this would be ideal for children, infants and those who are unable to have a venipuncture done successfully.

Other Tests Commonly Used in Practice

? CD-57

? Brief discussion of what this is and it role in treatment

? Co-infections - see above
? Immunoglobulin G levels, IgM, IgA, IgE
? C4a
? C3a
? Genetic Biotoxin markers based on Ritchie Shoemakers Mold Biotoxin testing

? Its relevance to Lyme disease treatment and

? Viruses

? Commonly look at Epstein bar, parvovirus, CMV, Human Herpes 6, Herpes Simplex
? Herpes viral infections
? Important to understand the large family of herpes viral infections, not just the well-known STD
? Epstein barr

? Mononucleosis

? Cytomegalovirus
? Human Herpes Virus 6
? Herpes simplex 1/2

? Parvovirus B19


? Hormone testing

? Female/Male hormone testing (Estradiol, Estriol, Estrone, Progesterone, Testosterone DHEA)
? Adrenal hormone assessment with either salivary or serum testing
? Thyroid testing (importance of looking at all the aspects of the thyroid with antibodies, free T3, free T4, TSH)
? Melatonin is not used as often in clinical setting unless treatments have not improved sleep habits
? Neurotransmitter testing with salivary and urinary testing

? Candida albicans
? Autoimmune markers such as C-reactive protein, SED rate, ANA, Rheumatoid Antibodies
? Food Sensitivity or Allergen panels
? Methylation testing and other Detox pathway efficiency testing

? What does this information tell you about your body and changing habits?

? Heavy metal body burden load with DMSA, EDTA, or DMPS prescription

? Safety precautions with Chelation
? The natural, gentle chelation treatments
? Food as chelator
? When is it appropriate to do chelation with Lyme disease treatment
? Chelating agents as Biofilm busters and reducing plaques in the arteries

? Stool Analysis

? Identify pathogens in the stool
? Areas of inflammation
? Less invasive and first line of testing before being scoped or colonoscopy

? Genetic testing

? Brief discussion about the use of genetic testing and your self-belief/concept
? This has become very popular in our culture, but often times become someone belief and thus then manifest
? Discuss epigenetic concept of turning genes on and off
? Approaching with the idea of how it will help you, how will it help you to know and improve treatment value

? Testing for SIBO/H. pylori with breath testing

? Brief discussion of what they are?
? How it gets in the way of tick borne disease treatment if it is not addressed
? Common treatments used both natural and conventional prescription medications


? Difference of approach

? ILADS approach
? CDC approach
? Doctors specializing in complimentary medicine

? Balancing both for patient care

The Importance of Seeking Out Testing with Specialist

? Many patients are resistant to seeking out testing and treatment with other practitioners, because they are skeptical or dismissive about Lyme disease. I encourage patients to seek out and have specialists in order to have a balanced approach with their healthcare. To have someone look at other causes for their suffering.

Overcoming Disbelief: Lyme disease as an Empirical Diagnosis

? Define empirical and why it is so important to understand its role in diagnosis
? Testing is not the first and foremost with diagnosis

? Need to consider exposure risk, tick bite history, symptoms and physical presentation

? Leap of faith: It can be overwhelming to treat and easy to lose faith if there is nothing positive on paper

? "Lyme Denial" - this is the denial of disease being there, even with a positive test

? this has been a phenomenon seen over the years, many patients will return to clinic weeks, months or years later finally seeking treatment admitting they were terrified to move forward at the time due to the conflicting information they received doing research and fear of the symptoms experienced with treatment. One could hardly blame someone for having apprehension
? My Lyme disease experience was full of bad days, confronting the prospect that maybe my approach with healing Lyme disease with others was farce because I could not get well. It took two years of inner and outer work. There were many days I doubted my authority on treating Lyme disease if it was not working on me

? "Lyme Doctor Hopping"

? Addressing the common phenomenon of patients moving from doctor to doctor that have Lyme disease
? There can be a lot of pressure from family or friend that there is something wrong if one is not well by a certain point
? It can take on average six months to a year to treat tick borne infection, or more.
? There may be good reason to move on with another doctor, but many times it is because they are not recovering

? Too much advice and research can be a bad thing

? I often have a discussion with patients to be limited in the research they do on-line if it creates over-whelm or fear
? If the information helps them feel empowered then that is fine
? Many parents especially are so desperate to find an answer for their children to recover that is becomes hard to stop moving obsessive behavior.
? Need to be careful where the data is coming from. The internet can be a place of connection and information gathering that can lead to

