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Ridge Waveguides and Passive Microwave Filters : Iee Electromagnetic Waves Series, 49 - J. Helszajn

Ridge Waveguides and Passive Microwave Filters

Iee Electromagnetic Waves Series, 49

Hardcover Published: 2001
ISBN: 9780852967942
Number Of Pages: 344

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This book collects together much of the work of Professor Helszajn, an international authority in the field of Ridge Waveguides, and will enable the reader to have direct access to this important work without need for exhaustive search of research papers.

Prefacep. xiii
The ridge waveguidep. 1
Introductionp. 1
Cut-off space of ridge waveguidep. 1
Impedance of ridge waveguidep. 3
Attenuation of ridge waveguidep. 4
Ridge waveguide junctionsp. 5
Waveguide transitionsp. 10
Filter circuitsp. 11
Turnstile junction circulatorp. 11
Propagation and impedance in rectangular waveguidesp. 13
Introductionp. 13
The wave equationp. 13
Dominant mode in rectangular waveguidesp. 14
Impedance in waveguidesp. 15
Power transmission through rectangular waveguidesp. 17
Impedance in rectangular waveguidesp. 18
Circular polarisation in rectangular waveguidesp. 19
Calculation of impedance based on a mathematical techniquep. 22
Orthogonal properties of waveguide modesp. 24
Impedance and propagation in ridge waveguides using the transverse resonance methodp. 26
Introductionp. 26
Cut-off space of ridge waveguidep. 26
Power flow in ridge waveguidep. 31
Voltage-current definition of impedance in ridge waveguidep. 31
Power-voltage definition of impedance in ridge waveguidep. 32
Power-current definition of impedance in ridge waveguidep. 33
Admittances of double ridge waveguidep. 34
Closed form polynomials for single and double ridge waveguidesp. 35
Synthesis of quarter-wave ridge transformersp. 38
Fields, propagation and attenuation in double ridge waveguidep. 47
Introductionp. 47
Finite element calculation (TE modes)p. 47
Finite element method (TM modes)p. 50
Cut-off space (TE mode)p. 50
Standing wave solution in double ridge waveguidep. 52
TE fields in double ridge waveguidep. 54
TM fields in double ridge waveguidep. 56
MFIEp. 59
The Poynting vectorp. 61
Attenuation in waveguidesp. 61
Impedance of double ridge waveguide using the finite element methodp. 63
Introductionp. 63
Voltage-current definition of impedancep. 64
Calculation of voltage-current definition of impedancep. 66
Power-current and power-voltage definitions of impedancep. 67
Impedance of ridge waveguide using trapezoidal ribsp. 71
Characterisation of single ridge waveguide using the finite element methodp. 73
Introductionp. 73
Cut-off space of single ridge waveguidep. 74
Fields in single ridge waveguidep. 75
Impedance of single ridge waveguidep. 78
Insertion loss in single ridge waveguidep. 79
Higher order modesp. 80
Propagation constant and impedance of dielectric loaded ridge waveguide using a hybrid finite element solverp. 83
Introductionp. 83
Hybrid functionalp. 84
Cut-off space of dielectric loaded rectangular ridge waveguidep. 88
Propagation constant in dielectric loaded rectangular ridge waveguidep. 90
Propagation constant in dielectric loaded square waveguidep. 91
Voltage-current definition of impedancep. 92
Circular polarisation in ridge and dielectric loaded ridge waveguidesp. 99
Introductionp. 99
Circular polarisationp. 100
Open half-space of asymmetrically dielectric loaded ridge waveguidep. 100
Circular polarisation in dielectric-loaded parallel plate waveguides with open side-wallsp. 102
Circular polarisation in dielectric loaded ridge waveguidep. 105
Circular polarisation in homogeneous ridge waveguidep. 107
Quadruple ridge waveguidep. 117
Introductionp. 117
Quadruple ridge waveguidep. 117
Cut-off space in quadruple ridge waveguide using MFIE methodp. 119
Cut-off space of ridge waveguide using MMMp. 121
Cut-off space of quadruple ridge waveguide using FEMp. 121
Fields in quadruple ridge waveguidep. 126
Cut-off space of dielectric loaded quadruple ridge waveguidep. 127
Impedance in quadruple ridge circular waveguide using conical ridgesp. 132
Faraday rotation in gyromagnetic quadruple ridge waveguidep. 134
Introductionp. 134
Faraday rotation sectionp. 135
Scattering matrix of Faraday rotation sectionp. 138
Gyrator networkp. 139
Gyromagnetic waveguide functionalp. 141
Ridge waveguide using gyromagnetic ringp. 144
Quadruple ridge waveguide using gyromagnetic tilesp. 144
Faraday rotation isolatorp. 145
Four-port Faraday rotation circulatorp. 148
Nonreciprocal Faraday rotation-type phase shifterp. 148