Advocating for Yourself with Doctors

? It is so helpful to have a team working together to assist in healthcare
? Knowing what labs to ask for
? It's ok if you doctor does not agree with you as long as they are compassionate and supportive of your choice, just be honest with them

? Keep all medical professionals informed of your medications your taking, labs, progress reports
? Be assertive

Advocating for Yourself with Loved Ones

? They may not understand how long it takes to recover, important they understand

? Common treatment time for chronic Lyme can last months to over a year

? Inform them of your needs

? Ask for help from family or friends
? Share with them your fears, symptoms

? They are going through it with you and will have the need to want to fix the situation

? The pressure of "Why are you not well yet"
? Family and friends will want to give unsolicited advice out of love, but may not always be helpful

? Important to understand what a herxheimer will look like, to be prepared versus alarmed

Representing Yourself to Institutions

? Communication with human resources is important at work
? Documentation to protect your job as you have symptom flares


? Incorporating supplements into your life with balanced approach

? The importance of timing
? Being balanced and reasonable with supplement choices
? This is where over researching could make it more difficult
? The importance of having a trained medical professional provide guidance to save money and find the right plan for your situation
? Be careful of sales pitches, they may not be FDA approved claims

? Probiotics: Important to get adequate numbers of bacteria in the digestive tract during treatment.

? If there is one supplement a patient should take it is probiotic
? The role of beneficial bacteria in our GI tract

? Their role as guardians
? Vitamin production

? The different types probiotics on the market, which is better?
? It's all about the cell count with gut protection
? Instructions on dosing timing and frequency

? Detox Formula

? Opening the emunctories
? It all about the terrain, a discussion of morbid matter
? Homeopathic drainage remedies
? Chelation
? Herbal formulation with the goal to move bile in the liver and remove toxins from the system.
? Common herbs found in most formulas

? Milk thistle
? Bluperum
? Dandelion
? Artichoke
? Burdock

? Glutathione enhancers

? Glutamine
? Glycine
? Cysteine
? Liposomal formulations versus IV administration

? Food that support health detoxification

? Sulfur rich vegetables
? Bitter greens

? Herbal Antivirals

? Natural treatments for life long opportunistic infections
? Common herbs used
? The goal with treating viral infections, since they never go away

? Natural Anti-inflammatories

? This is a very important category due the symptoms experienced are due to elevated inflammation in the system
? Pain management, tissue healing
? Fish oil
? Turmeric
? Bioflavonoids

? Resveratrol
? Quercetin

? Curcumin

? Biofilm busters

? What is biofilm and its role in antibiotic resistance
? Breaking this up will allow the antimicrobials and your immune system to more effectively treat the infection.
? Proteolytic enzymes
? Olive leaf extract
? Chelation agents


? Adrenal Support

? This is to help support your energy and decrease inflammation levels in the body
? The immense importance of the adrenal glands in our daily living, survival
? Adrenals and our circadian rhythm
? Common herbals to support adrenal glands

? Licorice root
? Cordyceps
? Ashwaghanda
? Eluethrococcus
? Holy Basil

? Yeast Balance Support

? The importance of beneficial yeast in the body crowds out non-beneficial yeast in your system
? Can be used with antibiotics
? Reduction of sugar
? Caprylic acid
? Pau d'arco

? Multivitamin support

? Antibiotics can deplete the body of nutrients

? Typically take these at lunch and before bed.

? Herbal Antibiotics

? Helpful with restoration of the system and to treat infections with antibacterial herbal medications to balance out treatment.
? The formula chosen is based on your individual needs.
? Common herbals used

? Sammento
? Banderol
? Byron White Formula

Pharmaceutical intervention

? Antibiotics: This may be the time to use them

? Conventional Antibiotics

? Fear with using pharmaceuticals
? Balance of natural medication with antibiotics
? Address concerns around antibiotic resistance
? Tune into what the body needs, be careful to not get worried you are doing something wrong or overly attached to one way being the only way
? The risks of antibiotics

? Clostridium difficile

? This is cited as a reason to avoid antibiotics
? It is very serious problem if developed and can happen without proper implementation of healthy probiotics in the form of beneficial bacteria and beneficial yeast.

? Sleep-aids/Mood stabilizers

? Common herbals used
? Common nutraceuticals
? When to introduce conventional medications

? Antivirals

? Common Herbals used
? Homeopathic
? Conventional medications

? Other individualized treatments

? Homeopathic Nosodes

? Brief discussion introducing the concept of homeopathy

? Flower essences
? Castor oil

? Topical use
? Use in the eyes for inflammation

? Hormone Support

? Thyroid bioidentical hormone replacement
? Female/Male Bioidentical Hormone Support

? Pain Management

? The opioid crisis and treating Lyme disease
? CBD oil and THC for pain management
? Kratum

? Collagen support

? Giving nutrients to support rebuilding the matrix of the body (ligaments, bones, connective tissue, skin, hair)

? Bone broth
? Collagen Type I/III replacement

? Mitochondrial support

? The energy producers of the cells get over burdened with inflammation and toxins

? CoQ10

? Essential Oil therapy

? External use versus internal use
? Studies find antimicrobial properties of certain essential oils, equally effective to antibiotics
? Oregano
? Citrus oils
? Cinnamon

Food as Medicine

? Anti-inflammation diets

? Elimination diets
? Metabolic resets

? Ketogenic diet
? The Whole 30

? Water, water, water

? Importance of clean water
? Dehydrating beverages to avoid

? Chew your food. Chew until it is in a paste in the mouth
? Portion control, the food pyramid as a plate
? Do not get too attached to having a certain diet
? Eat Organic whenever possible

? Why?
? Clean versus dirty foods


? It is important to look into the common tick-borne infections with testing and taking a case history
? Each disease has its own unique presentation and personality in the body
? Important to look at a wide variety of pathogens to get full scope of understanding how to support patient

Bacteria commonly seen associated with Lyme disease

? For each disease, I will cover the following:

? How is lives within the body
? Common symptom presentation clinically, the personality of the disease
? Typical conventional treatment used
? Most helpful natural medications used

? Babesia sp.
? Bartonella sp.
? Ehrlichiosis/Anaplasmosis
? Mycoplasma pneumonia
? Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
? Chlamydia pneumonia
? Strep infections
? Francislla tulermia
? Brucella

Viral infections commonly seen in practice

? Viral infections role:

? Joint pain/swelling
? Fatigue
? Neurological issues

? The role of a bacteriophage

? How they live within the body

? Viral symptom presentations
? Conventional medical treatment
? Natural medical treatment

Candida fungal infections

? Need to reclassify the term "Systemic Candida", its misleading and created a lot of fear
? Candida colonizes in most on the surface of your body

? Your GI tract is your surface even though it is inside, it is still facing the outside world

? Common sense with dietary choices with treatment
? The importance of probiotics

? The number of microbes in the product make all the difference in its effectiveness
? Out of all the supplements one can take this one is the most important with Lyme treatment of any kind


? Liver flukes
? Worms
? Entamoeba histolytica
? Giardia

? Common presentation of symptoms
? Testing process - they are difficult to catch
? Conventional treatment process
? Natural treatments used

? Herbal anti-parasitic medications
? Short course use of essential oils internally


? Implementing exercise with Tick Borne Disease

? Moderate exercise only
? Those that maintain muscle mass
? Listening to the body

? Care of the body with manual therapies, exercise is important for:

? Detoxification
? Stress relief
? Increase oxygen in the tissues
? Maintaining strength, balance and proprioception
? Improving energy

? Movement therapies

? Qi gong
? Yoga
? Tai chi
? Weight lifting
? Walking

? Earthing

? Physical therapy
? Speech therapy

? Therapeutic Touch

? Massage therapy
? Chiropractic care
? Skin brushing

? Application of Hot and cold

? Hydrotherapy
? Sauna


? Avoiding Lyme culture shock. What you need to know?

? Typical treatment time is a year or more
? The first 2-4 months are the most intense with symptoms
? There is no magic bullet or quick fix in most cases
? Relapses are common

? Moderation in life as prevention
? There is no life-long immunity at this time, you can get bite again, re-infected

? Try not to become too attached to the illness when you are better, let go and move on
? Find a counselor to manage the mental emotional intensity with Lyme disease
? Making time for healing

? Learning to scale down and say no in an over-scheduled culture
? Personal resistance to stepping away from routine

? Self-concept is tested "Who am I if I can't maintain...", people are counting on me

? Your body will put you in bed whether you want to be there not

? Changes in daily family life
? The cost of Lyme disease

? Inability to work
? Out-of-pocket costs

? Age and gender specific challenges

? Men

? Low testosterone seeing in men and adolescents of all ages
? Difficulty with libido, sperm count, tissue repair and healing
? More resistant to seeking out healthcare (stoicism)
? Elevated cholesterol, hypertension