Faraday rotation in dual-mode triple ridge waveguidep. 149
Characterisation of discontinuity effects in single ridge waveguidep. 153
Introductionp. 153
ABCD parameters of 2-port step discontinuityp. 154
Frequency responsep. 157
Characterisation of half-wave long ridge waveguide test-setp. 157
Experimental characterisationp. 160
Symmetrical short sectionp. 163
Ridge cross-guide directional couplerp. 170
Introductionp. 170
Operation of cross-guide directional couplerp. 170
Bethe's small-hole coupling theoryp. 173
The 0-degree crossed-slot aperturep. 175
The 0-degree crossed-slot aperture in rectangular waveguidep. 177
The 0-degree crossed-slot aperture in single ridge waveguidep. 178
The 45-degree crossed-slot aperturep. 179
Circular polarisation in rectangular and ridge waveguidesp. 181
Rectangular and ridge waveguide cross-guide couplers using 45-degree crossed-slot aperturesp. 182
Coupling via waveguide walls of finite thicknessp. 184
Directly coupled filter circuits using immittance invertersp. 189
Introductionp. 189
Immittance invertersp. 189
Lowpass filters using immittance invertersp. 190
Bandpass filters using immittance invertersp. 193
Immittance invertersp. 195
Practical inverterp. 198
Immittance inverters using evanescent mode waveguidep. 200
E-plane filterp. 201
Element values of lowpass prototypesp. 204
Frequency response of microwave filtersp. 205
Ridge waveguide filter design using mode matching methodp. 207
Introductionp. 207
Mode matching methodp. 207
MMM characterisation of 1-port networksp. 212
Double septa and thick septum problem regionsp. 215
MMM characterisation of symmetrical waveguide discontinuitiesp. 216
Eigensolutions of waveguide sectionsp. 218
Immittance invertersp. 221
E-plane bandpass filters using metal invertersp. 221
Lowpass ridge filters using immittance invertersp. 222
Nonreciprocal ridge isolators and phase-shiftersp. 226
Introductionp. 226
Nonreciprocal ferrite devices in rectangular waveguidep. 227
Differential phase shift, phase deviation and figure of merit of ferrite phase shifterp. 230
90-degree phase shifter in dielectric loaded WRD 200 ridge waveguidep. 231
Isolation, insertion loss and figure of merit of resonance isolatorp. 233
Resonance isolator in dielectric loaded WRD 750 ridge waveguidep. 234
Resonance isolator in bifurcated ridge waveguidep. 236
Differential phase shift circulatorp. 238
Finline waveguidep. 241
Introductionp. 241
Finline waveguide topologiesp. 241
Normalised wavelength and impedance in finlinep. 242
Empirical expressions for propagation in bilateral and unilateral finlinep. 245
Fields in unilateral finline waveguidep. 247
Bilateral finlinep. 250
Empirical formulation of impedance in bilateral finline waveguidep. 251
Circular polarisation in bilateral and unilateral finline waveguidesp. 251
Finline isolator using hexagonal ferrite substratep. 251
Inverted turnstile finline junction circulatorp. 256
Introductionp. 256
Turnstile junction circulatorp. 256
Re-entrant H-plane waveguide circulatorp. 261
Re-entrant E-plane waveguide circulatorp. 262
Closed gyromagnetic resonatorp. 262
Perturbation theory of closed cyclindrical gyromagnetic resonatorp. 264
Quality factor of closed gyromagnetic resonatorp. 266
E-plane finline circulator using coupled H-plane turnstile resonatorsp. 266
Experimental adjustment of finline turnstile circulatorp. 268
Semi-tracking ridge circulatorp. 270
Introductionp. 270
Phenomenological adjustmentp. 271
Impedance matrixp. 272
Complex gyrator circuitp. 277
Semi-tracking complex gyrator circuitp. 278
Direct magnetic field and magnetisation of semi-tracking circulatorsp. 281
Physical variables of semi-tracking circulatorsp. 285
Network problemp. 285
Frequency responsep. 287
Design of octave-band semi-tracking circulatorsp. 294
Variational calculus, functionals and the Rayleigh-Ritz procedurep. 296
Introductionp. 296
Stationary value of functionalp. 297
Electrical and magnetic energies in planar circuitsp. 298
Electric and magnetic fields in planar circuits with top and bottom electric wallsp. 299
Derivation of functional for planar isotropic circuitsp. 301
Rayleigh-Ritz procedurep. 303
Field patternsp. 305
Derivation of energy functional based on a mathematical techniquep. 306
Bibliographyp. 308
Indexp. 322
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ISBN: 9780852967942
ISBN-10: 0852967942
Series: Iee Electromagnetic Waves Series, 49
Audience: Professional
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 344
Published: 2001
Publisher: Institution of Engineering and Technology
Country of Publication: GB
Dimensions (cm): 24.13 x 16.51  x 2.54
Weight (kg): 0.64