? Women

? Hormonal changes

? Symptoms flares with aligned with female cycle
? Pelvic pain, breast pain
? Low libido

? Changes in body size
? Pregnancy and Tick-borne infection

? More frequent miscarriage

? More commonly have low blood pressure
? Common to be sick, while taking care of their children that are sick with TBD

? Children and Teenagers

? Delayed growth and development
? Being sick with Lyme disease is all the child may have every known
? Difficulty in verbalizing their sensations, symptoms
? Emotion/mood/social growth and developmental difficulties

? Autism like behaviors

? Difficult periods for teenagers

? Worsening of symptoms of tick borne disease with the onset of pubertal changes in both genders
? Debilitating fatigue

? Teen rebellion leading to rejecting protocol
? Loss of social milestones with missed school

? Home schooling


? Deeper understanding of trauma

? DSM-5 definition
? Trauma impact on the brain, PTSD
? Psychoneuroimmunology: impact of stress, trauma on the immune system
? Epigenetic changes with trauma

? Transgenerational trauma
? Latest studies - holocaust victims, studies in mice
? Changes in gene expression, reversal in subsequent generations proves to be very hopeful

? Concept of neuroplasticity
? Emotional changes with trauma

? Anxiety and depression manifestation

? Anxiety is telling stories of the future
? Depression stuck in the past
? Obsessive thoughts

? Lyme disease as a trauma

? Increased risk of suicide in patient with Tick borne disease
? Seeing many specialist, being put through several tests that are invasive

? Hearing diagnoses that are

? Past trauma impacting our reaction to disease process

? Abandonment
? Abuse
? Fear of death/suffering
? Not being enough

? Herxing reactivating prior traumas with being victimized, suffering to get well

? This can cause early abandonment of treatment

? Having to defend the diagnosis, treatment and receive unsolicited advice on a regular basis
? Social anxiety with having syncopal/seizure like episodes in public
? Developing a fear of the environment, fear of going outside
? The compulsion to over research creating fear, confusion, and doubt
? Patients trying to find a doctor who will help, long waits as the disease progresses
? Facing judgment and dismissal from other doctors, community

? Less likely to seek out care, self-treatment/rogue medicine
? Being labelled with psychosomatic disorder

? The importance and original intent in this diagnosis

? Discuss Bruce Lipton's work, John Sarno, MD

? How is it being used to shame and humiliate

? Difficult to recover from belief that you are crazy

? Nightmares

? Common theme of being chased, watched, attacked
? Witnessing violent acts

? Dissociation as survival mechanism
? Chronic continuous pain
? Overcoming loneliness and isolation

? The impact of loneliness on health and well-being

? The Gift of Lyme disease in healing our trauma

? Catalyst to make changes and break old habits
? Open patients to healing and trying new therapies
? Seeking out alternative therapies one might have never tried
? Most all patient with chronic manifestations of Lyme disease have trauma history that is unresolved
? Lyme disease can assist in bring this trauma into consciousness which is an opportunity to heal
? Common case presentations
? Lyme disease as an initiation process
? Learning to love our suffering, as bringing awareness to areas requiring healing emotionally

? Know thyself, heal thyself

? Shamanic Healing: Seeing your way through the dark

? What is shamanic healing/healer?
? Cultural significance throughout history
? Self-empowerment and reconnection with our true essence
? Shamanic Journey work to reconnect with our own inner strength and intuition

? Implementation of journey work into daily life

? Shamanic healing being brought into the marketplace

? Foundation for Shamanic Studies

? Michael Harner
? Sandra Ingerman

? Meditation

? Setting sacred space, in a busy life
? Making time, feeling excited, strong in interest in it, enhances outcome
? Sitting in silence
? Guided meditation
? Walking meditation
? Hemisync - bruce lipton
? Changes in the brain with meditation

? Letting go

? Breath-work, Stan Grof, MD
? Physical release of trauma

? Muscle movements, sensations
? Memories in sight, sound, sensations

? Learning to allow the energy to move through "clearing process"

? The Pain Body - Ekhart Tolle

? Identification with our pain and how it shapes our interactions

? Spontaneous emotional release

? Developing a healing dialogue the body

? Molecules of emotion Candice Pert, PhD
? The Hidden Messages of Water, Emoto
? Awareness of thought forms

? Self-care while doing your trauma work

? Moderation (sleep, eating)
? Physical medicine and exercise
? Patience with the process, it will come in waves

? Don't force it, allow it

? Sharing with others

? Support groups

? Trauma focused counseling

? Hypnotherapy


? Energy medicine is all inclusive with all faiths, traditions and belief systems
? It can be integrated into any medical therapy modality
? Understanding subtle frequencies and emotions
? Holographic healing

? Basic concept of energy anatomy from different traditions

? The chakras
? The meridian system and acupuncture
? The etheric body
? The astral body

? Heart coherence energy - heart math

? Meditation and heart centered therapies to reconnect with ourselves

? Muscle testing/Bioenergetics

? Asking the body for information

? Reiki and other hands on healing modalities
? The power of prayer or intention

? How our thoughts have an impact on our health and others

? Scientific literature capturing changes in human body with energy healing modalities

? Brain waves
? Energy field - auric field pictures

? Ethics, boundaries and integrity in the use of energy healing modalities


? Being right relationship with the microbe

? Emotionally
? Physically

? Inflammation response in the body

? Making peace with the Lyme disease pathogen

? What did you learn and what can you learn from the process of healing
? What does it have to teach you or did teach you

? Hygiene hypothesis

? Short overview of the role of the microbiome, its diversity, importance to our immunity

? There is a diverse universe within our own system - only 10% human, we are mostly microbe
? Change in perspective with our relationship with microbes from fear to microbe as necessary to our evolution

? Confronters to identify areas of trauma and emotional conflicts
? Its role on normalizing tissue: different theories of the role of infections

? Germanic New Medicine
? Microbioenergetics
? Bruce Lipton's work

? The GAIA hypothesis

? Microbial intelligence (quorum sensing)
? The unique attributes of the spirochete, it's innate intelligence
? How microbes work together in synchrony to stimulate change by bringing awareness to the areas of weakness in the etheric body
? Gut microbes shaping our moods, cravings
? Miasma - Role of disease in crating traits in future generations, Dr. Hannanman - Organon of Medicine


? Low Dose Immunotherapy
? UV IV therapy/Biophoton therapy
? Oxygen enhancement therapy
? Biomagnetic Pair therapy/Microbioenergetics
? Stem cell replacement therapies
? Hyperthermia treatment
? Peptide injections

CONCLUSION AWARENESS AND PREVENTIONA Look at the Rate of Infection Across the Country

? Over 99,000 cases reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from 1982 to 1996.

? 2015 study upgraded the reported numbers of Lyme disease in USA to 300,000 from what was thought to be around 30,000.

? http://www.labmed.theclinics.com/article/S0272-2712(15)00102-X/abstract

? There is much debate about the actual numbers
? Here in the state of New Hampshire, a bite is not formally counted as a verified case unless the bite happened six weeks prior to a positive western blot
? Many patients do not meet that criteria, especially since most do not remember being bite by a tick and there is a delay in symptoms presentation

? Most commonly infects those ages 2-15 and then 30-55.

? It has been found in all 50 states here in America, with more than one-quarter of the case being children which are a very vulnerable population due to their height, thin skin, lack of communication about having a bite such as they may just pull tick off and not tell their mother

? Most recent statistical data

? There are several strains of Borrelia known in the United States over 20 listed in 2011 study

? http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/store/10.1111/j.1469-0691.2011.03492.x/asset/j1469-0691.2011.03492.x.pdf?v=1&t=j8rzrg7u&s=729c4354f6de1b2bf714c228a224ec85d27ce8c

? In 2015, 95% of cases were reported in 14 states https://www.cdc.gov/lyme/stats/index.html
? In reviewing the CDC website there are some interesting finding in regards to projected cases and those actually counted as confirmed

? In Massachusetts in 2015 the projected amount of infection was 1302 the actual was 2922 (1400-over 4000)
? In New Hampshire the projected was 93 actual 436 (200-1300)
? In New Jersey the projected 923 and actual is 3932 (Average over 10 years 2000-4000)
? In New York the projected was 1062 and the actual 3252 (average 2000-5000)
? Pennsylvania probable 1697 and actual 7351 (range of confirmed cases in 10 years was between 3000-6000)
? Connecticut is the most interesting since it is the original area it was identified and tracked, proposed 668, actual 1873 (10 year range of confirmed cases is 1600-3000)
? This seems interesting that over 10 year the projected cases have not increased across the board in states that have the most dramatic confirmed cases.
? In New Hampshire, they only recognize and report a confirmed case if the bite was with-in 6 weeks of the positive western blot, positive CSF, or synovial fluid culture.


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